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Simon Cowell

Brit's Officially On Board!!

(... Demi Too)

5/14/2012 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Simon Cowell twitter photo with Britney Spears, L.A. Reid & Demi Lovato
Simon Cowell finally announced what we all knew was coming ... Britney Spears is joining "X Factor" ... and so is some other girl.

Cowell just tweeted a photo of himself with Britney, L.A. Reid and the show's 4th judge Demi Lovato (pictured hovering awkwardly over Simon's shoulder).

Simon included a message with the pic -- "Can't believe it's finally happened. Very exciting!"

FOX just made the announcement at the Upfronts in NYC -- where advertisers vie for commercial airtime on TV shows "up front" ... several months before the shows actually premiere.

As we reported, negotiations between Britney and "X Factor" honchos went right down to the wire. Britney's conservators -- her fiance Jason Trawick and her dad Jamie Spears -- signed the $15 million deal on her behalf.

Demi signed her deal immediately before Upfronts as well. It's unclear how much she's getting paid ... but it's fair to assume her paycheck's gonna weigh a lot less than Britney's.


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I Repeat: Any woman stupid enough to give her boyfriend (not a husband = a boyfriend) legal control over her $$$ is too stupid to judge anybody doing anything at anytime.

707 days ago


Gross. No one likes Britney Spears anymore. She's over-the-hill and crazy. This is the final nail for X Factor.

707 days ago

Flying Blind    

This is why Simon failed many times with his daddy bailing him out over and over. But I actually miss him on AI instead of that love feast they have now. I'm a big Areosmith fan, jennifer, not so much and but i like the dawg Randy.

707 days ago


I don't like Simon or his ego, so I still won't be watching.

707 days ago


I think Britney was a smart choice. it will draw ratings. Demi Lovato however I think was a huge mistake. it should have been someone more established in the industry. L.A. Reed should have been replaced with someone like, Dr. Dre or someone relevant??

707 days ago


For some reason , I'm not - Wait , All of a sudden , the guys look like dirty old

707 days ago


I can take Simon or leave him....but lately, i have to be honest and say i'd leave him...this show to me bombed last season, and i cannot believe it's coming on for a 2nd run....Brittany Spears is ok for the younger set and Demi Lovato, i find these 2 a bit young...Simon should of gotten someone who was more experienced in the music business...Beyonce would have been perfect, but i'm sure this show would be beneath her, and i mean that in a good way...she's soooo multi-talented, and probably wouldn't have the time to do this show...i say this show won't last after this season...btw, what happened to the winner Melanie Amaro? and the other talented singers? never heard again from anyone of them....ya, a really great show should have stuck with A.I. that show has not been the same since you left....nuff said.....

707 days ago

Fifty Shades of WTF    


707 days ago


This is like having blind people referee a football game.

707 days ago


Who is Demi Lo-whatever?

707 days ago


Britney spears needs to accept that she has a bad figure & start dressing in a more flattering style. Give it up, girl, you are very thick. Nothing wrong with that, just accept it.

707 days ago


I'd hit it

707 days ago


Looks like Britney's been hitting the groceries pretty hard again. Either that or dirtbag Trawick done knocked her up.

707 days ago


lmfao at the people hating on demi cause their old

707 days ago


lmao who the hell are these psychotically deranged people who comment????!!! WHY are you SO harsh for, are you that misreable in your own personal life? Would you be able to see that in person, I cracked up when I was reading the comments, it HAS to be one person commenting over and over again, there is NO WAY there are this many crazys... is there?! anyway Britney is a legend and mark my words, the show will have record ratings... oh and she gets paid 15million and YOU dont, jealous?

707 days ago
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