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The Richest Breakfast

In the World

5/18/2012 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's hoping you enjoyed your soggy-ass cereal this morning -- because the people over at Facebook are celebrating their big IPO day ... by dining on cran-orange scones, coconut mango smoothies, and sausage hash.

It's all being offered at one of the cafes located at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, CA -- where FB staffers dine for free -- and the complimentary menu is claw-your-own-eyes-out delicious.

Here's a full breakdown:

Strawberry banana soy smoothies, coconut mango smoothies, whole wheat cranberry orange scones, sausage and biscuit hash with cream gravy, whole wheat choco-chip pancakes with vanilla whipped cream, whole wheat low fat flax waffles, and old-fashioned buttermilk pancakes.

Most of you have already killed yourselves by now, so we'll stop there.

Being rich is so much better than being not rich.


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You guys at TMZ need to look at the video of ABC News last night. They had Mellody Hobson on there talking about the Facebook IPO. She meant to say "leftovers" but said "sloppy seconds" instead. Too funny!

851 days ago


And at the end of the day...that food will be passing throwing toilet pipes.

851 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

Yeah, Facebook is worth billions now... and all they had to do was sell-out the privacy of 900 million people. The search engine Bing has a new feature which allows you to see what your Facebook friends have been searching for. That should prove to be the source for some very interesting water-cooler and school cafeteria conversations in the future. If any individual did to you what you did to yourself voluntarily through Facebook, you Facebook users would go ballistic.

851 days ago


pffftttt no eggs, steak or fried chicken? blahhhh

851 days ago


I don't really care what Mark Zuckerberg eats for breakfast. At the end of the day...he's still gonna look like Mark Zuckerberg. Poor kid...

851 days ago


What, No Bacon?! Cheap asses!

851 days ago


Just for a minute, can people consider FB's creepy donor program?

851 days ago


Hey, what about some breakfast meat and some taters? Then, we'll talk...

851 days ago


Already killed myself? I think not. My appetite began to disappear at "coconut mango smoothie" and was completely gone after "whole wheat low fat flax waffles."

851 days ago


Stock has already dropped 10% from opening bell, poor business model and will be another .COM that will fall by the wayside....

851 days ago


I would love to be rich enough to just live comfortably for the rest of my life...Seems to me once you become really rich the only thing that makes you happy is having a nicer house then the other rich guy, a faster car, and wear the most exspensive clothes (even though you were happy wearing Levi's all your life) and making more money to pay for your new lifestyle. If deep down your a good person money only makes you a better person, if your bad it muliplies that ten fold!

851 days ago


The only thing that sounds good are the smoothies. Now, if they were serving Yolk's Red Velvet French Toast... that would be the best breakfast ever!

851 days ago


who wrote this...a frkn five year old!!?? every day, tmz staffers sound more like wannabe hipsters and, btw, try reading the comments section, tmz, because most ppl after reading of mary kennedy's suicide said they'd much rather be poor and happy that rich and miserable. besides, anyone can have the kind of breakfast you're drooling's called baking, aholes!!

851 days ago


Hey it was a legal robbery as far as I'm concerned!!! They got a bunch of guys who like numbers but don't understand the web to hand over their or their clients money for stock in something that will be worth pennies long before any of their children is grown!!!
If your mutual fund bought into this company move your money they don't understand business or worse got a kick back!

851 days ago

Jay W.     

White toast with black coffee at the shelter was good.

851 days ago
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