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Kim & Kanye


London Popularity Contest

5/18/2012 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West are drawing HUGE crowds of adoring fans overseas on their trip to London -- but one might be attracting more fans than the other ... and you'll never guess who ...

Kim and Kanye left the Radio 1 studios in the Big Smoke yesterday -- where Kim was promoting the upcoming season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" -- and on their way out the crowd went wild, screaming their names and asking for autographs.

But the fans seemed to be shouting one name louder than the other -- Kim! Kim! KIM!

So we gotta ask ...


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wtf, why are people cheering her? she made porn and did nothing but sleep around. can someone please stop the madness. the world better hurry up and end cause i cant watch this crap for another 20 years. sighhhhh

895 days ago


boycott everthing that these devil fakedashians have their name on, especially e'ch....

895 days ago


The mother is the real, pushy ,aggressive , grotesquely ambitious harridan. They have lost momentum (and have scammed out dumb USA), so
are branching out to England, to try to fleece the Brits.
Wonder how smart the Brits are?

895 days ago


Most of the "fans" were black or 14 years old. Daily mail said the crowd was not that big. What a ridiculous fuss over this no talent creature!

895 days ago

King of TMZ    

lol Right now Kanye is cool
Wait until they break up then Kris Jenner and co will attack and expose some Dirty Jackass Laundry lol

895 days ago


Two of the world's biggest phony. Who care!

895 days ago


Kim is winning. Of course right? She always has the edge over anybody. Any contest and she always gets a huge wide margin of a lead. She has too much assets to go up against her.

895 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Come on, How many people do you know that many people have heard of that could substitute as a cab, enjoys human piss all over herself, selfish, stupid, was trained rather than raised, changes men at the blink of your eye, does not give a sweet damn about her younger siblings and what they may suffer on her behalf, enjoys cameras rolling as she exits a car with a male embarrassment, making it evident she is a slut puppy who will do any and all Tom, D i c k s and males if the meat is dark? Give ole girl due credit...she is a pro ho and few if any, can touch that !!

895 days ago

Cannabinol kid    

The question should have been " Who is the biggest *******?" On the upside, they will probably be traveling together somewhat so the chances of them both being incinerated in the same plane crash just got a lot better.

895 days ago


Proof English people are as retarded as Americans.

895 days ago


I wonder how much Kayne is getting paid to play nursemaid and escort to her? He looks bored as hell on Daily Mail, as she drags him around London. They have some kind of a deal going together,but clearly,it is not a love connection.She later exchanged him for good ole Jonathan,as she is incapable of being on her own. Very few people are contributing any input on her any more,so it's getting kind of boring on here.Could it be, people have lost interest???

895 days ago



895 days ago


The biggest what? A/s/s/h/o//l/e/s? If that's the question then it's a tie.

895 days ago

f she craves fame....and who noticed d black boys auto she signed...lmao...she jst cant c a black hot boy and pass him by...and kanye is doin a gd job dating kim...his goin be more famous..haha

895 days ago


Is the question who is the bigger piece of crap? Well, that's way too tough to decide.

895 days ago
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