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Usher's Ex-Wife

Don't Leave Me Homeless!

5/15/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

's ex-wife Tameka Foster will be out on the street in less than 60 days -- if Usher wants it that way, and she's totally freaked out.

Sources tell us, the couple -- who's trying to settle a nasty custody dispute -- is deadlocked in mediation, and the biggest bone of contention is Usher's Georgia mansion.

Tameka's currently living there -- but under the divorce settlement Usher can sell the property whenever he wants ... as long as he gives her a 60-day heads up.

We're told Tameka fears Usher is going to pull the trigger -- leaving her buried in legal debt with no place to live -- so she's asking him for a permanent home for her and Usher's kids.

Usher's response ... no way, no how. He says he's already paid her enough.

And that's why judges are in business. The trial continues later this month.


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Don't she already got like 3 other kids. She don't get child support from her other baby-daddy's. I don't feel bad. Stop spending money on material cramp and buy a house or pay some rent. Doesn't she have a job. Put that chick out so you can get custody of you 2 kids and peace out to that chick. Gold-diggers, can't stand'em!!!!!

830 days ago

Joan K    

Now Usher cn have the little idiot Biebs move in with him, a perfect match

830 days ago


she is the wife, how come she didnt secure a nice house without his knowledge years ago, just for a rainy day.

830 days ago


I just feel sorry for the kids. She needs to get off her butt and get a job. I am a woman I am so sick of these people playing like they are the victim. Get over yourself. When my Dad died my Mother worked 3 jobs to take care of my brother and me. She didn't rely on the system or anything. It just makes me so sick.

830 days ago


I dont feel sorry for her because they are back in court because she was the one wanting more money from him. Now she put herself in this situation. She wanted to change the agreement with his vistation with his kids and now Usher is defending himself. Which I dont blame.

830 days ago


Listen... This guy is stupid wrong for what he is doing to the mother of his kids. He took her to court to take her kids!!. Why does he even need to do that. He has joint custody now. Why does he feel like he need more time than she get with those boys. They are so young... they need they mom. I would be going nuts if somebody tried to take my daughter from me.

830 days ago


This entire situation is horrible!!! So sad for the kids. I hope that Usher and Tameka can reach an amicable decision for the welfare of the kids. Although the parents arent getting along, it shouldn't affect the ultimate goal, which is "what's best for the kids". I dont know Tameka's financial status, but I do know that Usher married her and conceived two beautiful kids with her. These two adults need to put their differences aside for the sake of the children. PLEASE!!!!!!! I am an USHER fan, love his music. But I will be praying for them.

830 days ago


Here's an idea, you gold-digging whore: get a job and get your own damn house.

830 days ago


Why do these wives always think that they get to keep the man's house after the divorce? That's HIS house, HIS home. They think they're entitled to the house because they lived there and they like it? Can Tameka even afford the monthly expenses and maintenance of a mansion, or does she expect Usher to continue to pay those too? Usher's kids are only 2/5 of her equation so why should Usher give up his mansion to also house her THREE other children from another marriage; what does their father contribute?

830 days ago


Funny how Tameka wants to hold on to THESE children, but left the first three with her ex-husband. These children are nothing more than her meal ticket. Usher should get the house and the kids!

830 days ago


She sounds like a gold digger to me.

830 days ago


H3 had kids with this woman.Thats forever. He made his bed.

830 days ago


I truly hope that Usher shows some balls and sell the house. Tameka does not deserve sh!t... especially the way she's been publicly displayed, as such a nasty, gold digging b!tch. I hope Usher shows some balls so she take her ass to work just like everybody else.

830 days ago


Well, since this wasy HIS house before he married her, I don't see why she's freaked out abyt what he might want to do with HIS house. I am sure he's paying her enough money in alimony and/or child support for her to get her own place, be it apartment, condo or house. She, however, wants him to totally support her. I find her thinking strange since the money that'll make it possible for her to suppot herself will be coming from him anyway, but she wants more.

830 days ago


He likes dudes. Seriously, can't get enough of the c0ck.

830 days ago
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