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Kim & Kanye


London Popularity Contest

5/18/2012 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West are drawing HUGE crowds of adoring fans overseas on their trip to London -- but one might be attracting more fans than the other ... and you'll never guess who ...

Kim and Kanye left the Radio 1 studios in the Big Smoke yesterday -- where Kim was promoting the upcoming season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" -- and on their way out the crowd went wild, screaming their names and asking for autographs.

But the fans seemed to be shouting one name louder than the other -- Kim! Kim! KIM!

So we gotta ask ...


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Jackazz flatts    

These two dirtbags belong in a zoo

888 days ago


Kim has a bigger and fatter ass, but Kayne is a huge assh%l% so it looks like a tie to me.

888 days ago


She's in London for HER event for HER purfume and show, so I would expect her cheers to be louder, I mean, really TMZ???? Still doesn't stop the fact that she has no talent and should not be popular at all!!!!!!!!!!

888 days ago


Kim K should win because she is the best and most awesome celebrity on the Planet. If by some fat chance that Kayne wins, its only because Kim allowed him to win and he's hanging on to her to be popular. He should thank God for being near Kim. Actually he should be on his knees thanking Kim K every night and every day!

888 days ago


We dont want this whore in our country please go back to America where you belong. There has been constant updates about this stupid person on the Daily Mail today in fact everyday and most people are fed up with it. The US are obviously getting fed up with them and now she and her parasite family are trying to come over here but I tell you most British people do not care about this slut in fact most people dont even know who she is. I actually saw this stupid woman today when I was shopping with my friend she was promoting her cheap perfume in Debenhams and all these stupid girls where screaming "Kim, Kim, Kim" and shouting "I love you Kim your my idol" and I even heard some girls saying they skipped school just to see her its sad so many young people look up to a trashy, dirty, skanks like her. She is so short and looks like a wax doll she also has a weird shape her ass is definitely fake and she has large fake boobs. I dont see the fuss over her at all because she looks like a freak

888 days ago

Who Knew    

Good Now please stay there and never come back.

888 days ago


And why is this news TMZ????

These two fame whores have been in the news constantly for doling absolutely nothing and impressionable people will go overboard when they see them in person. This is not news. Make sure you report on them this much when they split so we can have a field day making fun of them.

888 days ago


Wow. people in London = lame & dumb

888 days ago


Really wish your polls had a option for "DON'T CARE"

888 days ago


Also shes a rude bitch who doesn't like doing anything if shes not getting some cash out of it. A few people went to her I think for a photo or autograph and because they didn't spend their money to make her more rich by buying her perfume she refused to do anything. I could hear her saying they had to buy her perfume to get a photo or autograph. This tart needs to get over herself because at the end of the day shes not a celebrity no matter how much they pay TMZ or other sites for constant exposure. I really feel sorry for anyone that looks up to her I really do she doesn't care about anyone but herself and is using these young people for their money and laughing her way to the bank. Shes a disgusting human being.

888 days ago

wanda echoes    

quite ob....KK is way more POP than Kanye

888 days ago


Now let's try to get this right This time, a few months after breakup and before divorce is final...this IS the real thing. No BS, no publicity stunt--just reality TV.

888 days ago

Kev the Realist    

WHO FREEKIN CARES> They are both pathetic, media whores who will do anything to stay relevant. LOSERS STOP COVERING THEM....

888 days ago


How much did momager pay the crowd to scream her name, TMZ?

888 days ago


Oh I thought this story was about who gives better head,,I'm guessing Kanye

888 days ago
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