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Manny Pacquiao

Hits Boxing Gym After

'Death to Gays' Controversy

5/16/2012 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hours after a report surfaced in which Manny Pacquiao allegedly insinuated that all gay people should be put to death ... the boxer rolled over to his L.A. gym ... where he was SWARMED by adoring fans.

Manny ignited a media firestorm yesterday over an interview with National Conservative Examiner. Manny was asked about Obama's stance on gay marriage ... and the report made it seem as though he referenced Leviticus 20:13.

"If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."

After the report surfaced, Manny was reportedly banned from The Grove in L.A. -- where he was supposed to do an interview with Mario Lopez from "Extra."

Instead, Manny hit the gym ... cheered on by his fans.

A rep for "Extra" tells us the interview has been rescheduled to a different location.  

So, we gotta ask ...

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No Avatar


Like it or not, everyone has an opinion. Now where is the story about Gloria Alred becoming John Doe #1's NEW lawyer.

892 days ago


I hope his 1st born is gay. Then he would probably want someone to have compassion for him unlike he has for others.

892 days ago


Yo Manny,

Leave all the cupcakes alone. They like to form rallies and talk about how they have been bullied..lololol

892 days ago

Jay W.     

I wonder if gays read the bible?

892 days ago


He was quoting a Bible verse. The only way you can take his comments literally, is if you consider the word of the Bible to be literal.

892 days ago


I still love Manny Pacquiao and want to see him knock out Mayweather but it is best that he leaves this issue for Romney and Obama, they will duke it out.
However Romney is a hypocrite for saying that marriage is between one man and one woman when he himself, as a Mormon, is a result of a Polygamous community. His grparent who was the head of the Mormon community, fled to Mexico first to be able to marry many women, including relatives, so Romney is anything but a result of traditional marriage.

892 days ago


When did it become a crime to have an opinion? That is all of our personal right's as a human being, I really could care less if you were gay or straight all that really matters is if you are a good kind person. Bottom line is I might not like ALOT of stuff that goes on in the world but that is my ****, my personal opinion, if everyone thought the same way then what kind of world would it be....

892 days ago


I wonder if Manny has ever worked on a Sunday --- if he has, then according to the bible, he should be put to death also.

892 days ago


I agree with Manny! Look at all the sexual problems in this nation.. Every night on the news it's about some malestation, gays, rapings, or adultry. Perhaps if this blind nation would wake up and follow the standards that we've lost just 50 years ago, we wouldn't have these issues. Nothing is sacred anymore instead we go for the "hip" thing the mainstream media pimps out.

892 days ago

northern gypsy    

no surprise here...generally speaking the filipino community are god fearing christians...perhaps the next time instead of quoting the bible he should sing his favourite song because he also enjoys doing that and it should keep him out of trouble !!!

892 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I wonder how God feels when people use Leviticus like a buffet. Picking and choosing the stuff they like, but disregarding the rest....

892 days ago


Come on now, there is nothing wrong with what he says. I am not homophobic but why all gays want to be married. Isnt it enough for them to be in a relationship already. No to gay marriage!

892 days ago


i'd rather be gay ( & i'm not) than have Manny;s face.
Y doesn't he & Kirk get a room.

892 days ago


I understand that supposedly his wife is not his only one , so at the very least he's a hypocrite if he quotes the bible.

892 days ago


He is human and therefore entitled to his own opinion. Don't like it? Then jump off a bridge!

892 days ago
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