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Kim K Hocked


5/16/2012 8:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The Skechers fitness shoes Kim Kardashian tried to convince you to buy don't actually work ... not even a little bit ... so says the federal government.

The Federal Trade Commission has determined Skechers made unfounded claims about its Shape-Ups shoes ... pushed by hot-bodied spokespeople like Kim K and Brooke Burke.

According to the FTC, Skechers lied about clinical studies which the company said proved the shoes help people lose weight and strengthen muscles in the ass, legs and stomach.

In fact, Skechers has agreed to pay $40 million in settlement costs ... and anyone who bought the shoes will be eligible for a refund.

Still, Skechers is reportedly disputing the FTC decision -- and plans to conduct more research on the effects of the shoe.


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891 days ago


Just what is she hocking there? Shoes are herself?

891 days ago


The whoredashian, is a fake. What the F did u guys expect? Its money at the end of the day. They dont care if it works or not. Just pay up say mama Kris. Who was a whore herself when she was 30. She cheated on her husband. Dame..thats why the whole Klan are whores. They learn from the mom.

891 days ago


Man, Kanye's mom would be devastated to see what he has become since her death..he is nothing but an embarrassment and now this phony relationship with Kim just to pad her wallet?? And your right Pat, everyone mocks and makes fun of that Pimped out family. Kris is now pimping out the younger two because she knows the older ones are on their way out. Kris is also the spokewoman for Zestra. OMG like anyone thinks she is f**king Bruce. She just wanted his millions before she pimped out her daughters. No male in that family or around them have any balls. It's all about the bucks and I'm sure this crap with Kanye is all about $$$$'s also!! Fakest family I have ever seen!!

891 days ago


Ah. More Fake Kardashian drama.

Who actually believes Kim K Superstar when she shills for a product. It's all about the $$$ for Kimmy. Money and attention, that is.

Oh, and the other thing that makes her shoe advertising fake is that she is shown with a white guy. 'Nuff said.

891 days ago

Throwback kid    

I can't believe it! Kim Kardashian associated with fraud? Oh wait, her Kardashian credit card was scam to rip people off and her 10 million dollar fake wedding was a fraud and she kept the gifts. Kim Kardashian is a money grabber that's all she cares about, that and being the center of attention 24 hours a day. Hollywood has a lot of self absorbed greedy jerks but Kim is at the top of the list. Boycott Kardashian

891 days ago


Kim should endorse more products. It will sell billions of them. Everyone want to be like Kim!

891 days ago


If she wore them and they were suspose to shape up her bottom, they sure didn't work on her, her butt got bigger and bigger. Anything they endorse is garbage.

891 days ago

Yep I said that    

God when is this effing nasty bitch going to go away

891 days ago


Why didn't you name everyone else that hocked them? You people are mental but I guess because you know that the rabid dogs on your sit likes the red meat of Kim K, you have to use her to get the vapid haters out. SMDH!!

891 days ago


Boy what an interesting situation it would be if some of you were to drop dead right now. Died with hatred and jealousy in your hearts. Going straight to hell for someone that you don't even know. So sad.

891 days ago


Hocked = traded for cash at a pawn shop.

Hawked = tried to sell.

891 days ago


You know this ad is bogus, she's with a white guy.

891 days ago


The word is HAWK, not HOCK. HOCKING is when you take something to the pawn shop for some cash. HAWKING is when you try to sell something as a salesperson/spokesperson.

891 days ago


Isn't Brooke Burke their model now? So why is Ms. Kardashian's name attatched to this? Oh I see because you couldn't bring out all the gullible haters to come out and comment otherwise. Kuddos TMZ you jumped on the "use Kim's name trend' to get attention.

891 days ago
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