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Mary Kennedy Death


Due to Hanging

5/17/2012 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s estranged wife Mary Kennedy died yesterday as a result of asphyxiation by hanging -- this according to the Westchester County medical examiner.

The medical examiner does NOT mention the word "suicide" -- though it's being widely reported ... Mary killed herself.

Mary's body was found yesterday afternoon at her home in Bedford, New York . She was already dead by the time police arrived at the home.

According to the Bedford Police Department, officers responded to Mary's home to investigate a possible "unattended death," meaning no one witnessed it.


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Cheryl Hines = Rielle Hunter. Bobby filed for divorce & 2 months later Cheryl filed for divorce too saying the timing was "just a coincidence." Bobby has been very close with Larry David for many years. He didn't just meet Cheryl & start dating 6 months after filing. Bobby probably hooked up with her years before.

890 days ago


When someone has commited suicide!! The Coroner will not call it suicide at the inquest, It is classed as Death through misadventure.

890 days ago

Laughing at celebrities is fun.    

Autoerotic asphyxiation?

890 days ago


What a self-centered man. RFK Jr. should have stayed with his wife and supported her through her trials ... which were probably brought on, at least in part, by his own infidelities. Shame on him, and on Cheryl Hines. It's about time that our country's love affair with the Kennedys is over.

890 days ago


Okay, I wasn't going to say anything, since I agree the Kennedys have their issues. But the Kennedy bashing is driving me nuts. The Kennedys have done a lot to make this country better. They have helped a lot of people.

You all are forgetting this is a HUGE family. With that many family members you are going to find quite a few bad apples. Especially when the members of that family were born into privilege.

Heck, considering how many there are and how privilaged they all are, I'm surprised things like this don't happen more often.

And some of you act like you KNOW what was going through Mary's mind. That she was heartbroken over Bobby. For all we know, her reason had nothing to do with a man at all.

You are so quick to blame this on Bobby, but he had to call the police a few times before they were seperated because he thought she might hurt herself.

This poor woman had a drinking issue. Did it occur to anyone that since Bobby is a Kennedy which is a family full of people with drinking issues, maybe he just couldn't be with someone that was drinking a lot anymore?

I'm not saying Bobby is a saint...far from it. But geez people, this couldn't possibly be ALL his fault like some of you are insinuating. We don't know what happend behind those closed doors.

Oh and for people who keep saying WOMEN DON'T HANG THEMSELVES, I looked it up and in 2004 statistics 20% of female suicides in the US were by hanging/strangulation/suffacation.

890 days ago


I've never heard the wording unattended death, sounds like RFK, jr. made up this wording just all to know HE wasn't there. This whole thing does not add up, the story is too convoluted. If it walks like a duck etc...What woman with children and seemed non-violent would do something so gruesome depressed or not!!..weird

890 days ago


Please post my response to #55 as comment

889 days ago


just another kill for the kennedy klan it's that killer dna. JFK and Crackiee O were America first meth parents , full on Crystal Meth addicts shot up by Dr Max EVEN WHILE jACQIEEE was pregnant with Jfk Jr. These people are all drunktardic pyscotic sex preds.The enitre lot of them have these traits.

886 days ago


I don't like how they say she was an alkie. He looks more like one in pictures. She probably drank heavily like many "normal" people do when hit with a devastating situation. It certainly doesn't mean she was a "damaged" person through the marriage. She turned into one as the marriage fell apart. Can only imagine she felt betrayed and humiliated to a level she couldn't cope with. Nice friends she has too. If Kerry was her friend, I wouldn't want to ever see was she's capable of as an enemy. Ever see Rosemary's Baby? Remember that circle of people?

882 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

Bubbles: Which Kennedy are you anyway?

878 days ago
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