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Clooney's Obama Bash

Release the Hounds!

5/10/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Crap's getting REAL at Chez Clooney -- the LAPD Bomb Detection K-9 unit just showed up in full force.

As we reported, George Clooney's L.A. mansion is on mega-lockdown today while POTUS Barack Obama drops by for a $40,000-a-person fundraising event.

Law enforcement sources tell us, the U.S. Secret Service, the LAPD (including a special Counter Terrorist Unit), as well as the California Highway Patrol will all be present.



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Obama's motto should be: "Let Them Eat Cake". For those of you who do not know what that means - google it.
While these liberals claim to have a heart for the poor they eat lobster and drink champagne, own homes in the South of France and vacation on their own islands while the poor and out of work America citizens pay $4 gal of gas, high food prices, 48% more people on food stamps, black unemployment at 14%, crime is rising, rent-a-riot Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson too pretend to care. Dems/libs make promises while stabbing you in the back. Is Haiti any better since Hollywood got involved? Is America any better since Obama became Prez? Are there jobs? These people constantly rant "covet", protest, support OWS, support abortion, support same sex marriage, the rest of simple America can just suck it up. They don't give a flying ---- they just want to keep their power. Wake up people who support Obama! Wake Up. What is it going to take. Lemmings!

895 days ago


With Obama coming out, can George marry his boyfriend now?

895 days ago


so they are showing the tents set up in cloony's backyard - and the tents are completly clear, even the top - that doesn't seem very secure at all!!

895 days ago


show me your papers! haha...Funny that LA City Council and Obama don't like AZ law that requires all to show better show your papers if you have a house near Clooneyland...

895 days ago


Throw the whole bunch of them in the middle of the desert. Worthless people.

895 days ago


Obama sure loves to bash the 1% for political reasons, and then loves to dine with the 1% for political reasons!!

895 days ago


So, Obumbler had a one of those AMY Carter moment( ala nuclear proliferation fears coming from a child...Pleeeeease!) with his two daughters, but this one concerned the aspects of same-sex marriage! But, NOTHING was conceived or planned about this BIG revelation/announcement on the ABC network, BEFORHAND! YEAH RIGHT!!! He was "against it" (same-sex marriage) BEFORE he was "for it"! Now, Prez FLIP-FLOPPER have finally evolved his thinking on this topic for about $40,000 per plate REASONS and is suddenly endorsing same-sex! YEAH!...IT'S JUST ALL ABOUT THE CASH FOR HIS RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN...NOTHING MORE! He'll gladly take these Homosexuals and Hollywood types MONEY and tell them he's in favor of this, appeasing and promising them everything...and delivering them NOTHING in RTETURN! Haven't we ALL heard this broken record of presidential rhetoric dripple before... Remember all those imbeciles believing his hope and change CRAP! How'd that turn out!??

The upcoming presidential will be about three things...1. The ECONOMY 2.The ECONOMY and 3. The Economy!!! Nothing concerns people LESS than these Social Issues he and his Obumbler Admin brings up just to distract the public from his "LOUSY RECORD"! OKAY? Someone get the hook on this lameduck PREZ...when you get to the point where feeding your family is getting harder and harder, wondering how you're even going to get to work with the way fuel prices are on the rise...just remember, and YOU have comfort in knowing you have a frickin' ROCKSTAR Prez that can have these fancy ass parties, while we are drowning in debt and can't get enough of that $4 gallon gas! Go yukking it MR. Prez! I have to get to my spot on the corner with my tin cup!!!

895 days ago


George sucks

895 days ago


Who is paying for the extra security at clueless clooney's house? it is taxpayer's of los angeles county or the host of the party? celebs never pay for anything.

895 days ago


who is paying for this? taxpayers or celebs who never pay for anything?

895 days ago


I wish actors would stick to acting and stay out of politics.

895 days ago


First of all Obama was and still not is qualified to be president.

Second, this is why I have no respect for Obama.

Obama was never man enough to say hey wait a second I' m the first BI-RACIAL(his mom isas white his father is black so what. Is Obama embarassed of that? president of the United States.) NO. He's the first black or Afro-American president. No. Obama is a mutt. An oreo. Again so what.

Obama re-elected or not. He makes $400,000.00 salary per year as president. That doesn't even include every perk and benefit known to man.

Out of office the only thing that is no longer is Air Force 1 and Camp David. Still keeps all the benefits medical dental, and no, Obama would not even put his own family on his own health care plan shoved down our throats. Secret Service protection why? that we taxpayers pay for, for life.

Not a bad gig.

895 days ago


I wouldn't go if they paid me $40 large. Screw those hollyweed heads and obozo.

895 days ago


and I'm broke

895 days ago


This is disgusting and I'm loving all the comments about just how disgusting it is!

895 days ago
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