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Savagely Kicked in Face

During Rockfest Brawl

5/17/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She looks like Snooki ... she talks like Snooki ... and this weekend, a woman who bears a striking resemblance to the MTV star took a brutal shot to the face ... like Snooki.

TMZ obtained footage from Saturday's Rockfest concert in Kansas City, MO ... where Slash was performing ... when an unidentified Snook-alike took a hard boot to the face from a very angry, very large male.

Sources at the scene tell TMZ ... the man had already gotten physical with other concertgoers when the Snook-alike decided to tell him off with a few choice words.

The man -- who didn't appreciate the criticism -- responded by planting his foot right in her grill ... dropping her to the floor like a sack of potatoes ... and igniting a massive brawl involving a bunch of scary looking individuals.

Eventually, the fight was broken up ... and sources at the scene tell us the Snook-alike appeared to be OK.


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That was cool!!

897 days ago


As a nerd, I read a lot of comics. Wonder Woman punched, kicked, and beat up hundreds of men without remorse or provocation. Thought they looked like criminals and attacked them. Only after she attacked them did they fight back in self defense. They were subsequently arrested and thrown in a dimensional prison for all eternity.
What am I trying to say? The media represents women as infallible. Can do no wrong. They are always justified in their actions. If a man tries to defend himself from her actions, he is in the wrong. He shouldn't defend himself ever.
That is not what happened, but the woman is a moron. A violent psychopath was on the rampage, so she puffed out her chest, got in his face, and spat smack. Not the smartest move. If the Joker or Solomon Grundy are running around, you get the hell out of the way. Call in the superheroes or the police. She willingly put herself in harms way. She, in a way, deserved what happened. Hopefully, next time, she will know to call in security or 911 instead of confronting the villains on her own.
I do not condone violence against women without provocation. If provoked, meet the violence with violence, but not as much violence as what was used to provoke you. Show that you are the bigger person, use only what is needed to solve the situation. But do not go looking for trouble. To look for trouble is the same as provoking another.

897 days ago


Look more like a Boot to Chest Move...CTFU!

897 days ago


Typical drunk white trash at its best

897 days ago



You want to act hard and confront a GUY when he's already rowled up AND faded? Get ready to get kicked in the face like one too! Stupid girl. Should have stayed out and kept her trap shut.

897 days ago


99 out 100 times, hitting a girl is a big freaking NO. HOWEVER...I see a lot of comments attacking anyone who says "this can happen if you shoot your mouth off".'s true. You can be an obnoxious drunk chick and cap off all you want, but there are consequences to your behavior. Don't be surprised if you get slapped down. Just like this guy getting dogpiled after kicking her. Consequences. This notion that you can just "speak your mind" anytime you want, without repercussion, is nonsense. If EVERYONE practiced respect, this sort of thing wouldn't happen. But, if you talk smack, you just might get smacked. Consequences. Right, or wrong. It's how it is.

897 days ago


drunk white trash

897 days ago


I was actually there & saw the "kicker" after the mob of dudes worked him over. He was rather

897 days ago


ugh, way to be classy kansas city. this is why i'm embarrassed to live here

897 days ago


Hmmm, don't they look like a big crowd of winners....

896 days ago


When he goes to jail, he'll get his.

895 days ago
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