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Dr. Phil

I'm Dumping Another

One of My L.A. Mansions

5/13/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Dr. Phil
is trying to unload his dinky little mansion on the Sunset Strip ... the weakest property in his $40 million dollar L.A. real estate collection ... and all he wants is a mere $2.7 mil.

TMZ has learned ... the doc just officially listed the 2,300 square foot Hollywood home ... which sits right above the infamous Chateau Marmont.

Phil bought the pad in 2008 for $2.56 million -- after falling in love with its 3-bedrooms, 2-baths, hardwood floors, swimming pool and panoramic L.A city views.

The move comes as no surprise -- considering the doc has been on a mission to sell off a bunch if his real estate ever since he dropped $29.5 million on an 11,000 square foot palace in Bev Hills in 2010.

Just last year, Phil sold his OTHER Beverly Hills mansion for $12 million ... and listed his 7,000 square foot hideaway in Beverly Glen for a cool $6.25 mil -- though he's since pulled that home off the market.

Moral of the Story -- Dr. Phil has entirely too much money.


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I could tell some stories from the set but let me just say that this self important windbag would be just another TV joke. However he is far too dangerous to be dismissed so easily.

892 days ago


Fix the economy!, money problems!, obviously not the case.

890 days ago


Dr.phil and family are really greedy.They brag and show it all on tv.Instead of buying mansios give some money to people like ocotmom and homeless people.cannot stand his show anymore

885 days ago


Warm Greetings To All Of You ~
Thank you very much all of you who commented on Dr. Phil!! I thought I was the only person who STRONGLY dislikes this man! I think he is definitely what most people call ~ a 'wannabe' because he "wants to be" considered equal to all celebrities. A few months ago I passed by a second hand book sale and saw one of his books for sale. I had no intention of purchasing the book - I simply picked up the book to read the "About the Author" section located on the inside jacket. I could not believe his arrogance. The way he described himself was like he was the only person in the history of the world ever to receive a Ph.D. So for those of you who weren't sure what his 'credentials' are, he does have a Ph.D. in Psychology. REAL Psychiatrists first go through Medical School to get their M.D. [Medical Degree], and then they choose their Specialty - Psychiatry which takes many extra years, just like other Specialists like Endocrinologists, Orthopaedics, and so on. I had to see a Specialist last year, and she told me it took her 28 years of school, but of course she was including all the way back to kindergarten! I doubt if Dr. Phil could even get into Medical School! So he's definitely NOT a 'real' doctor but he is a Psychologist. Thank God he can't prescribe medication like real Psychiatrists. He wasn't wealthy before he met Oprah was he? He owes his wealth to her. And he's even shallow enough to want even MORE money, and I'll give you 2 examples. #1. He somehow sucked his way into getting an Executive Producer position on his son Jay McGraw's show 'The Doctors', and remember, he is NOT a Medical doctor. So he gets that money and credit on top of his own Show. Just check out the show's credits at the beginning of the show! And #2. On his own show, during the second half hour, there's always a break where he has a recorded message telling people how they can PURCHASE copies of their favourite Dr. Phil Show, and he mentions the phone number to call THREE TIMES!! Now, don't those two examples I just gave make him seem greedy for even MORE money? I mean, how can he possibly oversee the production of a genuine medical show where we all see "The Real Doctors" when he has absolutely no medical training or experience himself? I'm sorry ~ I don't mean to offend anybody who may be a Dr. Phil fan, but I think he is arrogant and greedy, and I would even go so far as to say that some of his shows are nothing but sensationalistic, and prime examples of the word hyperbole in some cases. Boy, I sure hope others agree with me because I don't want to be the only one who dislikes him so much, but I would like to know if he had any previous wealth [prior to meeting Oprah].

882 days ago
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