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Wayne Newton

Accused of

Creepy Old Man Kisses

5/17/2012 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Wayne Newton
is a sexually deviant kiss fiend -- this according to a new lawsuit filed against Mr. Las Vegas.

70-year-old Wayne is being sued by a former business partner, who claims he invested millions to turn Newton's Vegas mansion into a museum -- and Newton torpedoed the project.

According to the lawsuit, Newton and his family continually interfered with the development plans -- refusing to vacate the mansion to allow construction to take place, failing to remove his horses and "vicious" dogs from the property, and refusing to turn over memorabilia crucial to the operation of the would-be museum.

But the shocking part ... Newton's ex-biz partner claims the Vegas icon was "so sexually reprehensible and intimidating" to a young female worker, the girl not only quit ... she threatened to sue.

According to the lawsuit, the girl claims Newton "engaged in obnoxious sexual behavior" -- forcing her to withstand constant "wet, sloppy, and disgusting" kisses that were "clearly of a sexual nature."

According to the lawsuit, the alleged affronts left the girl feeling violated -- "She had to brace herself every time she saw him for this inevitable assault."

Newton's ex-partner is suing for breach of contract and fraud, demanding unspecified damages. The girl mentioned in the papers has yet to file her own lawsuit.


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tony gee    

This made the news because I do not think that Liberaci 2.0 would attempt to kiss a female.

866 days ago


Sorry, not buying this, in this day and age and all the lawsuits in the past five years, anyone that claims they were subjected to dirty old men, especially SERIOUSLY FAMOUS old men and endured that over a period of time is full of ****. Gimme a break, in this day and age when everyone and anyone can file a lawsuit this broad was putting up with all this sexual harrassment? Yeah, RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT.

866 days ago


Wayne is being honored in Las Vegas tomorrow at a special ceremony for his many years of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide.

866 days ago

billy cema    

So, no picture of the accuser? Did she notify the law when she felt assaulted? Did they notify Newton in writing that he was interfering with their lawful rights?
Just like the John Does who aren't identified,(no photos), this case is totally one-sided.
The love of money is the root of all evil, is a powerful saying. Doubt these people can even comprehend such wisdom.

866 days ago

BB not bb    

Maybe he is just a drunk old slob. I think women have to stand up for themselves and say they don't want to be kissed hello if that is disgusting. Seome people are just bad at kissing or have wet lips.

You can't put up with that day after day if is is disgusting. If he is so friendly, he will understand, or else, he will show that he has no respect.

Just because a guy is old deos not mean you have to let him get away with being a creep. You have to tell him, I would prefer not to be kissed hello. Her job there does not involved being kissed.

I have said this to people who are creepy and if they got mad, tough. It s your body so you had better own it.

866 days ago

Joan K    

Lordy does he look creepy. He looks plastered or maybe that is his look now days.

866 days ago


oh for goodness sake he has had that much plastic surgery he does nothing but slobber!

866 days ago


THERE ARE MANY THOUSANDS OF SENIORS who carry considerable age who are functioning as they did in their earlier years. I believe the only people who "grow old" are those who sit on their backsides drinking colas watching the world go by and complain their lives did not turn out as they once hoped it would. All I can say is, unless physically impossible, remain active, both physically and mentally, for a more fulfilling life. Look around you, there are many examples of successful living among seniors.

866 days ago


Gawd, his face is a horrid mess. Plumped up with fillers, his eyes look weird, dyed hair plugs...can he look more scary??

866 days ago


After that much Plastic Surgery you do tend to drool alot when attempting a kiss.

866 days ago


You couldn't ask for a nicer guy, but at IS kinda creepy. I think that is why all the greats (Hendrix/Elvis/Lennon) will be immortal because they died young and didn't have to suffer the indignity of singing their greatest hits in Las Vegas. He is still a great guy

866 days ago


first word I think of? GLORIA....(hatred)

866 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

He would do well with Pam Anderson.

866 days ago

Kevin Sasaki    

Wayne & Kathleen Newton partnered with Lacy & Dorothy Harber and Geneva Clark and Steve Kennedy to own, construct and operate the Wayne Newton Museum and tour of Case de Shenandoah in June of 2010. At the beginning of 2011, the Newton’s and Sacred Land LLC became aware of and began to complain of numerous breaches of contract and mismanagement by Steve Kennedy and CSD, LLC. The Newton’s allegations have included, but are not limited to, failure to provide financial statements for a year and a half, failure to obtain building permits prior to construction, which caused the Fire Department to shut down construction on the Visitor Welcome Center, failure to consult with Wayne Newton, failure to construct proper buildings for the health of the animals and for the viewing pleasure of the public, failing to build the Museum and Performance Theater, constant bullying and threatening of employees, spending exorbitant amounts of money and failing to hire a marketing director and operations team. After a year and a half of failed attempts to have Steve Kennedy and CSD rectify the mismanagement and breaches of contract, it became painfully obvious to the Newtons and Sacred Land that the only avenue left open was to commence litigation against CSD, LLC, Steve Kennedy, CSD Management, LLC, DLH, LLC and the Harbers. The attorneys for the Newtons and Sacred Land informed the Plaintiffs business attorneys that the lawsuit was forthcoming.
The lawsuit filed today by the Plainfiffs is nothing more than a salacious, meritless attempt to deflect the Newtons forthcoming lawsuit. In fact, CSD Management partner and 50% owner Geneva Clark refused to be a part of this lawsuit.

Casa de Shenandoah has been featured in numerous national and international television programs and feature films. In 2008 it was named one of the top 5 homes in the country, which included the White House. Wayne Newton has been named the top breeder of Arabian Horses in the world and has received accolade after accolade for his Arabian Horse Herd. Rulers of other countries have purchased Wayne Newton bred and owned Arabian Horses. Through the years, thousands of people have had the great pleasure of visiting Wayne Newton’s home and seeing his animals. To allege that the condition of Casa de Shenandoah and his treatment of animals has been anything less than exemplary is false and absurd.

Also absurd is the naming of Mr. Newton’s 76 year old mother-in-law in this suit.

The Newtons and Sacred Land are represented by Stephen Peek of Holland & Hart who states “My clients are looking forward to presenting the true facts of this case, including the mismanagement and breach of contract by Steve Kennedy. This is nothing more than a preemptive effort on the part of the Plaintiffs to intimidate the Newtons for their own benefit”.

The sexual harassment accusation contained in the complaint is completely fabricated by a terminated female barn employee. There is absolutely no basis in fact and the attempt to obtain financial gain was previously unconditionally rejected by Mr. Newton. The Newtons are represented by Anthony Glassman of Glassman, Browning, Saltsman & Jacobs, Inc in Beverly Hills, CA. on the harassment accusation. To date no complaint has been on filed on the former barn employee’s behalf.

866 days ago

no shit..    

ewww... that man looks like a melting wax figure

866 days ago
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