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OneRepublic Drummer's GF

'He Snapped and

Smashed My Cabinets'

5/16/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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OneRepublic drummer Edward Fisher smashed through the front door of his girlfriend's home ... and pushed her through the cabinets ... so says the GF.

TMZ broke the story ... Fisher was arrested in Denver. CO yesterday after cops say he went on a rampage early Tuesday morning.

After the arrest, Fisher's GF Loni Rae spoke with FOX31 in Denver ... and explained, "Things just got out of hand and he snapped ... and my entire cabinets are ripped off from my walls."

"I had my feet up against the wall trying not to let him in, and he busted through the door and he pushed me through the cabinets."

Loni says she doesn't want to see Edward anymore -- "We tried to make it work ... and we have to let God handle it now."

8:19 AM PDT --
According to police, Fisher initially told cops HE was the real victim ... claiming Loni Rae trapped him in a bathroom and "struck him several times in the head" ... and that's why he had a gash on his forehead.


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It's difficult when one person in a relationship can't admit that it's over and then they skitz out. Dude needs a check up from the neck up.

887 days ago


did't watch.. but she is smokin. Ide like to get her and B Spears in a couple compromising positions together.

887 days ago


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887 days ago

Skippy La Rue    

sexy as ****!

887 days ago


Beat Drums Not Cabinets!

887 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Don't tell me... those cabinets were made out of Pinewood.

887 days ago


Oh, God! My cabinets! Oh, the humanity!

887 days ago


Yikes. OneRepublic gig must not pay too well. They've had some hits, but I'm guessing the 1 main guy gets all the money, and the drummer is probably a hired hand. The GF is pretty messed up looking for any kind of rock star.

887 days ago


um..."we have to let god handle it now." wtf does THAT mean?! awfully odd thing to say, considering the cir***stances...

887 days ago


Shes got a new "celebrity" boyfriend every damn month. She's a groupie who will hitch a ride on anyone's fame train. Here's a thought loni, why don't you focus on your two kids, one who suffers from lung disease, rather than taking pictures of your fake tits everyday. Theyve been dating for two mo ths and he was already living with her kids. Put you children first for once!

887 days ago


Loni, Loni, Loni... saw this coming a mile away and five years ago and I had no clue you had finally roped in someone kind of famous. What a joke. Eddie Fisher is the victim here, I know it from knowing Loni for quite some time.

Its all about the fame, money and attention for this sad soul, go figure she has fake boobs, go figure how "sick" she always is, go figure she sought out someone famous to date, go figure she brags about "who she hung out with". And when things go sour (just an ounce) its all over or something "happens" or she gets "sick" or blah blah blah.... over and over again.

887 days ago


Is it too late to apologize?

886 days ago

A Former Friend of Loni    

Loni, we all know you were just using Eddie to try boost your "status". Look, focus on your kids, get a real job and get a life. Stop using the people around you. Stop being a bitch to the people around you. You try to come across as the victim, and that you had no fault in this. You say you're a good mom, your kids deserve better!!! Get a life, stop pissing everyone off around you and stop using the people around you. Eddie's a good guy, don't drag him into your bull****.

867 days ago

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