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Bryce Dallas Howard

It Takes a Village

5/14/2012 7:14 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0514_bryce_dallas_howard_NPGFour months after giving birth, "The Help" star Bryce Dallas Howard was spotted exercising her post-pregnancy legs on a walk with her adorable baby daughter Beatrice in L.A. this weekend.

The 31-year-old -- who also has a 5-year-old son with hubby Seth Gabel -- kept it casual on her mother-daughter afternoon excursion in a pair of comfy sweats and slippers.

Bryce -- who's currently nominated for an MTV Movie Award for "Best On-Screen Dirtbag" -- knows raising two kids is a total workout.



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mean, gross, sad and saggy.    

What a GIANT F U from post clearly unflattering pictures and then have the slant be sympatyhetic to motherhood? This is just dirtbaggy.

891 days ago


She's an actress, I don't think she ever claimed to be a supermodel. I admire her for taking this time to focus on baby instead of running to the gym.

891 days ago


Here come all the hefty mommies defending this. 4 months ago she had this kid? Come on, I had 4 kids, gained about 25 lbs and lost it by the 6 week mark. I ate healthy and plenty of it. All are grown up, and quite healthy.

891 days ago

Eva Stuart    

You mean for the past four months she hasn't starved herself, hired a trainer, chef, nutritionist, and exercised excessively (while a nanny took care of the baby) so she could squeeze herself into a pair a leggy jeans, call the paps and wait for them to come and take a "candid" photo of her?

891 days ago


F all of you and shame on you for being superficial. being a mom is the highest honor ever.

891 days ago


LOL @ idiots on here thinking this is abnormal. This is what happens when you ACTUALLY HAVE A BABY! No, not purchase a baby and fake your pregnancy like Beyonce and countless other stars. Let me let you in on a little secret: a lot more women in Hollywood FAKE their pregnancies by wearing a fake padded belly, than you think. So what people see as "normal" is really women who were never pregnant taking off their fake stomachs after their child was bought.

Women gain weight with pregnancy. Deal with it. Some gain 20 pounds, some gain much more. It ain't like they can't lose it.

891 days ago


The vicious jealousy is funny. She is rich and beautiful and just had a second healthy baby... so of course other women can't wait to kick her with the nasty cut of being "fat." She doesn't even look that fat... I think the outfit is just very unflattering and she has something in the pocket of that sweatshirt.

Life is too short to be so nasty.

891 days ago


I just love all the fat chicks out there with their endless excuses! A person does NOT need to do the following to drop excess weight in a healthy way: a) A personal Chef. b) A personal trainer. c) To fake a pregnancy. d) Spend all day exercising. e) Go on an unhealthy crash diet. A person does not even need to leave the house to eat healthy and exercise. There are 100's of fitness tapes you can do or buy a stair climber/elliptical machine.

891 days ago


No reason for her to be this unhealthy! Just because you're pregnant ladies, doesn't mean you need to get gross and fat! Your husbands don't want to see that...bleh! Lose the weight, you have too much money not to.

891 days ago


Wow... so many people who are so quick to make fun and mock someone... she just had a baby. It seems that when celebs lose the weight fast, it's wrong.. but when they lose it slowly (the right way), it's open season to make fun of them. Well, ya know what.. instead of spending hours in the gym trying to please the public, she's doing what any good mother should... she's bonding with her baby and being a mother!

891 days ago


Although I'm just a skinny long distance runner...I would totally tap that fine piece of ass! ;-)

Bigger women give better sex anyway!

891 days ago


AGAIN! You DO NOT need to spend hours at the gym NOR do you have to go on an unhealthy crash diet. No one is saying that she needs to be a size 2 for gods sake! Women DO NOT need to be anorexic skinny to look good. A woman should have some curves because that is beautiful. However, there's a difference between beautiful curves and just being excessively overweight.

891 days ago


She is one my favorite actresses and terribly underrated. How could she let herself get like this!? This is awful for her. I can understand some trailer park chick looking like this but Bryce Dallas Howard is successful, talented and makes her living on her look. I mean, WTF???

891 days ago

Joy Marie    

Let the misogyny ensue . . .

891 days ago


Shame on you people. Let her be a mom to her new baby.

891 days ago
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