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John Travolta

PROOF I Didn't Grope

That Masseur

5/9/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta
was 2,475 miles from L.A. the day a masseur claims the actor sexually assaulted him at a Beverly Hills hotel -- and TMZ has obtained photographs which his people say will prove it.

We're told the photos were snapped January 16th in NYC. Travolta sources say they have proof positive of the location and date of the photos -- New York, January 16.

The photos could torpedo the case of John Doe #1, an unidentified male masseur who filed suit against Travolta for allegedly grabbing his penis and scrotum the very same day ... during a massage session at the 90210 hotel.

And there's more ...  a receipt from a meal Travolta ate at Mr. Chow in New York ... also on January 16th (below).

The bill totaled $382 and the tip was $100 -- the kind of generous tip for which Travolta is known. We've confirmed Travolta ate the meal at Mr. Chow.

Another masseur filed suit against Travolta yesterday, claiming the actor tried to grab his penis during a massage session on January 28th in Atlanta. The same lawyer is handling both cases.

Travolta's attorney Marty Singer calls both lawsuits "absurd and ridiculous."



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paul a.    

I lived in Montreal in the 90's. It was commonly being reported in the French language media that he had a property in the city that he visited regularly where a young man lived. He was seen about town with this man and made no real secret of his affection for him.

866 days ago


all these stupid people who believed this masseur claims must feel real stupid now- I feel sorry for Superstars- because anybody could make an accusations against them and the media eat it up and people these days will believe in anything if see it on the News- SMH

866 days ago


John, tell the truth. Your hot shot lawyer can't pay off everybody and there will be more people making accusations - the truth always comes out. No surprise really to anyone you prefer men, what is a suprise is your lying and denying. Don't make the same mistake you did with Jett, denying he was autistic or trying to cover it up. You could have helped a lot of children, raised money for the cause - you dropped the ball. We will still like you John when you finally tell the truth.

866 days ago


who ever photoshoped that photo should have made him a little bit bigger and done a better job on the jawline. His stance looks a little off too and his head may be to large for that body... Good effort lawyers... Was worth a shot...

866 days ago


that is faked...his body is way to thin and face way too big for the shoulders and hat...totally photoshopped and a bad job at that!

866 days ago


Who are you people who are flying cross-country in 2 hours? I want to know your secret. Your own private Concord? You CANNOT fly from LA to NY or vice versa in 2 hours. And while I'm not an expert on Jet engines, I would venture to guess that your average private jet is significantly slower than a commercial airliner, so tack some more time onto what is already a 5 hour flight.

866 days ago


Except hes a pilot and can be on another coast in a whim.

866 days ago


Well, it's not like he has a jet that he can jump on any time that he wants to fly from coast to coast in a few hours.

866 days ago


I thought the incident took place in 2011? The receipt is dated 2012.

866 days ago


That photo above is photoshopped. He is not that thing. Fake photo!!!

866 days ago


It's time for John to come out. Just do it big deal.

866 days ago


What time was the alledged groping? The recipt here show he paid the bill just before midnight. If the groping was during the day, he could have easily flown to NY in 4 hrs and then went out to get a receipt to try to provwe he wasnt in LA.

866 days ago


Was that picture supposed to have been taken in January in New York? I call BS if it was. It was a mild winter here in the east. I didn't wear a hat all winter, and it's colder where I am than it is in the city...

866 days ago


He flys jets look at the time 11:38 PM he could have done anything during the day and took off to be in NY for dinner

866 days ago


This doesn't prove crap. He has his own private jet and he is a pilot. How easy is it to just jump on the plane and no one know when or where he is going.

866 days ago
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