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Beach Boys Singer

'Obama's a Socialist A-Hole'

5/11/2012 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Americans will be "f**ked" if Barack Obama gets re-elected ... this according to Beach Boys singer Bruce Johnston.

Bruce was signing autographs for fans in New York yesterday when the conversation turned political.

"Obama's an a**hole, "Johnston says ... adding, "Unless you're interested in never having any money and being socialized."

But Johnston was an equal opportunity disser -- saying, "And who's the Republican a**hole?"

"Our guy isn't any good."

He continued, "You got Reagan and Tip O'Neill ... those are the last two good guys."

"Wait 'til Obama doesnt have to try anymore," Bruce added ... "you're f**ked."


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I grew up 2 blocks from the beach boys in Hawthorne... I wonder if they remember Linder's Market, and the wooden bridge?

I was probably about 10 years younger maybe 8.. We used to listen ot them beat the drums in the garage... Watch the drag races on 120th, or watch the girls in the roller skates at the A&W not far away, wishing when we got older could have that life,, I was still a kid on a bicycle..

The kids at the high school always wanted them to come back and perfom at the school, but they probably had no interest in going back,, I myself did not like the schools there... maybe they didn't either.. I really don't know..

Year later they put a freeway through the area, and kncked down some of the houses, but left their house and put up a huge monument where they used to live, (accross the street from that house) the house there has/had portholes (windows), like from a ship on the garage. The huge monument has etched them carrying surfboards..

The local Beach Manhatten, Hermosa, etc... are only minutes away.. I wasn't a surfer, I swam a bunch in the pools I took swimming classes and body surfed,, but I had a lot of friends who even made surfboards... I liked riding dirbikes more.. but stil swam int he ocean a whole bunch,, no wet suit, always waited for the 70 degree temps...

back then the surfers didn't grab a sectionof oceana nd beat up anyone who tried to swim there,,, then that started happening many years after the golden age,, I think it gave surfers a real bad name with people who jsu tliked to body surf and thought it odd the surfers were beating up and runningover regualr swimmers.. I found out thois was a trend after I was goen awhile overseas.. and came home and swam a little back at my old beaches.. time changed the gang were even in surfer clans,, crazy world now..

back whenthe Beach Boys were young er, The surfers wer enot beating up people because of some real estate with waves..

We really had no idea they would go on to become famous like they did,,, as they just sounded like agarage band back then,,, There wans't a smuch singing as you would have thought,, maybe the drums were drowning out the singing, I don't know..

I have no clue about the politics of them, but I do agree with him,, We need to get a good government back in,, right now it's all going to hell...

I bet the beach Boys remember like we do watching the flames when the riots hit in the 60's, you could see the flames not far from Hawthorne..
If this government keeps going, it will happen again and again..

I wish I was born 10 years earlier,, the people that were bit older for the 50's and 60's saw some good times... The cars were big and fun, gas was cheap.. and there were not as many crazy laws..

I am a (disabled) Veteran but served after Vietnam... I wasn't old enough back then..
Now it's the Socialism where huge parts of the popluation are taking and not giving..

The liberal loons destroyed California..
The Beach Boys can travel and see more of what is happening in more places... They can see the trends.... They remember better days... Probably...
At least I would think so...

895 days ago


The correct policy from a 'Traditional American' (Tocqueville) way of thinking would be what this country had for 137 years prior to Socialist Progressives in 1913

A "Free" Market Capitalist country should BAN ALL TAXES ON CAPITAL FORMATION

(1) No Business Taxes, No Personal Taxes, No Interest Taxes, No Capital Gains Taxes EVER
------Repeal of the 16th Amendment

(2) Federal Sales Tax of 15% (115,000,000 IRS 1040's become 10,000,000 IRS 1120S)

(3) Maximum State Sales Tax of 5%

(4) Federal and all State Constitutions amended with Balanced Budget Amendments
-----Maximum Federal or State Employees limited to 1% of population

This could be implemented in one term with a 'compliant' Congress filled with Tea Party Patriots

.....real Americans would respect leaders that ...get er done!

895 days ago


It's all about the $$$$$$$....both sides...'nuff said!

895 days ago


HAHAHA, so he's saying that Obama is the Mike Love of presidents. (Love is a complete POS - for those not versed in the history of The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson)

895 days ago


somebody needs their adult diaper changed, he's a little fussy

895 days ago


Just try working hard to starting a business, and see what the government does to you in the form of license fees, taxes, regulations, ability to hire and fire.

Better yet, all people should be paid their full salaries with nothing taken out, and file quarterly like businesses. Then they would see and feel what the government is doing to them,

and if we made tax filing day to be October rather than April, I bet the chance of tax and spend politicians would come to an end.

895 days ago


But what this person did, is begin to show the chinks in the armor of Obozo, our clown in chief, who just recently said that he sometimes forgets the magnitude of the Recession.

for a person that was going to work 24/7 to solve the unemployment problem that is an astounding statement, but guess when you are so busy campaigning, playing golf, vacationing, partying, and putting forth budgets that nobody votes for, it is possible to forget the common people that he was elected to serve and to solve the problems of.

895 days ago


Really this coming from a song stealing loser who cares.

895 days ago


Can't argue with that.

895 days ago


I'll Co-Sign that! Good Vibrations from the beach boys. YEA!!!

895 days ago


Another celebrity who has the basic qualifications to be Dear Leader's unofficial biographer. Maybe Johnston and Jon Lovitz can team up to write the book. It would be infinitely more truthful than the slobbering sellout mainstream media.

895 days ago


I like the Beach Boys, smart man.

895 days ago


Did this dip stick say that Reagan was the last "good" guy. LOL Reagan created massive deficits and was completely out of touch with the REAL America. Reagan was a quintessential corporate puppet.

895 days ago


Obama is a off the tax payers like he wants everyone else to!!

Obama wouldn't know what to do with a real job!!

895 days ago


Thinking of 4 more years of Obama makes me sick to my stomach. He has _ucked this country up. Yes when he ran in 2008 and his slogan was for change I never dreampt in a millions years this is what that idiot was talking about. Screw all these hollywood idiots too.

895 days ago
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