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Randy Jackson

Michael NEVER

Tried to Kill Me!!!

5/9/2012 9:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson NEVER ordered his henchmen to murder his brother Randy Jackson ... despite allegations made by MJ's former bodyguard ... this according to a rep for RJ.

Randy's spokesperson tells TMZ ... the allegations made by Matt Fiddes "couldn't be further from the truth ... it's absolutely absurd."

Fiddes told The Sun ... MJ wanted members of his inner circle to shoot Randy during a heated argument regarding a possible Jackson 5 tour. Fiddes claims Michael was on drugs at the time.

But Randy's rep tells us Fiddes is full of crap ... saying, "There's no way in the world that this actually happened."

Randy's rep says the Jackson family is choosing to ignore Matt, rather than engage him in a legal battle, because "it's a non-issue."



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how the phk would Randy know...hius brother was a drug addicted pedophile...and was capable of putting a hit on his family members..the pedophile thought what we were all thinking....jacksons are digusting pigs!

867 days ago


Here is the video of one of the guards confessing that Michael told him to shoot his brother!!!

867 days ago


It's on time that the media ignore Fiddes as well. He's really not worth any attention. He's earning dirty money and undeserved fame by slandering Michael with malicious lies , and so does the tabloids, that's why they play along. It's so wrong! What has become of ethics, and respect for Michael and those he left behind, especially his children!?

867 days ago

The Dude!    

To me this proves it was true, when wouldn't a Jackson sue to get money? Unless, of course, they don't have a defence.

867 days ago


Does anybody really care anymore???!!!

867 days ago


Does anybody care anymore? Really?

Not I!

867 days ago


Yea, he (michael) was to busy molesting children to have time for that.

867 days ago

mj fan forever    

OF COURSE Michael Jackson would have NEVER not even thought such a thing!!!!! That disgusting despicable guy has NEVER been Michael Jackson's bodyguard and knows NOTHING about him!!!!! He just sold his craps disgusting lies completely INVENTED, fruit of his sick mind to a tabloid trash perfectly at his low level!!!!

867 days ago


So now the haters are here too - God, I'm tired of them.

No, Michael didn't try to kill his brother. Yes, he loved his family, but no, he didn't meet them for long periods because they always wanted him to perform with the brothers, and he had helped them earn enough money. They should have moved on, got other jobs.

I'll try TMZ once more some time in the future, but if the nasty crowd is still here, it will be my last good-bye - as it was for all the the Michael fans who used to come here but gave up and left, because they couldn't stand the terrible stench.

And yes, Tina Turner shot Randy. I know that because Randy tweeted it himself.

867 days ago


I think the Jacksons should sue the grap out of this Fiddes guy, for the sake of Michael and his children.
MJ chose to ignore people like him and those alleging him of hating is race, bleeching his skin and molesting children. He was too nice and humble but unfortunately that made people and especially media feel they have a free ticket to write whatever lie comes up on their mind and suing Michael for untter bull**** allegations. The Jacksons should sue every idiot and tabloid that dares to publish such stories without having proper proof.

The public bullying of Michael Jackson has gone on for way too long and I think it is time for everyone with a heart and brain to take a stand!

867 days ago


Why does TMZ keep referring to this nobody as his body guard..He held his umbrella for an hour ..big deal..
The guy is completely full of it and yet this is the story of MJ life..
Bottomfeeders being paid to say anything as long as it is tawdry/exploitative and MJ is in the sentence

I am glad this story came out because it shows just how far people will go to make a buck off MJ ..
and people have been perpetuating this crap for years

The fact that TMZ carries it too just shows how much they all miss the MJ stories..
I notice MJ is breaking records all over the place , shows are doing wonderful. he is being honored all over the world but TMZ picks this pile of manure to put out..LOL
It is always more of a reflection on others then MJ.

867 days ago


More stories like this will come out.

The body guards used to do a lot more for MJ, including rounding up under age male hookers from the street to his hotel.

wait and see. don't be shocked!

867 days ago


Free Dr. Murray!

867 days ago
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