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Clooney's Obama Bash

Release the Hounds!

5/10/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Crap's getting REAL at Chez Clooney -- the LAPD Bomb Detection K-9 unit just showed up in full force.

As we reported, George Clooney's L.A. mansion is on mega-lockdown today while POTUS Barack Obama drops by for a $40,000-a-person fundraising event.

Law enforcement sources tell us, the U.S. Secret Service, the LAPD (including a special Counter Terrorist Unit), as well as the California Highway Patrol will all be present.



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In Depth News    

Republican Vice President Cheney (who has a gay daughter) said the same thing President Obama did ,that he supports gay marriage and the States Rights on gay marriage , But The Leftist HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITES did Nothing but Demonize Cheney .

893 days ago


Wonder if the OWS are going to protest? If they are true to their cause then they should be there protesting.

893 days ago


He is the President of the United States What do you expect?

893 days ago


has ANY other president EVER had dinner
at a actors own home?
maybe cloony could get b.o. a part in a movie
PLAYING a president?
i am so bummed about this so called president.

893 days ago


Hours and hours of helicopters and 'air noise' overhead tonight, which pretty much ruined my evening. Did not know O was up in the hills with Clooney until I saw it here.

Called LAPD to complain about the noise and asked them what was going on. He said, 'They're looking for someone.' Right.

893 days ago


Why is it that actors help support politicians and want there views installed onto the politician. then the politician install beliefs on regular people.. this is wrong..

just like big money corporations support politicians and install there beliefs into that politician then pushes those beliefs onto regular people.


893 days ago


Wonder on whose dime all this security is being paid for? This entire debacle makes me sick as yet again, we see our so called leader continuing to ignore unemployment, housing, national security, and energy issues while he and his fake wife party with the stars.

893 days ago


With our crappy economy and all the people unemployed and struggling to make ends meet this just seems wasteful. $40,000 is more than I make in a year and they just piss away on a dinner?!?

I have zero respect for people who feel it's ok to toss around that kind of money on a dinner/fundraiser! With all the budget cuts in our public school system that money would have been better spent by donating it to schools... or a homeless shelter, a crisis center... anything but a stupid dinner!!

893 days ago


Bet taxpayers footed the bill for all the security, his flight out there, lodging for he and his entourage. He's our campaigner and chief.

893 days ago


George Looney really earned his "Presidential Pardon" he will receive once Owebama loses in November. That's right, remember when George had dinner at The White House and then the next day we went to the Embassy and got arrested for the first time in a Protest? Well, you know George would not get arrested if he did not have a "Get out of Jail Free" Card waiting for him to get the arrest record expunged forever. Not only George but his father will also get the coveted Pardon as well as many other people before Owebama leaves the office. What the hea, Barry may even Pardon himself for the paper trail he has left behind.

You heard it here first, The Presidential Pardons will be by the 100s. Like the song, "Money for nothing, tricks for free".

893 days ago


George Clooney is an ego maniac, and going down hill, and the MOST of the people that showed up at that event are people who are desperate at trying to stay in the limelight, and so it goes hand in hand that these so called celebrities would endorse Ovomit, since hes made an attempt at being the 'so called' President..but has devastatingly failed..

893 days ago

Toni Maybee    

Can't understand all these Hollywood types kissing his behind. I wish we made anywhere near $40,000.

893 days ago


This is what has become of the United States. Multi million dollar people buying votes. Our democratic way of life is changing forever. 50 percent of the voters depend on the goverment for a living by handouts breaking the backs of the other 50 percent. We will soon be a 100 percent socialistic people and not the strong country some of us remember. Too bad.

889 days ago
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