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Beach Boys Singer

'Obama's a Socialist A-Hole'

5/11/2012 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Americans will be "f**ked" if Barack Obama gets re-elected ... this according to Beach Boys singer Bruce Johnston.

Bruce was signing autographs for fans in New York yesterday when the conversation turned political.

"Obama's an a**hole, "Johnston says ... adding, "Unless you're interested in never having any money and being socialized."

But Johnston was an equal opportunity disser -- saying, "And who's the Republican a**hole?"

"Our guy isn't any good."

He continued, "You got Reagan and Tip O'Neill ... those are the last two good guys."

"Wait 'til Obama doesnt have to try anymore," Bruce added ... "you're f**ked."


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That sure makes me happpy! So many celebs that I once enjoyed I have had to give up because they support the anti-American socialist. But not the Beach Boys! Right on!

904 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

The words "Separation of Church and State" are NOT included in ANY official U.S. do***ent.
The much wrongly over-used term was taken from the "Jefferson Letters", a PRIVATE correspondence from Thomas Jefferson.

"I tremble for my nation, when I think GOD is Just"
"Any government that practices deception upon it's citizens, is not worthy to be preserved"
President Thomas Jefferson

Daniel Twelve;1 is HERE, Zechariah Twelve;8 is NOW, St. Mark Twelve;36 is NOW, Psalm2;012 is NOW, The Most Blessed Christ King YESHUA reigns!

904 days ago


How dare Obama try to help the poor...meanwhile rich guys like this are having to downsize from 4 mansions to sad...the poor poor elite :(

904 days ago


only reason the beach boys were popular was because they could be found next to the beatles in a record store. Your band stinks! Hope your reunion tour wipes out.

904 days ago


HELL YEAH! Barack Obama is a dumb son of a b*tch that didn't deserve his 1st chance as President. Democraps are going to drag this country further and further into the ground.

Romney isn't much better, but at least he isn't a muslim, a socialist, and a supporter of f*gs getting married.

904 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Eff politics. Most of the people who spout off about politics don't have a fuggin clue. None of those politikers give a care about you, me, or this country. They care about making things better for themselves and their buddies, that's it.

904 days ago

The Gorn    

Bruce Johnston is a joke and his pal, Mike Love, is the most hated man in Rock & Roll. I'm disappointed that Brian Wilson chose to reunite with those two losers. Mike Love is the reason the Beach Boys became an oldies band back in the 1960...s.

904 days ago


How can so many of you be such FOOLS when it comes to Obama. How can an oldie like me see through him so good, and the Obama lovers can't see anything! ! ! They are blind to anything negative about him and all his "bad" friends etc. and don't want to listen to reason about him. You think if you put your head in the sand, and just don't know how bad he is, a miracle will happen and he will turn good, well it isn't going to happen that way folks, so wake up and smell the stink !

904 days ago


He speaks the truth! Love Bruce Johnston!

904 days ago


Truth hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

904 days ago


Just like the leadership in the USSR Obama is getting a strnglehold on the Media and ordinary citizens.Im sure Bruce will be contacted by the Obama Security Service. "Your Papers Please" !!

904 days ago


Id*ot. Weird cause from what I read, other band members, especially the nice guy that passed have/had completely different views.
What an annoying douche.

904 days ago

Fantastic Four    

Totally true, but Romney is what this country needs to get America working again.

Romney's run fifteen company's and worked with international organizations like running the Olympics.

Obama never even had a real job with a company that had to make a profit. "Community Organizer" salary was paid for by Union organizers.

UChicago "Guest Lecturer" was paid for with tax dollars.

I voted for Obama... but he's had his chance.

Obama changed three CEOs at GM in one year! Why would we ever give him four more years?

904 days ago


Someone might want to inform this moron from the Beach Boys, that beaches just happen to be state / public funded entities. Or in modern day GOP terms, beaches would be socialist! But I am sure the irony is lost on him.

******ger logic really is really a sight to behold.

904 days ago


are the Beach Boys still spending so much time and money on mind-altering experiences? sixties pop music makers in their seventies..never known as great thinkers.

904 days ago
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