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Pregnant Man

My Wife's Violent Rampage

... Caught on Tape

5/10/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Months before he filed for divorce ... the Pregnant Man was attacked by his wife ... who also manhandled their daughter and smashed the family computer ... and he captured it all on tape.

In the footage, expected to be filed as evidence in their bitter divorce battle, Thomas Beatie enters a kids' playroom in his Arizona home ... to find his wife Nancy passed out on the floor.

When Nancy wakes up ... she flies into a rage -- picking up her daughter in a sleeper-hold and dragging her into the next room. 

Nancy then inexplicably directs her ire towards Thomas -- attacking him with various household objects ... including the couple's laptop.

Moments later, Nancy takes the computer into the backyard ... smashes it on the ground and tosses it into the pool while Thomas and the kids tearfully plead for her to stop.

TMZ broke the story ... Thomas filed for divorce in February -- claiming Nancy is a violent alcoholic and a danger to their children. Sources close to Thomas tell us he started filming Nancy to show her how she acts when she's intoxicated.

The couple is due back in court on Wednesday to hash out custody and child support arrangements.

We reached out to Nancy for comment -- so far, no response.


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Jeeeeez...a lot of bigotry on this board. Who cares he chooses to live HIS LIFE as a man?

Just a side thought, I'm assuming that all three children are biologically his children, using his eggs and a donor sperm. I wonder if that's an advantage in gaining custody?

863 days ago


you would have to be crazy to marry a pregnant man.

863 days ago

Chantel Nicolee    

What a bunch of low life losers..... seriously... attention seekers much? They both need to be put in jail.

863 days ago

elephant ears    

There is obviously more to this story. This is really stupid. I can see why the wife wants to hit her with the computer - she would not stop filming. Why was she filming? Obviously she knew the wife was going to be angry (perhaps for her spending too much time on her 'poor' computer - and that is why the wife wanted to break it. They probably had an argument earlier about (the filmer) spending too much time on the computer. And probably the wife then went into the room to be alone crying and fell asleep. She was then awakened to being filmed. So she became angry and the previous argument continued with her trying to destroy the computer. And then the other one acting like a total drama queen and crying over a stupid computer. Probably because she was up-to-no good on it and had been caught. This video only shows a snippet - not the before or after or why. One can only speculate (like I just did) what may have happened.

863 days ago

Elisa Foulk    

That appeared to me to be completely STAGED

863 days ago


They're both nuts, it's just a matter of degree. The "man" was definitely antagonizing the situation and using the kids for sympathy. The "little woman" appeared to be pushed over the edge, yet still couldn't control herself in front of the kids. Again....they're both NUTS!

863 days ago


He/she was crying just like a wo/man. And the poor babies were part of it all....Sad

863 days ago


From listening to this video it is quite obvious he is not a man..He also married a bi-polar bitch..take the kids and run most people would be thrilled to have a nice house and two beautiful kids.

863 days ago


Wow she needs to lay off the Bitchy pills. Seriously, why would you keep filming when she is acting like that in front of the Children. Put the camera down, take the laptop back, and call the cops. and charge her with domestic abuse.

863 days ago


REALLY bad acting! And to involve the kids like that sickens me! Those poor kids will be scarred for life. Take the kids, put them in a safe home, sterilize the parents and let the two of them go at it. They are perfect for each other!!

863 days ago


stupid ugly fat bit^ch. Piece of work!
I know someone crazy like her and the best is to stay away. I want to rip her ugly face off and throw her under the ground!

863 days ago


This **** is fake she like smiles in the video it would be way more intense if it was real

863 days ago


OMG whatever it does, just make sure it doesn't put down the camera and try to stop her from breaking the computer. I mean, that would make way too much sense, kind of like admitting that it's not a pregnant man, it's actually just a lesbian female! Sweet Jesus, I had a hysterectomy, so I can't get pregnant anymore. IMO, that makes me more of a man than this crazy broad! I have no problem with people who feel they were born the wrong gender, BUT I do have a problem with lying fame whores, whichis what this couple is! MEN can't get pregnant, and by the looks of things, the female in the relationship has quite the baby belly. Are we sure she did't have the kids? Lastly, Nancy didn't break anything, but her lovers feelings. She barely stepped on the puter, and she dindn't throw it in the pool! She put it on a raft in the pool!

863 days ago


WOW! That was sad and hard to watch. Poor children! Hopefully, he gets full custody and she gets help, for the sake of the children. :(

863 days ago


Um, This "Man" needed to put the computer down and stop her from doing this. I thought he/she was a "man". any other man would have prevented her from destroying the computer. And I cant tell your right now, that any man would not have started crying over a computer. He would have stopped filming and beat the **** out of this woman.

863 days ago
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