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Kim Kardashian

Skechers Got

My Ass in Order

5/16/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
doesn't care WHAT the Federal Trade Commission says ... she says Skechers worked for her, and THAT'S why she became the company's pitch person.

Kim made a 1-year deal with the company, which touted Shape-Ups as a shoe that promotes toning and weight loss. The FTC now says the claims are bogus ... that there's no proof the shoes do squat.

But Kim is telling friends and family ... when she signed the original deal, she was a habitual Shape-Ups user and it toned the back of her legs and her considerable ass.

Kim says she signed a 1-year deal that ended in January, but even before the expiration she started to hear about the new research which showed the shoe didn't work, so she stopped promoting it all together.

Even though she wasn't about to promote the shoes for other people to wear, Kim had conflicting feelings about using the product herself.

Kim says she wouldn't endorse the shoe now -- but she's not throwing her Shape-Ups out.  She still has them and might still wear them.

Hope springs eternal.

11:00 AM PDT -- A rep for Skechers tells TMZ, the company stands by its toning claims despite agreeing to pay out $40 million in settlement costs. Under the settlement agreement, the rep says Skechers is still permitted to market  Shape-Ups as a toning shoe.

According to the rep, Skechers only agreed to settle because fighting every single lawsuit would've been really expensive.


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Logan R    

She got her money from Skechers and won't burn a bridge by saying they suck out loud, but she's also not telling anyone else to wear them either as she says. Nothing like talking out of the other side of your face! All about the $$$, good, bad, or otherwise.

891 days ago


too bad it wasn't her that was zip lining and got the flesh eating virus...miserable person, miserable life... has enough wealth for several lifetimes and yet all she really has is an inherent greed for more...this person and her like will never truly be happy.

891 days ago


Gawd she looks like such a piggy here...GET RID OF THOSE NASTY SPIDER LEG LASHES KIM!

891 days ago


Kim passed some gas an hour ago and TMZ doesnt have it posted yet.

891 days ago

Trooper Tom    

This bitch has never been in shape she has a huge fat flabby arss full of cellulite, her leg are short a stumpy and flabby around the top, her arms have no toning and her flab hangs over the top or her dress yet she wants the world to think she goes to the gym

891 days ago


Go to, search "Skechers" and you'll see 216 "incident reports" These shoes are crazy dangerous and dozens of lawsuits have been filed from people who have broken their ankles and legs. Kim should stop wearing them before she gets hurt!

891 days ago


If this woman thinks that her fat ass looks good shes living in a dream world, her ass is gross and she can use all the sneakers she wants her ass is going to stay gross, She is a short, stumpy, ugly, plastic female that thinks she is the best thing that ever walked the planet, well she not, shes ugly on the inside and out side and I really wish she and her nasty family would go away and dont ever come back. and take you crazy fans with you because if it weren't for them idiots we would not have to see your ugly face all over the place every single day.

891 days ago


This woman and her family would sell theirs souls for a buck.

891 days ago


Habitual liar. Her butt is filled with the lard they sucked out of her thunder thighs.

891 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Are you seriously trying to make it sound like she decided to stop whoring for them because she heard they didn't work? Fug off!!! Never stopped the bitch before, I'm sure they kicked her flabby ass to the curb.

...had to break my 'no commenting on Kardashian articles' pledge because that bullshjt pisses me off.

891 days ago

Yep I said that    

Why is this cheap trollop thrown in our faces every day?

891 days ago


Shape ups do work. For mine to work I had to walk three hours to feel it in my abs. I was walking pushing a stroller. So it pretty much rocked me to pain.

891 days ago


She did the endorsement because she is nothing more than a talentless money hungry whore.

891 days ago


Heres my guess to what happened: Kim lived her life normally, not really working out and just walking around town and sitting at home. Then, sketchers come to her and say, "Hey, these shoes will help you lose weight" Kim then signs on, and starts working out and exercising, losing the weight and adding muscle that you normally would, but attributed it all to the shoes. Now, she and everyone else is finding out that the shoes are just shoes, and anyone can lose weight by them selves by getting off their fat ass.

891 days ago


This chick with hawk just about anything as long as they give her a paycheck. Trimspa, that at home teeth whitening crap, these sneaker, etc. I highly doubt she even uses any of the products.

891 days ago
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