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Kim Kardashian

Skechers Got

My Ass in Order

5/16/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
doesn't care WHAT the Federal Trade Commission says ... she says Skechers worked for her, and THAT'S why she became the company's pitch person.

Kim made a 1-year deal with the company, which touted Shape-Ups as a shoe that promotes toning and weight loss. The FTC now says the claims are bogus ... that there's no proof the shoes do squat.

But Kim is telling friends and family ... when she signed the original deal, she was a habitual Shape-Ups user and it toned the back of her legs and her considerable ass.

Kim says she signed a 1-year deal that ended in January, but even before the expiration she started to hear about the new research which showed the shoe didn't work, so she stopped promoting it all together.

Even though she wasn't about to promote the shoes for other people to wear, Kim had conflicting feelings about using the product herself.

Kim says she wouldn't endorse the shoe now -- but she's not throwing her Shape-Ups out.  She still has them and might still wear them.

Hope springs eternal.

11:00 AM PDT -- A rep for Skechers tells TMZ, the company stands by its toning claims despite agreeing to pay out $40 million in settlement costs. Under the settlement agreement, the rep says Skechers is still permitted to market  Shape-Ups as a toning shoe.

According to the rep, Skechers only agreed to settle because fighting every single lawsuit would've been really expensive.


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She's so full of sht her eyes are brown - when is the last time she was pictured wearing anything but wh0re shoes?

860 days ago


Kim the only way to prove you are not lying is to show the only workout you did was walk or run in those shoes. Show you never entered a gym you never had a personal trainer and prove you any workout equipmement such as free weights or machines show the only workout was in those shoes with no other form of excersise what so ever. then we will believe you.

860 days ago


Kim Isnt your Big A$$ in shape from the RayJ, Reggie Bush Miles Austin, Chris Humphries and now Kayne West But workout?

860 days ago


Last time i saw her make this face was near the end of her porno film

860 days ago


"... when she signed the original deal, she was a habitual Shape-Ups user and it toned the back of her legs and her considerable ass."

Not to mention her lips!

859 days ago

charlei harper    

Jay-Z, Reggie Bush (pardon the expression), Chris Humphrey and Kanye West, this female will say anything to anybody as long as there is a contract and money involved. Tone butt, more like teflon/silicon butt... oh well...hey it's been a while since I gave a shout out to the gays, lesbians and christians Hey look fabulous!!!!!

859 days ago

Timmy Boy    

Where are the Turks when you need them.

859 days ago

buzz kill    

The only workout she ever gets is on her back.

859 days ago


When the hell is she going to cut her crap. Her Q score is a NEGITIVE 53. Beyond horrible. That means Companies and advertisers would not touch kimmy with a 20 foot pole to have her promote let alone endorse their products. That's how much she is publically despised, not trusted. They aren't going to waste thier advertising dollars on her. No company is or has. Who would ever trust a product Kim or Kardashians promote.

Let's be honest. She didn't stop promoting Sketchers, Sketchers replaced Kim with a French Bulldog. That's no joke. Kimmy makes sure they always gets the money up front and bails.

Wonder how her $20million lawsuite against Old Navy/The Gap is going.

Reputable companies won't use her, don't like her. Thank God so we don't have to see her on commercials.

859 days ago



859 days ago


Why is her mouth hanging open?

859 days ago


Does anyone ever notice how this FAT ASS'S mouth is constantly open???????? ewww She's dying to get the black d..k in her disgusting fowl mouth....omg she is the dirtiest looking, gross fat disgusting ass EVER>>>>>WHY DOESN'T SHE DIE......GO AWAY HOE BAG.....GO AWAY...PEOPLE HATE YOU.........................................................

859 days ago


We ALL should believe it Cause a Karda$hian said it.

Sketchers and the whole GREEDY family can suck on on a bag of crap.

859 days ago

Who Knew    

Check out The pictures with short hair. they have a real picture of that huge unshapely disgusting thing she calls an A$$. It really looks terrible.

859 days ago


And if Sketchy Skechers will make my ass look like Kims, I will stick to Champions and don't make me look like a FAT whore.

859 days ago
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