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Britney Spears-

New York Bound For 'X-Factor'

5/12/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is set to make a big splash Monday by personally appearing at the FOX Upfronts in New York City for the announcement that she will be joining  "X Factor."

As we reported, as of Friday AM the deal was NOT signed, contrary to various reports.  There were some fairly minor issues that still needed resolving and both sides were hoping to finalize it by end of day Friday or over the weekend.

Britney will not sign the deal because she's under a conservatorship -- Co-conservators Jamie Spears and Jason Trawick will do the honors.

Our sources say ... Britney and FOX both think a personal appearance is essential in creating buzz for the show.


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I love guarded-Britney and I love crazy Britney. I hope we get a healthy dose of both on this show.

892 days ago


Crazy is as crazy does...Go Britney. Go!

892 days ago


Show is a joke anyway, might as well stay consistent.

892 days ago


I don't think the ratings will change with her on the show. And I don't watch anyway, because of Simon's arrogance.

892 days ago


I feel so badly for Britney, she has no control of her life what-so-ever. I think they should have just taken her out of the spotlight instead of bleeding her dry. I don't understand how her parents can put her on display like this, and continue to do so all these years. She had a breakdown for a reason, fame got to her and instead of taking her out of the situation they just keep adding more to her schedule. One day the meds are not going to work and she will break, the sad thing is that everyone is just waiting for that moment instead of taking care of their daughter they are making sure she produces more income for them. Very sad, she looks so lost.

891 days ago


TMZ, you've been going back and forth on this story. Make up your frickin' mind...Is she or isn't she???? Is she or isn't she???

891 days ago

just my opinion    

i always read her boyfriends name as "trainwreck" glad that Britney has bounced back from the nervous breakdown and addiction but it is unfortunate that her looks never returned. her hair hasnt looked good since she shaved it off!!...i find that very strange considering she probably pays thousands for her extensions...whats up with that???

891 days ago


She used to be pretty, now not so much. Still on the Brittany train though....Go Brittany

891 days ago

i keeps it real    

Simon is so out of touch. He is the reason I stopped watchin AI. The last straw was when he choose a mediocre bleached blonde signer over a guy with real talent and a powerful singing voice I was DONE.

He thinks he has a pulse on what America wants to see., Maybe Britney 3 years ago but now? Britney is as irrelevant as his tired fade. She is not even stable enough to run her own affairs and we are asked to respect her opinion on talent???

ASLO she has no real talent, stiff dancer and canned ultra-auto-tuned HORRIBLE singing voice. I do not wish tosee her judge others. Its the equivilent of Louie Anderson giving dieting advice.

891 days ago


Can't believe that Britney Spears is going to be the next judge on X-Factor

891 days ago


This is going to be a Hoot and Sad to watch a crazy person. Wonder is she will be lip-sinking yes I said sinking

891 days ago



891 days ago


Why stop at Brritney. Simon should latch on to Carrot Top! Or the Situation!! Or even Gary Busey for his respected opinions to round the show out!

891 days ago


If we had respect for music Spears would have been gone long ago. She cannot sing, she does not sing her shtick is to strip and shove her nasty looking gash in your face, but her lolita appeal had been way over nothing more than a hillbilly dish towel that wont go away

891 days ago


This woman is utterly USELESS in the music industry. She has gotten by with THE HARD WORK OF OTHER PEOPLE. They write, produce and even have to auto-tune and synthesize her VOICE for her and she's sung LIVE what? 5 times?. She's been in the Industry over 10 years and she has written what? 10 songs? The ONLY reason Britney is where she is today is because of catchy songs she had NOTHING to do with making and for being a White Girl with a bubble butt, who teased people with her Sexuality by pretending to be a Virgin. So sick of this TALENTLESS, UNDESERVING HACK getting any type of credit. This woman is the LAZIEST, TALENTLESS BUM in the Industry and she gets $15 million to Judge people with ACTUAL TALENT? "Oh hey ya'll, to have the X-Factor, dress slutty, use your looks while everyone around you does everything know...the HARD stuff while you just sit there and look pretty ya'll". Anyone saying Britney has the X-Factor ON HER OWN is delusional. Only X-Factor she has are the catchy songs she didn't create.

891 days ago
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