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Lance Armstrong

I'M DONE ... After 500+

Negative Doping Tests!!

5/15/2012 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lance Armstrong is through defending himself against allegations he cheated to win his Tour de France titles ... because he says he's already given 500-600 samples that were ALL negative.

Armstrong, speaking on Gavin Newsom's new late night talk show, says he's not even arguing with people anymore who think he cheated -- "I'm not wasting any more of my time talking about it and you shouldn't waste your time talking about it. Let's move on." 

Armstrong is currently competing in triathlons, and says he believes most people already made up their minds about whether he was juicing during his string of 7 consecutive Tour de France victories. 

Newsom's new show premieres on Current this Friday night.

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paul a.    

I lived in Europe for years where bicycling is King Sport. No one, even those who love the sport, believes this guy did it clean, when EVERYONE around him has since been exposed as cheaters I know that doesnt prove anything, but still....

898 days ago


This poll is hilarious. Just shows how dumb people are around celebrities. So let me get this straight. His whole team of riders have at one time or another tested positive for PED's. All the best riders of the past 10 years who have placed 2nd or 3rd or actually won when he didn't win have tested positive. But Lance, competing against cheaters, DOMINATED them all and he was clean when doing it? Yep I believe that 100 percent LMAO.

898 days ago

Uncle Sal    

I think everyone's missing the point!! Why the F does Gavin Newsome have a TV show. Even if it is on Current TV (where is that channel again?). Way to go Lt. Gov! California is 16 Billion in debt and your concentrating on a TV career. You vain a-hole! He's screwing California worse than his former campaign manager's wife. Jerk!!

898 days ago


What he did (blood doping), there wasn't a test for it for most of his wins. The first cyclist that tested positive for blood doping was in Oct. 2004 after he already won 6 Tour de France. He would win 1 more in 2005. So, his 500+ negative tests are disingenuous.

898 days ago

I am Spartacus    

ok Lance i'll believe you were the only person who didn't cheat in the dirtiest sport out there yet managed to win every year. HGH really helped out those other guys. The creators and users are always ahead of the tests.

In the end i really don't care because i don't care about people riding bikes in France.

898 days ago


Who the hell cares anymore

898 days ago


I traveled with the team and seen the cans it was carried it. This is 100% true, but to be fair they all take it. So they are all on the same level. Only his were better because of his illness.

898 days ago


It's a good point. He had to have followed some rules.

898 days ago


I don't know if he did it or not, but he needs to accept that as long as he remains in the public eye people will ask him about it. He loves the spotlight too much to disappear from it though.

898 days ago


So we are supposed to believe that he was clean for the 7 wins but yet everyone else was on steroids and he beat them? Uh, okay.

898 days ago


I believe all his teammates who said he cheated for nothing, before I would believe him. He is a liar period. and 70 % of you are really clueless.....

898 days ago


Was Lance doping himself? Probably. Used a huge amount of drugs. But I am willing to bet that he was using no more than any other cyclist in any of those races. Is it really cheating when you are obeying the same rules as everybody else?

898 days ago


Gavin Newsome has a show!? What a puke, I'm more disturbed that lance appeared on this LOSERS show then weather or not he cheated....

898 days ago


No doubt he cheated. If all the other riders who were on something, couldn't even keep up with him, then that makes Armstrong either A: a bigger cheat himself (very likely) or B: a cyborg (less likely)

898 days ago

Steelers suck    

This is definitely one of those times when you need a "who cares" option in the voting!!! WHO CARES!!!! Dude is a big douche either way.

898 days ago
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