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'American Idol'

Phillip Phillips Needs

Surgery ... REAL BAD

5/18/2012 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phillip Phillips
-- one of the finalists on "American Idol" -- has been URGED by his personal doctor to get surgery immediately ... but Phillip wants to work through the pain and the risk so he can win next week.

Multiple "Idol" sources tell us ... when Phillip went back home to Georgia last Saturday ... his family doctor spent almost the entire stay by his side and was alarmed by what he saw -- Phillip wasn't eating and looked horrible. 

Phillip suffers from severe kidney problems and at the beginning of the competition it got so bad he had a stent put in as a temporary fix until he could have surgery. But the condition has worsened and Phillip's doc told him he needed surgery now. Phillip said he was not going to drop out of the show so the doctor told him he ABSOLUTELY had to go under the knife immediately after the finale.

We're told the recovery time for the surgery is at least 6 weeks.

Phillip's condition is taking its toll -- we're told the medication causes dry mouth, and it's had some impact on his singing.

Phillip has also missed some of the field productions that are shot for the show -- including the Ford commercials. Our "Idol" sources tell us they felt that making him go on location for these shoots were just too taxing.



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This article is trying to get symphaty votes for Philip2. The stent would have ease the pain of kidney stone so he can function normally untill the procedure to remove the stone and its normally an outpatient procedure not 6 weeks recovery like this article suggested. Been there and done that!

854 days ago


I just found out Simon Cowell is Jessica Sanchz fan. He tweeted @Simon Cowell@idolblog " 2 hours sitting here my butt is hurting. But I don't care. I'm still gonna vote for @JSanchezAI11.Go Jay! Wow..

854 days ago


Sing your heart, I mean KIDNEYS out!

854 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

The publicity he would get from dropping out for life saving surgery would greatly outweigh the fact he will come in second.
What? Does anyone here not think that this has already been fixed for the Hispanic/Filipino contestant. I don't personally watch the show - in fact I am proud to say that I've NEVER watched this piece of crap, but I do know when the fix is in.
One thing I do like about the pre-ordained winner. She does harken back to an earlier time, when radio was King. It was a time when you could be plain looking and overall unappealing, yet still be a recording artist.

854 days ago


Being from his hometown, I know for a fact this has been going on and has been known locally since the beginning. He DID NOT want this out there because of people trying to justify why their favorite was kicked off and he was left. As you can see it has NOT been out there until now. Did you ever notice or even wonder why he wasn't in the Ford commercials? Excellent time to have brought it up i.e. "sympathy votes, ya know". Not a word was mentioned all during the season. What better time to have brought it up and he could have played on it every week since the commercials are shown every week. Was it ever mentioned.. NOPE. I was at his homecoming last Sat. and the concert was 2 hours late because of him being with the Dr. No one knew this until now. When he arrived, no one would have guessed the reason for him being late. He said not one word of why he was late arriving and he performed without a mention. We were all blaming the delay on the Chamber of Commerce who put the show on or on American Idol. NO one knew the reason until this story leaked. Surely you know how these things get into the news. Look at all the stories on this site. Do you think the person the story is about went and whispered a bunch of crap about themselves in the ear of a TMZ reporter? But you will believe what you believe. So if you believe that at this late date it's for sympathy, so be it.

854 days ago


Phillip Phillips is a very humble hard working respectful man. The remarks below about him geting the sympathy act is ridiculous. he's never mentioned it once. I'm sorry if your favorite was not in the final two but being disrespectful, rude,and showing no compassion really shows poor ethics on commentors part, BEST WISHES and STRENGTH to Phillip. Very proud of Phillip and YES he has my vote!

854 days ago

Ulone Vega    

we love you Phil, we keep praying for you.
Flora & Jack Vega

854 days ago

l hahn    

im a huge fan of phil philips and have voted 4 him the entire season , i pray he is ok and he is the most talented performer idol has had on the show this season hope everyone votes for him, the girl jessica is an ok singer but i found it disturbing that she was dressed awfully sexy for such a young girl on a family show , isnt she like 14 or 16 what did her mother think? who picked those clothes out awful bold

854 days ago


The votes for the best is made by the people. How can anyone say Josh was robbed. Phillip and Jessica got the most votes. I liked Josh also but America votes. Can't argue with that.

854 days ago


The first time I heard Phillip sing I thought to myself that his voice & body mannerisms were hauntingly familiar. And then it dawned on me that what I was seeing and hearing was Dave Matthews. I LOVE, love, love, Dave Matthews! And I appreciate and respect Phillip Phillips! Just like Steven Tyler said, "That is the kind of song that I could put headphones on and listen to man"! It is unfortunate that a portion of the general public won't give Phillip the benefit of the doubt regarding his health issues. Not once has he cried, " Poor Pitiful Me". And he never will. Because that is not the way his parents raised him.. In my opinion that was a CLAMITY when Jennifer Lopez got up on stagemind you, and SAVED Jessica Sanchez! The only reason she is still there is because of J.Lo. It never should have been allowed! It also affected the integrtiy of the show. Remember people, she was voted off mid-way through!!! I live in San Diego and I haven't and will not vote for her. I hope that in the future this will never happen again. Perhaps this is why there has been talk about letting Jennifer Lopez go. And IF Jessica Sanchez wins, next year when I watch American Idol, I will not be so eager to vote. Why even have the general public vote if their votes mean NOTHING. At Phillip's homecoming when he was riding in the car with his parents beside him and almost broke down he really touched me.Very HUMBLING & ADMIRABLE. I don't think that there would be a problem with Phillip's head becoming too big when he wins American Idol because he already has his feet on the ground. And yes I agree that Phillip is a bit eerie. But some artists happen to be a bit weird in a good way. ;) And for all of the non-supporters and unempathetics why do you even CARE! Does Carrie Underwood ring a bell?

Peace, Love, &


854 days ago


six months recovery???? I've had open kidney operation for a huge obstructive stone (too big for laser or shock wave) but was out of the hopsital in two days having a a normal life, also it isnt emergency if it wasnt fully obstructive and if it was fully obstructive then you wouldnt be able to walk or sing

854 days ago


Phillips is playing the “ sympathy” card but I think it will back fire on him. If he is truly in pain that really needs urgent surgery (according to the doctor/s- Phillips or they claimed) then he should be in so much pain he could not even stand erect and, more so, sing. Not even a stupid doctor would recommend “urgent” surgery without laboratory findings supporting it. He refuses to wear outfits that fits the occasion but instead wear a J.C. type of clothing. The reason -he wants to be "in" with the crowds with his ” I belong to you guys”. He claims to be a mere “pawnshop employee”but turned out to be the son of the owner- a wealthy, gun-toting owner of a huge pawn/antic shop similar to “Pawn Star”. The reason: “I belong to you guys”. Just look at how he plays that smiley, cutey, charming white guy with guitar card he is playing!! America is starting to see it clearer and clearer.

854 days ago


Fake tabloid story. The web is the new idiot box. Believe it or not.

853 days ago


Phillip is not asking for sympathy votes. He is so humble and has worked very hard to achieve his dream by enduring physical pain. I really hope that he wins his battle with his health first and foremost. He is a winner as far as American Idol goes. I wish him all the best. My heart goes out to him and I really enjoy his singing as he has a unique voice.

853 days ago


I hope he wins, he deserves it

853 days ago
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