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Bryce Dallas Howard

It Takes a Village

5/14/2012 7:14 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0514_bryce_dallas_howard_NPGFour months after giving birth, "The Help" star Bryce Dallas Howard was spotted exercising her post-pregnancy legs on a walk with her adorable baby daughter Beatrice in L.A. this weekend.

The 31-year-old -- who also has a 5-year-old son with hubby Seth Gabel -- kept it casual on her mother-daughter afternoon excursion in a pair of comfy sweats and slippers.

Bryce -- who's currently nominated for an MTV Movie Award for "Best On-Screen Dirtbag" -- knows raising two kids is a total workout.



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Where's the respect here? She created a beautiful new life.

870 days ago


Tell the truth, we all know people whose kids have graduated high school and they are still this big after pregnancy. This woman will diet and exercise her way back to her original body because she's an actress. Everybody doesn't have to pretend to be a spokesperson for WW, Jenny Craig etc. She'll lose it in her own time.

870 days ago


Wow, you guys are really cruel.

870 days ago


Wow, she really packed on some weight! I thought she was still pregnant!

870 days ago


Fatty McFat ****! There is no excuse for being THAT big! I'm guessing that those women who are making excuses for her major weight gain, are over weight too.

870 days ago


If you have never had a baby, you need to back off! Pregnancy completely changes your body. It is nice to see a real woman 4 months after delivery vs most celebrities who look like they never delivered! Everyday people don't have the $$ to have a live-in trainer, nanny, chef, etc. If she had any medical issues or is not breastfeeding, weight loss is very difficult after giving birth.

870 days ago


What do you expect? TMZ puts a title insinuating she is big as a village. They encourage stupid comments like the ones we read here. She gave birth and she is enjoying motherhood instead of concentrating on making movies and looking skinny. Nothing wrong with that.

870 days ago


I am 6 months pregnant and I think this is BADDDD. You do not need to eat for 2. I have only put on 20 pounds and even though I crave Cheeseburgers I eat healthy for the baby. I also work out 4x a week and have a fully time job as an Investment Banker. OHHH and I am 40yrs old. Its hard work but will be worth it in the end. Being pregant doesnt give you an excuse to pig out!

870 days ago


OK...pregnant and weight gain is one thing....eating "buttered pop tarts" is another. In other words...being pregnant is NOT an excuse to eat like a small farm animal!!
AND, 9 times out of 10, too much weight often gives the mother more problems than not.
And, no one is saying go to the gym, yoga, etc like some of the other Hollywood moms...just walking up and down the stairs in your house is exercise!! March in place...lift small dumbells or canned peas for christ sake.
Sorry, I've had too many friends do the "I'm eating for 2" deal...THEN, they're crying later..."why did I eat so much" eat a freakin salad now and quit bitchin to me!!!

870 days ago


Being pregnant does not give you the excuse to over eat and lay on your ass for 9 months. I had my child when I was 31 years old. I did not allow myself to look like her after 4 months. I simply ate healthier and took long walks everyday. At what point do you stop using the excuse that you "just had a baby?" I absolutely believe that those mom's who remain fat for several years after they've had a baby are just using excuses to over eat and not exercise.

870 days ago


I have a suggestion TMZ....maybe instead of "Hate" there can be a choice like "dislike" OR better yet "agree" and "disagree", "hate" is stupid for comments in posts...either you Agree or Disagree with someones opinion

870 days ago


thank god she has the self esteem to not feel the need to starve herself and work out incessantly to drop baby weight. I always knew i liked this family!

870 days ago


I know it is ridiculous how fast some celebrity moms snap back into shape after giving birth. But being that fat 4-months after giving birth is not a good thing. She doesn't need to crash diet, but she needs to be on some health plan to start shedding pounds.

870 days ago

I love anarchy     

Nothing wrong with this!! If anything, give her credit for being a real person that cares more about her kids than ignoring her kids to spend every second in the gym!! Good for her and especially good For her daughter who might actually get a real mom instead of a hollywood nanny while mom is taking the credit for being a so called mom

870 days ago


For those of you who are posting nasty comments, you should really take a good hard look at the person that you are. You might "look good" on the outside, but your insides are ugly. You are exactly what is wrong with people in this world. Being nasty to another person about their appearance is low and it's easy to do because it's easy to find something wrong with someone else. But go ahead, take a good hard look at the person you are because I guarantee you, you're missing a few of your own flaws that we can all see in your nasty belittling posts.

870 days ago
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