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Clooney & Obama

Dinner Leaves Bad Taste

in Billy Crystal's Mouth

5/11/2012 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney threw the ultimate baller's dinner for President Obama -- but for some reason Billy Crystal wasn't exactly thrilled on the way out. Must be the $40k tab.

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Maybe he was so ticked off because he payed 40,000 dollars and just like at the oscars....still got stuck with wolfgang pucks cooking.

I'd be mad too. Heck I'm still mad after spending 5 bucks on some of his soup, that stuff was terrible.

861 days ago


Ha ha.....Maybe the wife got on his neck?!.....TIME TO KEEP YOUR NOSES OUT OF POLITICS.

861 days ago


Lest we forget, Obama doesn't like jews.

861 days ago


Billy Who? lol He sucked at the Oscars and the Oscars sucked for not having Eddie Murphy lol

861 days ago


Billy Crystal is a bitter old man, he needs to get laid or something.. I had always heard he was an *******, and judging by that little clip I believe it.

861 days ago


I can't believe he supports this prick. He is currently making promises he won't keep ONLY BECAUSE ELECTIONS ARE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. Not to mention he has not accomplished **** since getting into office......
I'm boycotting Clooney and every other actor/idiot that supports him....

860 days ago


Billy was pissed when he found out who the real Obama was after listening to his real agenda. He couldn't believe he had been duped.

860 days ago


I waited thru an ad just to hear Billy say: "Go away". Another non-story by TMZ to get you to watch an ad. When will we learn?

860 days ago


F U Clooney you moronic jerk*ff! Only a wack job like U would hold a fundraiser for a man who is giving away free "you can now be a legal citizen of the U.S." tickets to all illegal aliens. Shows your mental state dumbf*ck! Many of these illegals are criminals from other countries. Yeah, we need THAT in the U.S.!!! Obama wants all the illegals to get social security and healthcare and medicare and all that on THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Not to mention not following the Constitution and just doing things as he sees fit. Anybody have ANY idea how much money illegal aliens are costing you and you state right now??? Look into it - it's no bullsh*t. Not to mention that Obama and his administration are behind the ACLU who wants to take God off the constitution, off the money, and out of our lives. WHO GIVES THIS F-ING MUSLIM THE RIGHT TO DO THAT IN OUR COUNTRY. We do if he is allowed to continue to get away with this. YOU ARE GONE OSAMA, I MEAN OBAMA. Be glad someone has not put a bullet in your head during your term in office. Clooney, just go live in Italy, keep your unintelligent mouth shut and disappear!

860 days ago


How about instead of a separation of church and state, we have a separation of Hollywood and state?
A special thank you for wasting MY tax dollars on getting Obama there and the cost of all that security. Not to mention the cost of hookers.
Thanks George. You and your gang ate well, while some Americans went to bed hungry.!!!!!!!
Sleep well.

860 days ago


Obama said NOTHING about gay marriage that Dick Cheney's hasn't already said but YEARS earlier. Obama won't get my vote.

860 days ago


I am just waiting for my Clooney or any stars check.. This president is about spread the wealth. So these people have it.. Shouldn't they practice what they preach. We need to let these stars know that if they want to be a idiot.. We wont support them. Bad numbers at box office will wake them up.Why don't the stars have dinners to support families who lost their jobs or homes? I mean it is the average guy who see's the movie and supports them.. It was reported that it cost the tax payers 15 million to get Obama there.. Think what we could have done with that money..

860 days ago


If President Obama was a serious president then bringing an alleged prostitute to his fundraising event would be considered offensive. Hollywood’s legendary in the “closet” actor Rock Hudson lived a lie until AIDS caught up with him…isn’t that when he came out of the closet? Frankly, I am sick of seeing George Clooney and his alleged contract prostitute girlfriends almost every time I go to an online gossip site. He looks tired and she looks like a twin to Hulk Hogan. I used to subscribe to and buy many magazines, but not since Clooney’s latest alleged contract girlfriend began popping up in the middle of the magazines.

Thanks to George Clooney and the $40,000 plate dinner at his home in the middle of a recession for a jerk of a president, I am done with him…I don’t ever want to see another George Clooney movie, even the ones he produces.

860 days ago


Clooney and BO make a great pair. Now hopefully they both will start fading from the scene.

860 days ago


Strange how V.P. Joe Biden stated last weekend he was now for same sex marriage and 2 days later Obama said the same thing, and 2 days later Harry Reid said the same thing. How stupid do these 3 democrats think the public is? Same sex marriage is legalized by the individual States not the Feds. These 3 boys play the political game willing to say anything to get votes.

860 days ago
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