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Usher's Ex-Wife

Don't Leave Me Homeless!

5/15/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

's ex-wife Tameka Foster will be out on the street in less than 60 days -- if Usher wants it that way, and she's totally freaked out.

Sources tell us, the couple -- who's trying to settle a nasty custody dispute -- is deadlocked in mediation, and the biggest bone of contention is Usher's Georgia mansion.

Tameka's currently living there -- but under the divorce settlement Usher can sell the property whenever he wants ... as long as he gives her a 60-day heads up.

We're told Tameka fears Usher is going to pull the trigger -- leaving her buried in legal debt with no place to live -- so she's asking him for a permanent home for her and Usher's kids.

Usher's response ... no way, no how. He says he's already paid her enough.

And that's why judges are in business. The trial continues later this month.


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People are saying why doesn't she buy her own house with her own money. Well its very simple, thhe home she can afford on her own will not be as amazing as the one she now has because of him, she obviously has no desire to downgrade!

858 days ago


To Usher: you were grown when Mom told you not to marry this woman-she already had 3 kids, you were young, why not start off fresh-but you didn't listen so now you have major aggravation

To Tameka: get a job! Make the other daddies pay too then you will have enough hopefully to maintain your lifestyle-DO NOT have any more you have the money to fight in court-NO, so you will are 41 years old have you not learned your lesson yet?

858 days ago

evelyn riggins    

Tameka need to sit down and shut up. She need jesus because something is wrong. If she think she got jesus.You can't believe nothing she say. Honey, you need to pray.cause if you do something out of spike. You are goin to get it back. what goes around come around.

857 days ago

Ernest De Brew    

She really needs to do something so that she can take care of herself. It is not Usher's responsibility to give her what she needs.

The worst thing she can do is plead him for her needs yet she is suing him for custody of the boys.

857 days ago


Usher will be just fine. Tameka bought a lot of baggage into the marriage then again she was way too old for Usher.

857 days ago


Usher u shouldn't leave your kids on the streets u should help them a place to stay so at least theyre not homeless

857 days ago


Usher so have a place for his kids to stay he shouldnt leave the in the streets looking for a place to go he should be a father and help her even though they are divorced usher you shouldn't be a parent I wouldn't even call you a FATHER.

857 days ago


He needs to make sure his children have a place to live. May be a nice townhouse somewhere.

855 days ago


It would be easy for people to say man up..oh come on this female had these kids BC they would be her paycheck..don't have kids if you can't take care of them without a man..Usher should have listened to his mama when she said not to marry her...

855 days ago

Princess Cooper    

I think this is really ugly and although I do feel Usher should have full custody of his kids, simply because they are boys (if they were girls I would say Tameka should have full custody) one day the boys will look back on all this. What is the point in fighting over money? Usher should just swallow his pride, go buy Tameka a nice townhome or 3-4 bedroom house in Buckhead, and know he did the right thing for his family. When the years have passed, i'm sure neither one of them will want to reflect on these horrible court appearances. I wish them peace and harmony.

853 days ago


Really Tameka? I seem to remember this woman disputing everyone's claims about her being with Usher for money because she does well on her own. She even did an interview about being well established before Usher came along. And her and Usher were not together long enough after for him to be the reason she would not be able to care for herself and care for less than half of her children's welfare.
It is ultimately up to the women whether or not to have children. Regardless of religion or personal beliefs and cir***stances.They are our gifts with out without help. Children were not asked to be here, we allowed it. We owe them, not the other way around.

853 days ago


Tameka Raymond is a loser! She spent a lot of money on worthless plastic surgery and NOW she's worried about where she's gonna live. Give him the kids & cut Tameka loose! UGGHH!!!!!

852 days ago


he should buy her a small house one that she can afford to pay for on her own. money that she earns at her job... the job where she has to get up every day and go to work . like the rest of America and the world.. at some point in time people started viewing pregnancy as a career choice !!

849 days ago


OK I think you have learned your lesson Usher, lets not wish for a person to suffer, learn and keep it moving.

848 days ago

helenwiells you think Usher's mother rubs it in just a little bit that she BEGGED him not to marry this woman?

845 days ago
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