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Kris Humphries

Who Wants to Kick Me

in the Genitals?

5/11/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
KNOWS he's been tagged a douchebag ... he KNOWS people are laughing at him ... but now, he's finally getting in on the joke.

KH just completed a video for FunnyOrDie.com ... in which he tries to capitalize on the fact he's the most hated player in the NBA ... the kind of guy most Americans want to "punch in the face."

In the clip, two "agents" give Kris a crash course in how to cash in on his d-bagness -- with products that include a video game which allows haters to repeatedly "kick you in the d**k."

"No points or anything ... just d**k kicking."

And it gets BETTER -- during the sketch, there's a veiled shot at Kanye West ... as Kris dons KW's trademark shutter sunglasses in an effort to look like a "douchebag."

But one of the agents quickly tells Kris to ditch the shades ... saying, "We don't want you to look like an a**hole ... we just want you to look like a douchebag." Snap.

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No Avatar


Me! Me!

He hasn't been humiliated enough.

898 days ago


Ugg, funny or die dot com, which means it's not funny.

Will Ferrell is THE douchebag.

898 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

He's the most hated player in the NBA??? Why? Because he got tricked into marrying a walking urinal? I don't really dislike the guy just because he pissed on Kim Kardashian for awhile.

898 days ago


1:57 totally a reference to Kanye!

898 days ago


Ha ha...Kris:D....I would like to something with your D than kicking....ha ha....Rock on stud.

898 days ago


I LOVE THIS! HATE those K's. He stays true to himself in the end.

898 days ago


TMZ personal spin doctor for Whordashians trying to tag Kris Humphries as a douchbag. It's not working. Kris Humphries is a victim of the Krapdashians & TMZ/Harvey is obviously pro-Krapdashians.

898 days ago


The writing here is atrocious and the grotesque display of celebrity favoritism has outweighed Perez's. This site is becoming really sad and not entertaining at all. A long standing "entertainment" site has become completely juvenile. "You GOTTA see this!", "Dude gets OWNED", "We broke the story" and other repeated catch phrases are so cliche it makes me realize how stupid this celebrity gossip crap really is. Other people's lives aren't entertaining, its the way it's covered and the coverage here sucks my ball sac.

Oh, and don't ask, "Why are you here, then?". Thesuperficial.com only posts a few a day. Now that place is a gem!

898 days ago


And that was not funny at all! He's a big dumbo for sure, but a douche bag? Really, TMZ? Your desperate ass kissing is showing.

898 days ago


I'm all for dissin the kardashians, but...that was stupid and not in a funny way.

Funny or die...I'll go with die.

898 days ago


That's very interesting considering Howard Stern described an act for AGT where guys kick themselves in the balls. I still don't know why he's hated. All I know is he married Kim, then Kim dumped him because she never really loved him and everyone hates him now? Does not make sense. We are supposed to hate Kim because she's the real douche.

898 days ago


Kris, Why? Your not a douchebag, nor are you an a..hole, your former wife is. You've taken the high road through this ridiculous separation, why make such a stupid video? Your too good for this kind of crap. Scrap it!

898 days ago

just my opinion    

do you guys ever post anything without taking veiled and not veiled whatsoever shots at Kris Humphries?? KH has a proven track record in charity work LONG LONG before Kim came along. He was a good guy who was active in his church without being some Tebow Weirdo(tims a nice guy)...but seriously, you guys are ALWAYS taking shots at him yet you kiss Kim's inflated a** in every post. What has she ever done for anyone? ever?...i'll wait. Exactly, not a damn thing until people started watching her. He was doing charity work before we even knew who he was. You guys are dubbing him a fame whore? This woman did playboy after she felt so violated over her pee tape...I really hate this site sometimes.

898 days ago


I don't know much about the guy, but I do know he used really poor judgement in getting involved with that whore Kim K.

898 days ago

BB not bb    

Excuse me but I think fedoras look cool and I think he looked cool somehow in the hat and sunglasses, don't ask me how.

898 days ago
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