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Seacrest's $49 Mil Mansion

Your Move ... Cowell

5/15/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Ryan Seacrest just dropped nearly $49 MILLION to buy Ellen Degeneres' mega-mansion. So why spend that much dough? It's all Simon Cowell's fault ... maybe. You gotta hear this theory.

Plus, Jay-Z announces he supports gay marriage ... and trumps President Obama at the same time. Also, a super "handsome" celeb lawsuit, and Britney Spears' nerve-racked intro to "The X Factor" -- bad omen?

(0:00) Get ready to hate Ryan Seacrest -- because we found out he's buying Ellen DeGeneres' sprawling Beverly Hills mansion ... for the low, low price of $49 million.
(6:25) Britney Spears seemed really nervous when introduced as a new "X Factor" judge ... can she hold it together for an entire season?
(10:30) Howard Stern's big "Talent" debut was last night -- and it was awesome.
(14:50) The big debate of the day -- who's more influential in supporting gay rights ... President Obama or Jay-Z?
(19:00) "Battleship" director Peter Berg rips into an Israeli journalist for possibly dodging the draft ... and it's hilarious ... for everyone but the journalist.
(22:35) Usher's nasty divorce battle ... still getting nastier.
(24:30) Kanye West WILL be seen on "Keeping up with the Kardashians" -- how could this possibly be good for his image?
(28:45) Octomom screwed up when she filed for bankruptcy ... blow us over with a feather.
(30:30) Bret Michaels finally settled the lawsuit he filed after his face was smashed during a performance at The Tonys.
(33:45) Lady Gaga -- another day, another meat dress.
(35:20) "Trading Spaces" host Carl Oosterhouse filed one of the silliest written lawsuits we've ever seen.
(37:20) John Travolta's first accuser backs down ... so one down, two to go.
(39:50) We take your calls!

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Flying Blind    

as a techis, this site is so f#$%ed. one minute you can vote, the next minute you can't. One video freezes-up the next video workes.

894 days ago


I miss the poll questions!

Harvey, please do Dax Chat tomorrow!

894 days ago


Kinda like trying to drive a Ferrari on dirt road, huh? :)

894 days ago


Howard did a great job. He was blunt, but fair. He reminded me the way Simon was in the old days of Idol. He doesn't hold back, and that's something I love.

894 days ago

no shit..    

Must be freakin nice to have that kind of cash !!! damn I am struggling to find 5k for a stupid horse trailer.....poor SUCKS A$$ !!!!

894 days ago


Kanye and Kim??? Fake,Fake,FAKE !!! All about the $$$$$$$ Come on now @TMZLIVE

894 days ago


Dick Cheney supported gay marriage YEARS before Obama

894 days ago


49 million with inflation is worth around $12.50centz in todays marked artz.cement ponds are super costly to get from turnin to concrete and in LA it costs a starlet around 12 million dollar just to cross the street securitys and all

894 days ago


if that much cement cost 49 million just THINK^^^ wtf concrete cost!!!

894 days ago


site has issues, can't vote sporatically, have to wait for minutes at a time to just silence during their muted breaks, they cover the same people all the time...this is really getting to be a drag and I find myself coming less and less.

894 days ago

Flying Blind    

Please, that was the perfect time to pay the guy off, when he had the wrong date. Marty pays the guy, he goes on his way. Makes John look vindicated.

894 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Holy crapola batman, the only exercise fat Mike is doing these days is lifting beers and double cheese burgers. Keep him away from the close ups, would ya? Shoot him in panavision or something.

894 days ago


Love TMZ AND TMZ LIVE .. we watch at the hospital on our breaks and lunch.. Harvey, Charles, Dax and Mike are great .. We like most of the girls .. but please .. Ryan and Raquel are so obnoxious .. we have to change the channel .. lastly from all of us .. Harvey, please make your staff wash and comb their greasy hair or don't put them on camera. I get up early doesn't wash(haha) .. We work 4a.m. to 4p.m and would get sent home for looking like that. GROSS !!

884 days ago

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