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Jamie Lynn Grumet

The Breast

Mother's Day Ever!

5/14/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TIME covermom Jamie Lynn Grumet put away her breasts for Mother's Day and hit up a park in Beverly Hills with her husband and two sons.

Grumet made headlines last week when she appeared on the cover of the mag with her 3-year-old son ... who, let's say, was enjoying his lunch at the time.

The 26-year-old enjoyed her day at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills with her husband Brian and her two sons -- coverboy Aram, and her 5-year-old adopted son Samuel.

On her way out of the park, she told a photog she's been shocked by all the attention she's received.


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If thats her hubby, then whats up with the kids being black? Different baby daddy, or are they adopted?

869 days ago


Oh goodie, we get rid of Kate and her 8, Octomom will soon be sent to the back of the porn bus to die in oblivion, and NOW we get this tw@t.... starving attention whore.

869 days ago


So she doesnt need cream at Starbucks.She can just have her son suck and spit in her Coffee.

869 days ago


@swims and @really.. I agree with both of you.. if its so healthy . put it in a cup and let the big ole kid drink from there... i saw a picture of the boys s a face and he looked like a bratty spolied no manageble kid.. i would never do that and its a shame this sick woman had to adopt a blk kid and have him go thru that ignorant mess! And weaning for our Country is 20 months.. where did she get that 4 year old crap.. that is ridiculous.. a big ole boy with teeth this isnt the third world were they do that to keep nutrition going because of lack of it! smdh at these so called snart people who are so ignorant..!

869 days ago


Lol. She's "shocked" at all the attention she received after posing topless on the cover of TIME magazine with her boobs being sucked by Baby Huey. Yea right.

869 days ago


Very nice

869 days ago


Americans are so unattached to their parenting that the slightest bit of awareness about breastfeeding has caused such an uproar!!! I commend mothers who breastfeed as its the most natural, most nutritious way to feed your child. Attachment parenting is the way I plan to raise my children as it suits my ideals. I understand it may not suit others but let others raise their children they way they want to. If someone wishes to have their 5 year old continue to breastfeed, then let them. Why is it such a big deal what others do? We have NO say in how others raise their families. I feel better looking at that TIME cover than watching the mothers at McDonald's filling their 5 year olds with over-processed disgusting unhealthy hamburgers and fries while sipping on sugar-filled soda that rots their teeth and creates poor development since there is hardly any good nutrition in that type of food.

Anyways that is my rant... I support the cover and I am not disgusted by it. I rather think its highly intelligent and I give thanks to TIME for making attachment parenting a topic of conversation :D

869 days ago


What this woman does in the privacy of her own home is fine, I have a problem with her showing herself on the cover of a popular magazine with her son that looks like he is pushing 4 sucking on her nipple, wrong way to prove her point, I breast fed my kids and there is no way I want a camera with a stranger taking pictures, This should be done in private.

869 days ago


I am ALL for breastfeeding (and YES, she does also BF her adopted son) BUT.. someone who BF's THAT long is doing it more for herself. It's that inability to let go. They want to feel like their kids need them. I'm sorry, but if your kid is old enough to tell you want he wants for dinner, can talk, walk, dress and practically cook their own food.. they don't need to BF anymore. It's time to cut the cord and let your kids drink from a cup...

869 days ago


Attachment Parenting is not REAL... whether or not you follow Mr. Sears "rules" or not, you're going to bond with your baby (granted there are some that don't, but that's in all parenting styles).. It's like saying that if you don't practice attachment parenting, then you're what?.... practicing un-attachment parenting. Give me a break. Mothers are still allowed to have lives outside their kids unlike what this so called "parenting expert" wants to tell women. He's trying to sell books, plain and simple so he tells mothers that he's come up with a way to make your kids super smart and well adjusted... well, I've seen the results of this parenting style and MOST of the kids are whiny and totally unable to deal with anything that happens to them. Their parents are too busy hovering over them all the time. You DO NOT have to co-sleep, breastfeed until your kid is 5, carry your baby everywhere and use organic cotton diapers in order to have happy, healthy, BONDED, well adjusted kids.

869 days ago


I know everybody is focusing on the whole breast feeding thing but this story is about her spending time as a family with her kids. Don't see a problem here. The 4 year old breast feeding thing is a little odd but it's not the first time we've heard of it. They all seem happy and CPS hasn't got involved in anyway like in so many other cases around the U.S. Just let it go in my opinion.

869 days ago


I am all for publicly exposed breast,but not with a rugrats hanging off of them.

869 days ago


Why the hell is this pervert even newsworthy!? All it does is encourage this behavior! Stop it!

869 days ago


I agree with Ness: Neither kid looks like the one on the cover. [Do muslims like breastfeeding older kids?]

869 days ago


Woe.. i idnt know she had an adopted blk kid.. now why does she have to involve a blk kid in her crap... thjis chick is disgusting and that whole thing is disgusting.. that big boy looks like 6 years old.. and for sure those kids are going to be messed up. who does that? we blacks dont breast feed no big ole kid like that wtf?

869 days ago
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