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On the Road Again

5/13/2012 8:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman
is still making good use of her hands ... this time to grip a steering wheel ... 'cause she finally got her driver's license back!

As TMZ first reported, Octo's license was stripped from her a few months ago, after she drove the wrong way on a one way street in September and then failed to pay the traffic ticket or show up in court for the violation.

Octo finally decided to settle her ticket debt -- which tripled in price due to late fees -- shelling out $1,797 to get her license back.

Besides the fine, we're told she also had to re-take the written exam to get her license back. You're allowed to miss three questions and we're told Octo got two wrong.

So when she crashes into you ... just know, she probably got THAT question wrong.


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lowes girl    

If she has filed for bankruptcy and is being evicted, how did she come up with 1,800 to repay a ticket?

858 days ago


I remember the sleestack or is it sleezestack?

858 days ago


Another $1797.00 taken out of her kids mouths.

858 days ago


The first question she probably got wrong was, "What is your real name?" LOL, she has been scamming so long & using so many fake names, she gets tripped up just like when she talks about her past." I was never, ever on welfare"...well, except all those years she was getting welfare, disability, workers' comp, student loans & hand-outs while planning her huge village.
Funny that they had to take her license to force her to pay the fines. She doesn't believe in paying for anything. That probably stung a bit!

858 days ago

Enough Already    

Nadya, you've learned the same lessons with TMZ over and over- now stop talking to them. Don't say a word as it will result in some of the 12 yr olds staffed posting of you pics just like this one and publicizing everything you say or do as a double entendre. You need to move from Calif where they will not have easy access to you. Take steps to protect yourself and stop being the butt of their jokes.

858 days ago


my neighbor's sister got paid $21962 the previous week. she works on the laptop and got a $586400 house. All she did was get lucky and follow the directions shown on this web page

858 days ago


Hey Natalie, you're not famous, you're infamous. There's a difference. LOOK IT UP.

858 days ago


Oh, dear, every time I see that artificially-enhanced mouth open, I can't help but think of cheap inflatable sex doll.

858 days ago


it is just so hard to believe that this nut case is responsible for educating and molding these kids to become responsible productive adults - tose poor kids are doomed

858 days ago


Looking forward to tomorrow 5/14. That's when Octo has to file the completed BK paperwork, listing how much she owes everybody. Wonder if she will.

I think she should get a dog like the one that just won Britain's Got Talent. Hey the dog won $800K or was that pounds? Now there's something that could poop in the backyard and no one would say a word.

858 days ago


When she crashes in to you, it's probably because she was busy diddling herself. Enough of the Octoho stories, TMZ. We don't give a **** about her any more.

858 days ago


Get the kids away from her....I see danger and death for those kids.....mentally instable..DCFS please!

858 days ago


The new and approved upright human vacuum. With more sucking power and bigger bags. Makes clean up of some of those nastier jobs easier. It will be called the Octosucker because it sucks eight times more than it's closest competiter The Trashcanian.

858 days ago


How come every picture that is taken of her she looks like she is ready to suck a d***?

858 days ago


Like who cares what this stupid woman does. Less free publicity and maybe she will just go away!

858 days ago
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