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Ashton Kutcher

The Steve Jobs Makeover

5/12/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Ashton Kutcher dressed as Steve JobsWearing a black turtleneck, jeans and New Balance sneakers, Ashton Kutcher was spotted in full character as Steve Jobs as he made his way to the set of the late Apple CEO's biopic in L.A. on Friday.

The 34-year-old "Two and a Half Men" star plays the visionary businessman during his younger years in a movie tentatively titled "Jobs: Get Inspired."


While Kutcher definitely looks the part, it remains to be seen if he can nail the role of a complicated man -- part hippie, part driven businessman, part brilliant, and part crazy.


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He may look like him, but he can't act and is a sucky human being. Not the kind of respect the role of Steve Jobs deserves.

841 days ago


I think it's a good choice. First of all, Ashton is hot..just sayin'..secondly, for all those who are ignorant, Ashton is actually very smart..has started and founded a number of IT based companies (and doing very well). he's very much a tech IT geek, he loves all that stuff. he's also kind of a hippie, granola type..but also used to be a model. He's worth mega millions due to his investments and business IT endeavors, has nothing to do with Demi's money, he's made his own.

So, I think he'll be great! Good luck, Ashton!

841 days ago

She's baaaack    

A good actor captures the essence of their character and becomes that character, no matter what they look like. If all they wanted was someone who looked like Steve Jobs they have Kucher, who can't act for shytt. I totally agree with the comment that he must have a hell of an agent. He messes up everything he touches but he just keeps working.

841 days ago


I agree I never liked any of his mistakes of movies ashton is a **** actor the only decent movie he was in was butterfly effect and he managed to **** that up to A MONKEY WITH ONE LEG would have been a better choice

841 days ago


I think Noah Wyle did great playing Steve Jobs in Pirates of Silicon Valley..... but Ashton... NO WAY!

841 days ago


Part assh*le

841 days ago


As people have said Ashton is a crappy actor but then Jobs was an even crapper person, so its a pretty good match to me.

People calling Jobs a visionary genius are idiots - how much Koolaid have you been drinking? All he did was use other peoples ideas and pass it off as his own, banking on millions of iSheep to make billions of profits and NEVER donating a penny to charity. Look at Bill Gates, working on humanitarian projects to make the world a better place. Jobs was nothing but a meglomanic sociopath and I won't be watching this movie. Fact.

841 days ago

Ozzie X    

Steve Jobs looked much more handsome in that picture. Ashton looks like a serial killer.

841 days ago


Just because an actor resembles someone doesn't mean they are right for the part. Have they seen Dude, Where's My Car,Just Married,The Guardian, and What Happens in Vegas he can't act to save his life. Kelso playing one of the greatest minds of our time is just crazy.

841 days ago


My impression of Steve Jobs is that he was a VERY driven kind of guy with a vision for various products that he was hell bent on making them happen. He didn't want to just "settle" for making a product that was "good enough" for his company to make a little money on. It had to be "insanely GREAT". Steve was a wee bit of a control freak and a megalomaniac in a California hippy flower child kind of way. His heart was always in the right place. He was kind of like a musician who would practice playing his guitar or his singing around the clock until he got it exactly the way he wanted ... a smash hit that everyone would be amazed about when they heard it. If Ashton Kutcher can keep all these things in mind when he's doing this movie, he'll do just fine.

841 days ago


I think Edward Norton would have been the man to play this role. Kutcher may do well, I don't know. It's possible. But, it's a guarantee Norton could have nailed it and captured the nuances that make up a man. I'm not sure Kutcher can pull that off. We shall see.

841 days ago


His visual imitation is good -- but we all know he's just going to act like KELSO.

841 days ago


Wow, having a no-talent tool who was in "Dude Where's My Car" in the role of a man who changed civilization? What's next -- Lindsay Lohan as Liz Taylor? Oh wait...

841 days ago


Visionary? He is all that is bad with capitalism and why america is failing!
Do you have a clue th evil of this man?
He stole from xerox but that is nothing to him denying a cent to his daughter and ex girlfriend... they lived in poverty while he enjoyed the billions!
His daughter didnt even know who he was for years! And the child / slave labour for apple products then the whole group suicides at the plant... yea they put nets to keep them from jumping! It your considered a monster in china.... he abused his employeed in america as well! 90+ hours was a good worker anything less your sh%t and you knew it! Lookup "pirates of silicon valley" it shows it all and as Wozniac said 100% true!

841 days ago

A viewer    

jobs was kinda cute when he was younger - got ugly and mean looking when he became rich and egotistical. i'm sick of seeing kutcher, he needs to go away for awhile.

841 days ago
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