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John Travolta

Ex-Cruise Worker Claims

Actor Wanted Neck Massage ... and More

5/14/2012 12:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0514_travolta_report_Document-LaunchJohn Travolta asked a room steward on a Royal Caribbean cruise line to give him a neck massage in his stateroom back in 2009  ... this according to an official incident report obtained by TMZ, but the documents don't mention anything about any overt sexual overture on Travolta's part.

The steward, Fabian Zanzi, claims he was delivering something to Travolta's stateroom when the actor asked him for a neck massage. Although the report doesn't expressly name Travolta, we've confirmed the actor was indeed the guest in question.

Fabian claimed he obliged -- and Travolta "then told him he was a beautiful person and invited him to return to visit him later that night."

Fabian claimed he refused because of a strict company policy banning RC employees from fraternizing with guests.

Fabian reported the incident and was disciplined for the neck massage, which is a violation of the no-fraternization rule. He subsequently left the company.

Fabian now says the encounter was much more than described in the incident report, claiming Travolta opened his robe and gave him a big hug while his penis was erect ... and offered him $12,000 for sex and silence. 

The video of Fabian (above) was shot yesterday.

Travolta's attorney Marty Singer tells TMZ, "The incident report now confirms Mr. Zanzi fabricated his story about my client. He never stated that my client did anything wrong. Obviously, if he had engaged in any inappropriate conduct he would have reported it to his supervisors."

A rep for Royal Caribbean tells TMZ, "Fabian Zanzi worked for Royal Caribbean International from October 2003 until May 2011 on various ships. In June 2009, Mr. Zanzi was working as a Room Service Phone Operator onboard Enchantment of the Seas."

The rep claims Fabian was NOT fired by the cruise company, but rather resigned on May 18, 2011 -- two years after the alleged incident.


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Travolta is a gay blade just like Clooney, and Obama. Why don't they just come out of the freaking closet and admit it. Queer's should be pissed about this. Obama has had many gay relations. The difference with Obama is that he had his 3 gay lovers killed in 2008. Ironically there has been no investigation by the feds into this.....only 3 grieving mothers left with nothing. What a guy this piece of sh*t is!

861 days ago


I think that the dude got rejected by John, and he got his feelings hurt. Just like when Joe got rejected for writting for Mel. Both of these guys got rejected. It hurts. They got mad and then wanted to get these guys back in some way. Why did Oksana wait so long to tell on Mel, if he was really bad person and hit her? Why Did Joe wait so long to release his recording of Mel? Why did this guy wait so long to tell on John?

I think it took time for Oksana to set up to do damange to Mel Gibson.

I think Joe had an idea Mel Gibson would be mad as hell when he found out that he did lame azz work, so for backup, he had his son tape Mel, so that he can later use it on him.

I think this guy is mad he lost his job, but if the rules are don't interact with guest staying there, this guy got himself fired. He is mad at that, and mad that all what he did backfired in his face. As in..he got fired, and got rejected from John. What does he do, he got mad and try to get John for it.

What does Oksana, Joe, and this guy have commmon? Getting money out of rich guys!!

861 days ago


I believe John is gay (or at least Bi) but these accusations sound like people trying to cash in at his expense. Why would this guy report a neck massage but nothing else until now, especially when the neck massage alone got him fired?

861 days ago

Mike Hawk    

Why is all this news such a suprise? I thought we all knew JT was a closet homosexual. I'm just saying...

861 days ago


I do not want to believe that Travolta did this. I am a huge fan and always have been.
Either way I think that people are money hungry little bitches and would do anything to get rich.


861 days ago


The form is a fake. It has an obvious typo, that would have been fixed before being put in everyday use. (Dinning instead of Dining.)

861 days ago


Where there is smoke there is a flamer

861 days ago


"Umm...I meant my other neck!"

861 days ago


A director of a cruise ship is not required to know how to write? FRIGGIN AMAZING!

861 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

These stories have been circulating about Travolta for 20+ years. They can't all be lies. I like the guy's movies, but c'mon, enough already, John is a sexual predator and should be treated as one.

861 days ago


Hi erect penis!

861 days ago


GEEZ... can't you people read?

#3 was NOT fired for this (see last paragraph), he's NOT asking for money. Why is he talking now? To confirm that he TOO was accosted by America's sweetheart. Why would JT do something like this? Because he's a sexual predator and a sex addict. And yeah, a movie star too. Who woulda thunk?

861 days ago

Mary P    

So Royal Caribbean is now blowing this accuser out of the water, Singer didn't need to do anything because his story didn't match from the start. These are getting more absurd... I would like to hear how TMZ confirmed it was Travolta though. Unless Royal gives that info out specifically (and they don't for privacy reasons) or someone was paid to say it (which we've found often in TMZ stories not true or is in fact the accuser... a la "sources close to Kim K.") then what's to confirm? The accountant perhaps?

861 days ago


idk, in these times it is hard to believe if any of this was true, some one would have a pic, video, recording, witness - just something to support their claim, not just 3 random guys dating back 3 years - with 1 occasion JT wasn't even in town - if all this is true someone would have gotten some proof beyond their word, especially w/ this new guy claiming is original statement was a lie - which seems he would have told the full truth in the beginning to save his job - john might be gay or bi, but i don't think these guys trying to shake him down for money are telling the truth

861 days ago


Guy has got all the money in the world he is worth a fortune and has done everything , so what if he wants to play with a little Dong here and there who cares. This is All Tabloid fake Crap News thats what our world is turning into ... Blah Blah Blah Suck it

861 days ago
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