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Dana White

Ex-MMA Fighter Threatens


5/19/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Prez Dana White is on the receiving end of some terrifying death threats from an ex-MMA fighter who says he plans to "shoot [Dana] right in the head" -- and now cops are on the case.

It's unclear what started the beef, but the wannabe fighter -- Dan Quinn -- has gone off the hinges, leaving voicemail messages threatening to blow up Dana's offices and put a bullet in the back of his head.

Quinn's fighting career spanned nine years from 2001-2010. He never fought in the UFC, but did face off against a couple of future UFC fighters, including 2004 heavyweight champ Frank Mir (Quinn got beat).

Quinn has made rambling threats against White for several years on YouTube, but they escalated recently after Quinn somehow got Dana's private work number and left chilling messages.


In the voicemails, obtained by TMZ, the delusional Quinn accuses White of sending in henchmen to kill him, claiming, "I just want you to know, since you're bringing that to me, you should be worried about your own safety, bitch."

Quinn adds, "I'm gonna shoot you right in the head motherf**ker."

The voicemails get even weirder -- one from a guy (presumably Quinn) speaking in an Irish accent and calling himself "Paddy O'Neill." The "Irish" interloper then makes several threats.

We're told White has never met or spoken with Quinn -- sources say the Prez never ever heard of the dude until last week, when the voicemail threats got crazy.

White's security team turned the voicemails over to the Vegas PD, which is currently investigating.

After numerous attempts to reach Dan Quinn, we finally got in touch with him. Quinn admits he filmed the YouTube videos, but tells us the voicemails in question were left by someone else.

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The Dave    

Poor Dana, has surgery this week for Meniere's Disease, his golden boy LHW Champ Jon Jones gets a DUI and now this delusional dude is after him. Quinn should do a bit of a background check on White's best friend and employer, Lorenzo Fertitta. Probably not a person you want to mess with if you value your life.

885 days ago


that is absolutely not Dan Quinn's voice. Watch any of his videos. Dan Quinn is a jerk off but this isn't him.

885 days ago


For those of you who dont know who Dan Quinn is:

He is a ****ty MMA fighter who is an ex meth head, and lives in his moms basement. HIs kids hate him, His wife hates him, and even his family cant handle him. He makes videos like this daily and claims he found the "fountain of youth" blending stevia into water. In short he is nuts. Ignore everything he says hes been making five of these threats a week for the last 5 years.

885 days ago


I know this guy in real life, and he's just a crazy methhead, but frigging hilarious. If you want to see more of his ramblings type "dan quinn" into youtube. He films some of his ramblings in the bathroom at Starbucks. He's one of Sacramento's finest..Nutjobs.

885 days ago



885 days ago


I l know this guy. This guy is a "legend" in Sacramento, and has a ton of videos on youtube. Type his name in on youtube if you want to laugh your ass off. He's done waaaaay too much meth. He films some of his videos in a Starbucks bathroom. Good Stuff

885 days ago


That is 100 percent not Dan Quinn on that voice mail. His voice sounds nothing like that but the guy talking did use the same mannerisms as Dan. Watch any of his videos he sounds nothing like that.

884 days ago

Dan Fan    

I've been watching Dan Quinn videos for almost a year now, he's finally getting his name in lights

also he's psychotically insane.

884 days ago


that voice in the voicemails is obviously not Dan Quinn. it's some 20 something nobody wanting to get Dan in trouble. you hsould all watch Dan on YouTube/get on stevia

884 days ago


Obvious it is not Dan Quinn doing this. The article should read "allegedly" if journalistic integrity was important.


884 days ago


I met Dan Quinn in Sacramento, CA back in 2007. He tried to convince me that blending Stevia and water = cold fission and the cure for cancer. Oh and that he wanted to show me the highest level of sexual pleasure that a man could ever show a girl like me. The guy is a total nut job.

884 days ago


Listen, I think Dan Quinn is the biggest kook in the Sacramento area. He's a drug addict and obviously has some issues. But this is CLEARLY not his voice in the recording. Not even Dan Quinn is THAT stupid.

884 days ago


Please read this in an Irish accent. Hey Dana, you bald bastard. Give me back me Lucky Charms.

883 days ago


Somebody give that boy his medicine!!!!

883 days ago


Put them both in the ring.

883 days ago
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