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John Travolta Case

Gloria Allred Accused

of STEALING Clients

5/17/2012 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5:05PM PST: Gloria tells TMZ, "Mr. Okorocha's representations are false, outrageous and defamatory," adding both John Doe 1 and 2 contacted her office and she did not solicit either of them. 

Gloria is demanding a retraction ... or else.
Gloria Allred "illegally" seduced John Travolta's accusers ... and convinced them to fire their attorney ... so says the scorned ex-lawyer.

Okorie Okorocha -- who represented John Doe #1 and John Doe #2 in their separate sexual assault lawsuits against Travolta -- says Allred had been soliciting his clients while he was still working on their cases.

Okorocha claims he warned John Doe #2 that Allred's actions were "unethical and against the law" ... but it didn't matter -- both Does dropped Okorocha and immediately signed with Allred anyway.

Okorocha did not say if he will pursue legal action against Allred -- but did pay her a compliment ... saying, "I know that the case is gonna go away quietly because Miss Allred has successfully made cases go away quietly." 

"I'm confident [both accusers] will get justice, it'll just be an under the table payment."


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Ahh so for once the lawyer gets screwed lol

828 days ago


She's a WHORE
like the rest of them!!!

828 days ago


Hoping a case goes away quietly is not a compliment for Allred whose best poses and defenses are in front of a microphone. No, he was not remotely complimenting her. He should stop whining - this stuff happens all the time.

828 days ago

buzz kill    

Not good for Travolta. Allred will get the case a lot more attention than, what's his name? It will cost him a lot more to make them go away now.

828 days ago


Always expected this would happen. Gloria would not allow anyone else to steal her thunder when it comes to sensationalist media whoring.

828 days ago


If John thought this would all "disappear", he's obviously wrong. I don't care who he sleeps with, but he needs to stop denying who he really is and what he really likes.

828 days ago


Laughing too hard to comment yet. If the Alldead one is involved,

828 days ago


This guy is very credible and I applaued him for still remaining professional after Gloria stole his clients. She is a bottom fishing bitch who knows Travolta will pay to shut both of them up.

828 days ago


You know this guy is lying because he claimed Allred can do things quietly.

828 days ago


You know, another case of BIG MONEY shoving the little guy out of the way. This attorney is very credible and respectful and I wish him the very best. Gloria is a camera addict and knows how to shove others out of the way to make some bucks.

828 days ago


What bothers me about this is if this happened to them, why would they not want to presue criminal charges? By going for an out of court settlement they make themselves look like liars who are just after a quick buck. If some celebrity sexually assaulted me I'd want them punished. THEN I'd take them to civil court AFTER they were found guilty of assault. And the payout would probably be bigger, because Jurys like to award large damages.

828 days ago


Allred is a vulture.

828 days ago


How cute one fame whoring lawyer steals anothers 15 minutes. The battle of the sleaze balls. Like cry me a river. Who cares.

"I'm confident [both accusers] will get justice, it'll just be an under the table payment."

Since when does money equate justice, when its obtained under the table. Payoff equals blackmail and extortion. But I guess when you have a lawyer doing it becomes legal under the guise of the law.

Wasn't the story that the Roacha dropped John Doe#1 to begin with, now they both fired him? Hell even the lawyers can't get their s h i t straight.

828 days ago


Allred is garbage... expose her unethical behavior. Talk about ambulance chasing and media-whoring... outlandish!

828 days ago


This *****ian lawyer knows very well this case will never prosper precisely why he sought the help of the media whore lawyer Gloria Allred. He and Gloria for sure agreed to split whatever payment they would get from blackmailing John Travolta. I strongly doubt John will pay them off because his reputation has already been destroyed so for sure he would just fight this case through his last breath. These greedy blackmailers don't deserve a single cent. Besides, those accusers are NOT minors and if ever did massage John's body that means THEY WERE PAID FOR THOSE SERVICES. And If indeed there were some sexual harrassment or sexual battery that happened those gold diggers could have punched John in the nose and ran to the nearest police to complain that SAME DAY those incidents supposedly happened and NOT AFTER MANY YEARS! And now they're asking for huge amount of money? BALONEY!!!

828 days ago
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