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Britney Spears

Nerves Might Be a Factor

5/15/2012 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was off to a shaky start on "The X Factor" thanks to her nervous introduction speech -- which is either a bad thing (for her) ... or a good thing (for viewers). Or both.

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As Willie Wonka said... "I can think of worse habits".

869 days ago


Grab your popcorn and settle in to watch the train wreck folks!

869 days ago


This just makes me sad. They're completely using these girls preying on their mental instabilities and they both think of it as a great opportunity (who knows what Britney really thinks, actually). It's cruel.

869 days ago

Miss Lily Skye    

Ya, she looked a little nervous, but who wouldn't be? I think she will do great, and I can't wait to watch. It has to be better than that OTHER show, with that OTHER woman, who thinks shes Gods gift to humanity. PUT SOME CLOTHES ON WOMAN!! I think Brit being nervous shows her humbleness and makes her more relatable to the average American.

869 days ago

BB not bb    

I don't think she is nervous from an emotional problem. She is a seasoned star who has been on stage many times. What I think is making her sound so shaky is the meds that she is probably still on. They cause nervsousness and confusion. They eat away at your brain little by little until you are a vegetable.

So if your thoughts are being disrupted by psych meds, it is hard to feel confident in what you are saying. She has that stiff look of someone who is or has been on antipsychotic medication.

Maybe they want her and Demi on as a replacement for Paula Abdul, who was on muscle relaxants and came off as loopy to some people. Maybe they enjoy that element to the show, or just want to copy the formula that worked on American idol. The black guy looks and acts alot like Randy Jackson.

Once the doctors get you on the psych meds, they try to say you have a defective brain and keep you on them for life. Meanwhile your brain falls to pieces from the meds and they have a steady income monitoring you.

869 days ago


The girl ain't right.

869 days ago


I truly don't understand why people find the need to pick on this woman. Hasn't she been through enough? This whole story has been the focus of the media since like 2008 or before, move on!!! Not one single person has the right to judge until you have walked in her shoes.....I love this girl and hope she finds the strength to look past all the nay-sayers. Good Luck all you do, I will be watching and rooting for you! <3

869 days ago


i'd be nervous too if i got 15 Mil shoved up me arse.

869 days ago


I bet atleast 50% X Factor singer can sing better then Britney

868 days ago


This country makes me sick. I think it is so stupid that we are so judgmental as a nation. Who cares if she bites her nails a bit too raw, she's human and probably nervous. Britney hit rock bottom back in 2007 and we feared she would die. Instead, she rose back from the ashes, released two # 1 albums, went on 2 world tours and released a clothing line for Kohls. The fact that all we do is judge others to make ourselves feel better is a shame. I am happy for Britney and hopefully she shines. Either way, glass houses people, take a look in the mirror before you judge.

867 days ago


Britney fan here from way way way back when. Congrats, Britney - I will be tuned in to X-Factor.

867 days ago


Obviously Britney was ****ing nervous. This is her first time back in the public eye and people are trashing her like the people on this show. You all wonder why shes nervous, because all of you are so ready to see her crack. Newsflash, shes been back in the public eye for yeas now, has had two successful albums and numerous consecutive singles. This is her first time ever being a judge on any show and she was obviously going to be nervous. If you let her be for maybe a whole ****ing 24 hours, maybe she wouldn't be so nervous. JUST. SAYING.

860 days ago

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