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Will vs. Kissing Reporter

The SMACK Down!

5/18/2012 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Will Smith delivered the slap heard 'round Russia after a reporter tried to kiss him -- sparking a huge debate: did Will overreact or was he justified? Someone in the newsroom thinks he should have punched the guy!

Plus, Clint Eastwood's wife and kids are trying to turn him into a Kardashian! At least that's Harvey's take on their new reality show. Speaking of Kim Kardashian ... is she really a bigger star than Kanye West? Ugghh ...

(0:00) Will Smith bitch slaps a reporter in Russia who tried to lay a wet one on him -- some people in the newsroom think he went to far ... others think he didn't go far enough.
(9:46) Facebook hits Wall Street -- and makes billionaires and millionaires out of a whole bunch of nerds. (13:00) "American Idol" finalist Phillip Phillips is one tough cookie -- he's postponing surgery for chronic kidney stones until after the show is over.
(19:00) Donna Summer blames the September 11 attack for her lung cancer.
(22:20) David Letterman and Conan O'Brien take shots at Jay Leno while reminiscing over the "Tonight Show" fiasco.
(24:30) Harvey can't stand the reality show based on Clint Eastwood's wife ... but not everyone agrees..
(30:30) Is Kim Kardashian really a bigger star than Kanye West?
(34:10) Sarah Jessica Parker is the new George Clooney ... at least in President Obama's eyes.
(36:15) "50 shades of Grey" sparks huge sales ... in sex toys.
(40:10) Did Gloria Allred break any laws when she swooped up the John Does accusing John Travolta of sexual harassment?
(43:40) We take your calls!

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I don't blame Will at all. That reporter is lucky Will didn't hit him with a closed fist.

897 days ago


Remember this, A dinner was organized for the G20 leaders in Pittsburgh and Michelle Obama received the guests by kissing and hugging except for one…

Gordon Brown (Prime Minister of the UK) got his hug and kiss, the same for Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) and Stephen Harper (Canadian Prime Minister); Nicolas Sarkozy (French President) and even Dimitry Medvedev (Russian President) got it too but Silvio Berlusconi (Italian Prime Minister) only got a formal handshake!
Some people take it too far and I don't believe that anyone should have to hug or kiss anyone if they don't feel right about it..I would have slugged him.

897 days ago


if he wasn`t acting gay as in if the star had been a starlet than he would have been slapped with real force or charges filed.Shock jock acting like a lush for effect of mookas gets treated as a joke.he just set gay rights back 100 years for a pay check.Gays have = rights not rights to do anything or one they want to.Will kisses male actors in some of his films game over

897 days ago


The reporter should have given smith a swift kick in the nuts instead. Now, THAT would have been funny. You know the world is coming to an end when the "men in black" movies are considered good. I would rather watch the ants in my sink.

897 days ago

Flying Blind    

No the people who bought on the open market paid around $42.00 at the begining, they are losing their ars .................

897 days ago


Mike talking about FB folks needing a stylist, dude look in the mirror.
Ryan, STFU and get a haircut or something.

897 days ago


only Mike would say "I had the exact same thing happen to me only a little different"

897 days ago

Flying Blind    

are you kidding, phillip didn't even get in the bottom three after a terrible night a few weeks back. he has a much bigger fan base than jessica, but they pick their winners anyway - can you say ruben over clay and at the last minute.

897 days ago


You know will got a semi hard-on when this happened.

897 days ago


Wow, I'm scared! Will, I will NEVER try to kiss you. You are so gangsta hood rat! PLEASE! That sissy slaps like a little b**ch! My Grandma can slap harder than that, and she's been dead for twenty years! LMFAO!

897 days ago


Is Clint Eastwood pulling a Kellsy Grammer ? to get rid of his nutty wife?

897 days ago


Harvey, whats with the front of your pants, the lighting (?) makes it look kinda weird and looks like a spot on them.

897 days ago


TMZ doesn't like the Eastwood show because they don't get kickbacks like they do from the Kardashian's shows.

897 days ago


The Eastwoods must not line Harvey's pockets the way the Kardashians do because that kind of show is the exace kind of show the Kardashians do but Harvey is always going on and on and on and yes ON about how they are brilliant and self-made.

897 days ago


Putting the word "music" and "kanye" in the same sentence is shameful.

897 days ago
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