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John Cena's Wife

You Can't Divorce Me

... Yet

5/18/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Cena
's wife REFUSES to let the wrestler file for divorce -- at least the way he's doing it now -- and to prove she means business, she's asking a judge to throw out the WWE legend's divorce papers.

Elizabeth Cena just filed legal docs in Florida, claiming John's recent divorce petition is riddled with errors ... and should be dismissed.

According to Elizabeth, John inaccurately refers to her by her maiden name (Huberdeau) instead of her legal name (Cena). As a result, Elizabeth says John fails to bring "a proper dissolution of marriage action" against her.

Elizabeth also claims John failed to attach the prenup he references in his initial divorce filing -- a copy of which MUST be attached in order for the filing to be valid.

Elizabeth also takes issues with John's claim that there's no marital property -- Elizabeth insists there is ... and she wants her share.

For all these reasons, Elizabeth wants a judge to dismiss John's petition and force him to re-file ... if he dares.

Calls to John's people were not returned.

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Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show    

Shes a moron. Click this link and look at other divorce petitions. Same last name. Dumb bit**. https://www.google.com/​search?tbm=isch&hl=en&sourc​e=hp&biw=1641&bih=791&q=di​vorce+petition&gbv=2&oq=di​vorce+petition&aq=f&aqi&aq​l&gs_l=img.12...​.​0.BMHFwsKm6Ok

835 days ago


I'm sure she does not want to give up her confortable life style. It does seem like all she does is party and probably workout. But really, I think John will still give her some money for a fresh start. But this is not a Hulk Hogan story. Linda was married to Hulk for years and they had children, so she deserved at least half since they built a life together. John and Liz do not have children and have only been married for a few years. What you offer someone when you are not married in the beginning is purely up to you and they do not owe you money for years you have invested in them. He build is fortune himself so he doesn't have to give her half. It really doesn't matter how long they have been together since legally it has not been that long and she signed a prenup which sounds too ridiculous to believe she even agreed to sign it. Stupid her for not protecting herself. I do think tht she should have looked out for herself a little more, lived her own dream and challenged herself to find a career and self-fullment on her own instead living through his dreams. Times are so different that she needed to have a backup plan and chose to pursue a career so that she could have earned her own money if this ever were to happen. All those wasted years she could have made money herself. I do think John will still give her something. I don't think he is going to leave her completely broke. I'm sure deep down he still cares for her but he's probably no longer in love with her. Sad but it happens. Fighting it probably will not change the outcome, she needs a new dream and a new life because he's moving on with his.

835 days ago


GOLD DIGGER - Plain as day!!!

835 days ago


This is not about him divorcing her, this is about her getting PAID. She knows whats in her pre-nup and she isn't happy about what she won't be getting. She know's she's not gonna get what she wants so she's gonna drag this out and make it as nasty as she can. he's only been married to her for 3 yrs and she feels he miss represented her in the divorce papers by using her "Maiden name", sweetie he can legally sue you to not be able to use his name if you've been married less than 5 yrs. A pre-nup is a pre-nup is a pre-nup. If you're DUMB enough to sign one than you don't deserve the ink it's written in. I think she needs to look herself in the mirror and ask herself "what did I do to Contribute to this situation." I have to say it's sad She went from Highschool sweetheart to Golddigger just by the actions she's taken and she will never live this down. People will always remember her as a gold digger. Only she can change the publics view of her on this matter.

835 days ago


I think the best way to settle this would be a falls count anywhere match, Winner take all. Elizabeth Cena says "You can't divorce me".

835 days ago


he should Hulk up and drop the atomic leg drop on her.....in a legal way.

835 days ago


I was really hoping their divorce wouldn't turn nasty but it looks like Liz wants it to turn into the mess that Hulk Hogan's divorce turned into. Liz and her lawyers should really stop talking to the media and let the divorce papers go through as they are.
Because the longer she let this drag on the more things about their marriage is going to be put in the media and if the rumor is true there is one thing she do not want in the media because it may lead to her being one of the most hated ex-wife of a WWE superstar.

834 days ago


well i think that shes not that pretty and jugdes should let them get divorced cause being a wwe superstar means he has no time for her or anyone else and if he pays more attention to his wife he'll get fired so divorce,divorce,divorce :) sorry liz if you ever read these comments

834 days ago


you can tell in the pics of the two of them that something just wasn't right . john looks so unhappy and she has this gold digger smile on her face . what a sk*nk ! i hope she walks away w/ nothing and i seriously hope john does have a pre-nup b/c otherwise he is screwed . good luck john .

834 days ago


sad, he doesn't look happy in none of the pictures I've seen of them together, he said it started to deteriorate after they got married, so he's been miserable that long? poor guy, I don't know what happened behind the scenes but I really hope she doesn't try and drag his name through the mud like that, it's not going to help her, but I guess she wants to go out with a bang before she goes away, and I hope after all of this is over he at least waits a little while before he starts dating again but that's none of my business, I hope this gets better for him

833 days ago


Typical, she trynna get paid like all women who happen to get married to a rich man... Go Ho Go

833 days ago


wat a bitch is all i can say... there is two sides to every story...but come on already she is just getting really stupid...they were off and on together for 14 years, yea she was with him before he became a super star, but he earned his own money what has she been doing? oh she feels entitled because she married him big deal...the only down side if he did forget to attach the prenup paper with the rest of the petition and he has to refile...but come on she is making this so much harder then it has to be if he didnt do anything and he wants out because he is not happy i dont blame him...because we are seeing her true colors a money hunger bitch...i feel bad for him...

833 days ago


she defineitly a money wh--- ( you know the rest) all she's in it for is the money & the goods , she taken John for a ride!!!!!!

832 days ago



832 days ago

find better people to look up to kids    

john cenais a kuma msenge son of a hard donebitch his mums *****

830 days ago
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