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Bryce Dallas Howard

It Takes a Village

5/14/2012 7:14 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0514_bryce_dallas_howard_NPGFour months after giving birth, "The Help" star Bryce Dallas Howard was spotted exercising her post-pregnancy legs on a walk with her adorable baby daughter Beatrice in L.A. this weekend.

The 31-year-old -- who also has a 5-year-old son with hubby Seth Gabel -- kept it casual on her mother-daughter afternoon excursion in a pair of comfy sweats and slippers.

Bryce -- who's currently nominated for an MTV Movie Award for "Best On-Screen Dirtbag" -- knows raising two kids is a total workout.



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Hey this will be great publicity for her, some weight losing program will now contact her for an endorsement deal -

895 days ago


I bet her drawers are a hot mess with all that action going on downstairs.

895 days ago


Yikes, her career is over.

895 days ago


WOW all of you people are *******s. ********S. what is wrong with you? so insecure with yourself that saying wide load is making you feel better about your pathetic life? You are probably just as fat and have never had a baby before. Grow up people, I'm sure most of you have hit puberty already and know the meaning of maturity.

895 days ago


There is no way that's Bryce. No way. Has to be a nanny double, or something. The woman has one kid already, and this is her second, and as skinny as she has always been, theres no way. Unless she is wearing a fat suite to throw the paps off her trail.

Yeah, this is not Bryce. Nope.

895 days ago


Shame on TMZ, that can't be BDH. They may want to double check this one. If it is her, is she crazy going out of the house looking like that!! I'm not famous and wouldn't be caught dead looking that sloppy.

895 days ago


That's not her.

895 days ago

Jackazz flatts    

Her next role is Mama Cass

895 days ago


Are we taking bets as to whether the douche nozzles leaving all the "fat" comments are hard- pressed to get a date with a Fleshlight themselves?

895 days ago


That's what a real woman who just had a baby's body really looks like BEYONCE!!! Beyonce is a fat ass as it is, no one is going to tell me that bitch really had that baby without gaining a lot of weight! She did not give birth to that child! Why hide it though? A baby is a baby doesn't matter if it came from your body or someone else's it's to be loved just the same. No one would have even cared if she had it or not.

895 days ago


Are you sure that is her? She looks quite large still actually bigger than when she was full term

895 days ago


Pregnancy just ruins some women's bodies. Some women don't ever bounce back. It happens but so way after four MONTHS should she still look like this. I don't care what you "average" sized women say. Four weeks, yes. Four months...nope. Somebody got just a little TOO heavy during pregnancy.

895 days ago


Ok, first thought was "Holy cow, she IS a village" but that was quickly replaced by the realization that when a woman of NORMAL size has a baby she is NOT thin within days or even months. It takes 9 months to put the weight on, it will take at least that to take it off. I have had three kids and I know this to be true. Bryce is out walking so she is obviously doing the right things. Ppl stop hating on her for being a REAL LIVE WOMAN instead of a faux celebrity. Congratulations Bryce!

895 days ago


Just leave the woman alone and give her some privacy. There are lots of other entertainers that would love to be photographed by the paparazzi.

895 days ago


Holy Krap.....did that chick swallow the entire village while preggers?!?!? Woah, she looks 4x her original size. Poor thing.....I wonder if she'll EVER be able to get back to her skinny, pre-preggers body. Gonna take a miracle, for sure.

895 days ago
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