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Mary Kennedy Death


Due to Hanging

5/17/2012 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s estranged wife Mary Kennedy died yesterday as a result of asphyxiation by hanging -- this according to the Westchester County medical examiner.

The medical examiner does NOT mention the word "suicide" -- though it's being widely reported ... Mary killed herself.

Mary's body was found yesterday afternoon at her home in Bedford, New York . She was already dead by the time police arrived at the home.

According to the Bedford Police Department, officers responded to Mary's home to investigate a possible "unattended death," meaning no one witnessed it.


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what tmz, no pics? now we will see if tmz treats a white woman like they treated whitney houston.. i hope you investigate and run this person thru the mud like you do when a black celebrity dies...

859 days ago


Wow, how odd -- women rarelly commit suicide by hanging. Hmmm....

859 days ago


is this isnt a curse...what is??

859 days ago

I love anarchy     

Feel awefull for her kids but thats what happens when you marry into this distgustng kennedy family! Hope the money was worth it

859 days ago


A bunch of depraved jackals that scammed a Nation. That is the Kennedy legacy.

859 days ago

charlei harper    

one of the groundskeeper at the Kennedy estate was asked..."have you seen Mary Kennedy?...groundskeeper replied..." yeah...she's hanging around inside the barn"...

859 days ago


He cheated on his first wife this her.. And this is how it ended.

Ladies, here's a lesson. Men who cheat on their wives, aren't worth anything.

And men, too. Women who cheat on this boyfriends/husband, are not relationship material, ever.

859 days ago


I AGREE WITH BUZZ KILL. How were the police notified of the hanging since, apparently, no one called 911, or, did they? Do the police in Bedford just go around ringing doorbells just for the fun of it??? What about Mary's children? How was this horror explained to them??? I am aware the public does not have the right to question, but, ,her children, do! Regardless of the horrible cir***stances, Mary's children will be haunted by her tragic death for the rest of their lives. This is so incredibly sad for all concerned. God help them, all.

859 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

The Evil Irish Leprechaun Curse strikes again!!


This family is no more "cursed" than any other large family with a million cousins. With that many people, you are bound to have some OD's, some suicide's, some plane crashes, some skiing accidents, some DUI's, some fatal diseases, and some sex scandals thrown in for good measure.

Any large family has it share of people who drive drunk off bridges, flee the scene of the crime leaving the young woman in the car (who is not his wife) to drown only to report it the NEXT DAY (and only after he begged a family friend to take the rap for him). Not to mention the fact that he made ZERO effort to save the young woman from her watery death. .

Every family has members who enjoy having sex with the teenage babysitter.

Every family has members who kill their teenage neighbor (while still a teen themselves) leave the body in the yard and get away with it for 30 years. To be fair, this individual is only a Kennedy by marriage.

Every family has a member who has recklessly and drunkenly skied backward down a slope while playing touch football, crashed head on into a tree and killed himself...not to mention the danger he subjected the other skiers on the slope to.

Every family has members who fly at night without being instrument trained thus not only killing himself when he crashed but also his wife and his sister-in-law for good measure.

Every family has members who flunk the NY bar exam TWICE, but miracle of miracles, passes it on the THIRD try.

Every family has members who have affairs right under their wife’s nose with the ugly, fat maid, get her pregnant and then keep the woman still employed in the household. Every family has a member who lets his wife throw a baby shower for the maid when HE is the person who got her pregnant! Every family has a member who flaunts their secret love child right under his wife’s nose. To be fair, this individual is only a Kennedy by marriage.

I could write reams of this stuff.

859 days ago

paul a.    

The Kennedys are deadly to women....

859 days ago


Something dosen't seem right if she didn't hang herself and the medical examiner is saying that it wasn't suicide then someone murdered her.
Plain and simple.

859 days ago


This is so very sad. None of us will know her pain that led to this final act.
Yesterday, I was told that every year she remembered the children of America. Without missing, I was told, she posted a modest check to Focus Adolescent Services. I have followed their work. So sad for her children.

859 days ago


It's so sad for her four children. But Mary was sleeping with Bobby when he was still married and living with his first wife. Did she really think that she was going to change him?

859 days ago


I agree with "buzz kill"--I know the bed ford police is corrupt from watching them being paid off by certain people for years.Certainly Kennedy would be in this group.Please look carefully into her death to all that loved her. He is sleazy beyond belief-- so is the Bedford police. TMZ print this--do not wimp out !

859 days ago


Why does everyone always bring up Chappaquiddick? Kopechne family forgave Ted, and not to blame the victim but if she hadn't been out drinking at a party with married men and single secretaries she might still be here. People have to take responsibility for their choices.

858 days ago
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