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Beach Boys Singer

'Obama's a Socialist A-Hole'

5/11/2012 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Americans will be "f**ked" if Barack Obama gets re-elected ... this according to Beach Boys singer Bruce Johnston.

Bruce was signing autographs for fans in New York yesterday when the conversation turned political.

"Obama's an a**hole, "Johnston says ... adding, "Unless you're interested in never having any money and being socialized."

But Johnston was an equal opportunity disser -- saying, "And who's the Republican a**hole?"

"Our guy isn't any good."

He continued, "You got Reagan and Tip O'Neill ... those are the last two good guys."

"Wait 'til Obama doesnt have to try anymore," Bruce added ... "you're f**ked."


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Bruce Johnston is not the BB singer, he's a member of the group. Get the info right please.

Mike Love is the singer.

896 days ago


Bruce Johnston is not the BB singer, he's a member of the group. Get the info right please.

Mike Love is the singer.

896 days ago


Ba Ba Ba Barack Obama is the ma a an. Barack Obama he is the ma a a Oh Yes he ca a an lol You Got me rocking and a rolling rockkin and a reelin Barack Obama He's the man. lol Beacehd Boys ...

896 days ago


Mr. Levin, you should know, Mr. O is not in your corner, I've been watching American politics for 25 years, voted both R & D, hands down, Obama is the worst president I've ever seen in my lifetime. He was supposed t unite, all he did was divide our nation and make it worse. He's bad for business, Mr. Levin should understand this, as he's an astute business man. He's got to GO!

896 days ago


another Hollywood type....he's right with his opinion of obama....but not Romney. Romney should have been the GOP nominee in '08...we can only make it better by voting for Romney on Nov 6, 2012. What a mess he will have to clean up...maybe we should change his name to Hoover

896 days ago


I LOVE The Beach Boys! I LOVE Old School Hollywood too. They are more intelligent and not Liberal Loons!

896 days ago


All Americans have the right to speak on policies and politics in our country, regardless of whether they are rock stars, movies stars, or garbage collectors. Rock stars and movie stars have no more expertise on matters than the average Joe.

When it comes to movies stars such as Clooney, Streisand, Penn,, I take their opinions with a really big grain of salt. Movie stars like Clooney are saavy enough to know that average people spend money at the box office or on DVDs during a recession in order to escape the problems they face during the day.

Of course people like Clooney will support Obama--keeping America in recession is good for his take at the box or via royalties. It doesn't change my mind. I'm not a movie star who benefits from the economic misery of others.

So, good for Bruce Johnston in bucking the entertainment business trend and speaking out against Obama. It makes nice headlines, but it means nothing to me.

So, good for Bruce Johnston in bucking the entertainment industy's support of Obama. It makes nice headlines, but it means nothing to me.

896 days ago

Agent Meatball    

Mr. Johnson says of Romney: "And who's the Republican a**hole?" "Our guy isn't any good."

Well, we've got Ron Paul. But so-called "conservatives" can't wrap their brains around his foreign-policy even though it's turning out his positions are correct. Hell, even Limbaugh is questioning why we're still in Afghanistan.

Nevermind that, it doesn't matter if Paul is a principled, true fiscal conservative who truly believes in our constitution. What matters is his foreign policy, right?

Anyway, you so-called conservatives can hold your noses & vote for Romney. Us Paul supporters and real conservatives will proudly vote for Paul. Even write his name in if we have to. At least I'll be voting with a clear conscience.

896 days ago

buzz kill    

Not a Beach Boys fan but its good to know there are people with the backbone to tell it like it is. Anyone who wants to live with Socialism or Communism is free to move to such a country. There are no walls keeping them in. True Americans will never submit to Socialism/Communism.

896 days ago


you are correct sir...about ostupid. too bad the rest of your ilk cant/wont wake up and smell the socialism too.

896 days ago


Obama hasn't been the greatest. But this is some racist Sh!#t going on here. Anybody with an ounce of perspective or a brain for that matter knows that the beloved PRESIDENT BUSH has us in the bulk of this crisis. Obama hasn't helped much, but let's not forget who has 10,000 americans dead for an unnecessary war and created the trillion dollar debt your crying about. What happen to just doing the right thing.. All parties have forgotten about the right thing. You people have short memories.

896 days ago


"Our guy"? So basically this clown is saying that he's a Republican first and an American citizen second. This is exactly what's wrong with most voters: they let their partisan allegiance trump their allegiance to the United States of America.
These people voting is the problem in this nation. Guys like Bruce Johnson do a disservice to the country by voting. We'd be better off if these bad citizens stayed away from the polls.
Hey Bruce, don't blame the politicians, you idiot. Look in the mirror and point your wrinkled, arthritic finger at who is truly at fault: YOU and those like you. You're not a patriot. You're a partisan. Those terms are mutually exclusive.

896 days ago


Well he has one thing right...they're both *******s...but aren't most politicians? Finding an honest politician is a Myth.

896 days ago


If you've attended anything public like a school or university, you're a socialist. That's one of the definitions of socialism...public ownership of a state ran apparatus. People need to stop throwing the word around like it's a sign that they're blatantly wearing on their shirts. Have your own mind for once and stop regurgitating what the media glorfies your "hero" said.

896 days ago


AH! The Beach Boys are showing their age and what smoking too much pot has done to their brains. Once in a while, I'll hear the same crap from some old person about Obama and socialism, can't fight that mentality. It's best to keep my mouth shut and vote in November.

896 days ago
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