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Britney Spears

'X Factor' Announcement Was a Bloody Nail-biter

5/15/2012 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bloody nails belonging to Britney Spears.
No one was more nervous to see and hear reassembled pop princess Britney Spears at her big $15 million "X Factor" announcement  yesterday than Britney herself ... at least judging from her chewed up and bloody fingernails.

Despite the unwavering support from her new boss Simon Cowell, Britney seems to be taking out her pre-show anxiety on her cuticles ... a problem she's been dealing with for years.  

In fact, Britney made a New Year's resolution to drop the habit in 2008, saying ... "Next year, I have to learn to stop biting my nails! I would like to stop worrying so much, because I worry all the time."



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This marginally talented nut case can have anything she wants ANYTHING....that's how much money she has. And she has job security. Surely her fan base will support her for years to come....look at Madonna. So the question is: Why the hell does she bite her nails when she hasn't got a THING to worry about??

870 days ago


My gosh you people bitch a lot.

TMZ, I challenge you to run a week of good stories that don't include snide remarks and insults about famous people.

You're losing readers and gaining rebellious delinquents. There are plenty of websites for them.

So, the challenge is yours. 1 week..stop bashing, stop insulting, stop insinuating...1 week of great stories that nobody else is covering.

Can you do it?

870 days ago

News Flash     

My Sister chews her nails all the way up to her elbows. She can't stop.

870 days ago


I don't know if her supporters see the same thing I see. This girl can BARELY hold it together to do an interview, how is she not going to have a breakdown during a taping??? She is being exploited, plain and simple, with Simon jumping on the train. She won't see a dime of the money she'll make, and all simon cares about are ratings. People will watch to see when--- not IF, but WHEN---- she loses it on tv. I wouldn't want to be judged by a bipolar mess and a cutter with a coke problem. Choosing Demi and Britney is the worst decision ever.

870 days ago


That is just so GROSS..ewwwww!!!

870 days ago


That is just so gross....

870 days ago


TMZ can not figure out why this young lady chews her nails? Really TMZ?? Maybe she's a nervous wreck because ever since her battle with mental illness you do nothing but pick on her about every stupid little minor detail! Is it your goal in life to destroy people with mental issues? This site is really starting to resemble Perez Hilton and his never ending bullying! Why so much negative reporting Harvey? Everyone miserable in your office?

870 days ago


This makes me so nervous for her, I really think this is a disaster waiting to happen, I feel bad but at the same time I wanna say "pass the popcorn"

869 days ago


Leave.... Her.... Alone.... Already.
Really TMZ and others? I don't own a single song of her's yet why dog on her? She's done very well for herself, don't believe she's all that talented but why is most everyone chopping her down?
She's so far had a charmed life, yet worked for it, along with odd as well as tough times.
I hope she succeeds. Why not haters?

869 days ago


She's looking more like Vince Neil of Motley Crue everytime they TMZ posts a picture...lmao!!!! Too Fast Too Fast for Love!!!lol

869 days ago


WHERE are her "handlers"/stylist??? Aren't they the ones that are suppose to give a "celebrity" the final "once over" before sending them out in public? Doesn't speak very highly of the "forces" behind ANY celebrity that is presented like that... unfortunately it is a CLEAR indication that she is/may not be as "STABLE" as everyone says... her eyes are BLANK... she's obviously medicated...

869 days ago

Francesca Adams    

Britney has always been a nail biter. I've got a poster of her from like 11 years ago and they're bit to the bone. she usually gets acrylics I'm surprised she didn't for this.

869 days ago

steven katona    

we all love you in canada britney! now quit biting your nails! the whole worlds behind you! can't wait to see the seaon premiere! did i spell that right? who cares! give em hell britney! xox

869 days ago



868 days ago


She does have that "Dead in the eyes look!" Highly medicated at NYLA!

868 days ago
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