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Bobby Brown

I Wanted Bobbi Kristina

on MY Reality Show!

5/12/2012 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Bobby Brown didn't sound too supportive of Bobbi Kristina doing a reality show with Whitney's family ... it's because Bobby wanted his daughter on his upcoming reality show ... sources close to BB tell TMZ. 

According to our sources, Bobby has no problem with Bobbi K doing a reality show ... and he has been trying to get her to appear on his show for months. But our sources say that was NEVER going to happen. 

We're told Bobbi K has cut off all lines of communication with Bobby, so he's been calling Pat Houston (Whitney's sister-in-law/manager) in an effort to reach out to Bobbi. Our sources say Bobbi never even considered doing her father's show and the rest of the family feels Bobby was only trying to use her to make his upcoming show more marketable.

Our sources say Bobby found out about the Houston family show yesterday like everyone else did.


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I've heard her sing...she won't make it big even with this show. Sorry, but she did not inherit her mom's singing abilities-

864 days ago


of course you do.... one train wreak for another... ratings should be high for you losers

864 days ago

The Dave    

Can this family get any tackier?

864 days ago


Nothing could get me to watch a reality show with any of these people. What a train wreck.

864 days ago


Hope it never happens!! These people are pathetic losers!!

864 days ago


"sources close to BB tell TMZ."

"According to our sources"

"But our sources say"

"We're told"

"Our sources say"

"Our sources say"

My sources say your story is BullSh*t.
BK is a spoiled brat. The rest of Bobby's kids have jobs or are in college or school. BK had it the easiest and is turning out the worst. She is a drug addict just like her mother who was doing drugs with her. Whitney was a druggie way before Bobby. She was a druggie after Bobby. Her brother was a druggie. It seems the problem isn't Bobby but Whitney's family. And now they have shown why they wanna isolate BK. She is the meal ticket. Funny her grandmother says she thinks this will launch BK's singing career. If she could sing, Clive Davis would have her signed right now. The truth is she can't sing.

864 days ago


The girl cant sing......If they get a reality show.....The girl STILL cant sing....If they get every damn singing coach in AMERICA the Poor child STILL can't sing they need to help her get a solid education in SOMETHING maybe LAW we all know they will always need a good lawyer in both sides of that child's family. PEACE <3

864 days ago


don't forget her god father clive davis - if they went thru him, he could get her a record deal right away - even if it is a pity signing - but the family wouldn't get that money, like they will get paid for appearing on the reality show, they are pathetic - plus i bet clive won't d any thing til bobbi goes thru rehab, cuz i'm sure he doesn't want to deal w/ another irresponsible drug addict

864 days ago


TMZ need's to put a poll up asking if we think Bobbie K. can sing or not.
What does this family have againest education ??? Why doesn't Pat & Gary have Bobbie K.'s back and best interest's for her ??? Oh that's right, they need the big buck's to keep their mansion and expensive jet setting life style going.
Pat is the last person who should be in charge of Bobbie K.'s trust fund ! Don't look now Pat, but it's right around the corner.You & Gary might have to move, and guess what " Get REAL job's ". Hopefully Bobbie will smarten up sooner than later of what user's Pat & Gary are. I wouldn't count on it thou. Bobbie look's and act's and carries herself like a dimwit 12 year old.. Go to SCHOOL Bobbie, smarten up and learn how to carry yourself !! And ditch the crack pipe & drug's ONCE and for all !! AND ditch all the hanger on's !! Pat & Gary are keeping you down.You could be so much more !! What a waste !!

864 days ago


Just what we don't need, two more garbage reality shows. Both of them still using Whitney Houston for the money they can wring out of her memory. Bobby's, I'm not surprised about. I am about the Houston family, but I guess I shouldn't be. It's all about money for all of them.

864 days ago


Bobby get that booger outcha nose!

864 days ago



864 days ago


Whitney must have talked to Bobbi about all the things she hated in Bobby and degraded him. She hates her father so her mother must have taught her to hate him. That's the only reason I hated my father growing up.

864 days ago


Entire family of leeches and douchebags. Yawn.

863 days ago


Whats that white stuff in Bobby's left nostril ..imagine sitting at home wasting an hour of your life watching a TV show about a fugly looking round faced teen meat head sounding like a screeching hyena as she try's to sing like her Mom

863 days ago
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