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Savagely Kicked in Face

During Rockfest Brawl

5/17/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She looks like Snooki ... she talks like Snooki ... and this weekend, a woman who bears a striking resemblance to the MTV star took a brutal shot to the face ... like Snooki.

TMZ obtained footage from Saturday's Rockfest concert in Kansas City, MO ... where Slash was performing ... when an unidentified Snook-alike took a hard boot to the face from a very angry, very large male.

Sources at the scene tell TMZ ... the man had already gotten physical with other concertgoers when the Snook-alike decided to tell him off with a few choice words.

The man -- who didn't appreciate the criticism -- responded by planting his foot right in her grill ... dropping her to the floor like a sack of potatoes ... and igniting a massive brawl involving a bunch of scary looking individuals.

Eventually, the fight was broken up ... and sources at the scene tell us the Snook-alike appeared to be OK.


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No surprise here, its Kansas White Trash Red Necks, married to their sisters.

890 days ago


I'm afraid TMZ will be whoring this Snooki-alike from now and then. Also it's her fault to bla bla....she should have minded her damn biz. and that dude need some anger management classes.

890 days ago

<--Needs a life    

He brought that boot storm on to himself!!
Dumb ass.. Hope girl recovers fast..
Also shows you, your mouth might not be able to cash that check either!!

890 days ago


Well, Harvey, my sex tape is still available to the highest bidder. I'm waiting for your call!!!!

890 days ago


To react that violently to someones words is a clear sign that this guy needs to A) get some help, B) stop drinking and C) Grow the hell up. Violence is used by people who can't think before they act and are unable to respond to anything without anger. I really hope this guy gets arrested for assault. I also hope that TMZ doesn't track this broad down and plaster her face/story all over the internet. NONE of this needs to be glorified. None of it.

890 days ago


"snookie" is what you call fugly girls...

890 days ago


I was PISSED @ the dude! But all the other MEN comming forward to defend her was AWSOME!!! Mabey ther is some hope left in humanity!

890 days ago


how the he!! does a man like that make it out of that place in one piece?! that's a shame to me. they should have torn him apart - seriously...arms, legs, everything. disgusting. when i have a little girl, she's gonna learn how to block and drop a p.o.s. like that. disgusting. what the f* people?

890 days ago


Of course something like this would happen in Missouri....that is the land of the the skinheads.....isn't the volksfront or something like that located out of MO? POS.....

890 days ago

Evelyn Rodriguez    

love tmz you guys is crazy

890 days ago



890 days ago


TV and Hollywood movies teach young women to mouth off to men and confront them.
But they don't remind the women that it's a show or movie, and that the men who are getting insulted by the women...are actors.
They don't hit the mouthy women because the script doesn't say to hit them.'s a movie. Actors.
Out in the real world, if you run your mouth off and shake around arrogantly at a man like this woman did, you're going to get kicked in the chest, punched in the face, beat up.
Like it or not, it's reality. If you want to act like a man by confronting other men, in the name of "equality", then you have to expect real equality in the results; getting a beat down.
Feminism....turning American dumber one woman at a time ;)

890 days ago

BB not bb    

It is hard to tell what the fight is about with no sound. The guy dressed in green in arguing with him, then some lady seems to be saying that the guy in the green outfit is wrong, then her boyfriend steps over and then the Snooki type girl starts yelling to the man in black "Go, go, go" like she wants him to leave.

The black security looking guy doesn't seem mad at the guy in black, just like he is trying to appease him somehow. Then the guy just kicks down the Snooki type girl.

Maybe she did provoke it by hurting his feelings or threatening his presence by instigating a sense of not wanting him there. You still can't just kick someone for that though.

This is where drugs or some mental programming or something else got tripped off. Like I said, it looked like a gruesome bunch there to begin with, so maybe it was just so hard to have a good time there that the guy went off.

There is a sense at concerts like they gang up and don't want certain people there, for no good reason other than bullying. I guess people go there to feel powerful instead of to try to have a nice time.

It just looked like a mass of people standing around some concession stands in the dirt with lousy music playing. It looked like a miserable time anyway.

People don't seem interested in respecting each other or trying to get along any more.

890 days ago


What else would you expect from a p*ssy a*s redneck honky?

890 days ago

Bad Dog    

Glad you called him a male since no man hits a women. Hopefully he got his ass beat down.

890 days ago
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