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Rihanna Drops Chris Brown

You Finally

Crossed the Line

5/10/2012 7:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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It seems Rihanna has finally had enough of Chris Brown ... the singer has "unfollowed" her ex-boyfriend on Twitter after he released a new diss track that appears to be aimed at her.

The song in question is a remix of Kanye's TheraFlu -- in which Brown freestyles the verse, "Don't f*ck with my old bitches ... like a bad fur ... every industry n*gga done had her."

He continues, "Trick or treat like a pumpkin ... just to smash her."

Hours after Brown released the track last night, Rihanna stopped following Brown on Twitter -- a HUGE move -- and one that's leading many to assume Rihanna believes the verse is about her.

A short time later, Brown unfollowed Rihanna.

We reached out to Rihanna's rep -- so far, no comment.



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Never go back to an abuser.

896 days ago


Chris Brown is a jack ass. He should ne in prison. He really is sorry for beating on her sounds like. At some point he will get into something that sends him to jail and when he does I hope they beat the shiX out of him. How could anyone spend there hard earned money on a cd, download, movie or anything else that he does???

896 days ago


This is why I got banned from twitter "stopped following Brown on Twitter -- a HUGE move" OH freaking HUGE. OMG! OMG! :-|

896 days ago



896 days ago

Gsharon 710    

You crossed the line when people saw a photo of your mature brother lying on top of you, especially since you have no problems showing your ass and groping males and females in public. NASTY!

896 days ago


Chris Brown is just ignorant. Use that N word like crazy but soon as someone not black use it, he crack head self want to get mad....Im black and I dont understand black people at all sometimes....Chris is an example of stupidity..

896 days ago

A little more clever    

"Trick or treat like a pumpkin ... just to smash her" All of you guys got it wrong! Geeezzzz. First off Trick or Treat ( is referencing Trick- sex for money or Treat- sex for drugs) Duh. Smash (to have sex) her like a pumpkin. Is a reference to Smashing Pumpkins ( the band) its actually a pretty clever play on words. You guys are kinda slow, I'm surprised you did get that.

896 days ago


she is trying to end his career again, he did not mention names but if she felt offended is because it makes the song says

896 days ago


How nice.

896 days ago


I agree it sounds like he's referring to Kim Kardashian. And everyone DOES SEEM to have been there and done "that".

896 days ago


Chris is Re-Victimizing Rihanna by Verbally Abusing her on the track. Dude, you beat the living sht out of this girl, I suggest you never mention her name again. I don't like neither of them. I believe Chris is TRULY in love with his girlfriend Karueche. Rihanna seemed to have thought the Remixes and the talk would mean they are getting back together and it would be this huge thing, but in the end he shows no interest in her. He loves his new girl. She needs to move on. He isn't remorseful, he doesn't love her...MOVE ON. She tried to put the joke on us with the Remixes, only for the Joke to be on her.

896 days ago


Am fed up of hearing about Rihanna she is just a wannabe bad girl. Shes doing all this for attention and she has become pathetic. I used to really like her when she first came out a nice Caribbean girl making it big in a big place like America now the fame has clearly gotten to her head. She needs to go away and really have a think of her life. She seems like someone whose very disturbed and possessed by the devil she needs therapy.

896 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

In her twisted mind, this must be worse than him beating her. I think they're BOTH losers!

896 days ago


She needs to get off the drugs and quit thinking everything is about her. Maybe she should have a cry so she feels better. She's headed for a crash and burn by her own doing not his but what a good way to deflect from her own stupidity lately.

896 days ago


Shirty people doping shirty things to each other. Keeping it in the acehole family!

896 days ago
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