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Mary Kennedy Funeral

Family, Friends in Attendance

5/19/2012 5:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was one of several family members and friends in attendance at the funeral of Mary Kennedy ... held today in Bedford, NY. 

Kennedy, 52, was found dead in her Mount Kisco, New York home on Wednesday afternoon. The Westchester County medical examiner ruled she died as a result of asphyxiation by hanging.

Celebs at the funeral today included Maria Schriver, Glenn Close, Edward James Olmos, Chevy Chase, Caroline Kennedy, Larry David, Dan Akroyd, John McEroe, and Andre Balazs.


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SLEEP WELL, BEAUTIFUL LADY, these dreadful people cannot hurt you, anymore.

857 days ago


The Kennedy's suck the big one. All the men are A-Holes and every time I hear about one dying I get a little tickle in my ass.... They are all pieces of Siht!!! The sooner they all die the better!!!!!!!!!!

857 days ago


so obama wasnt invited?
oh, thats right he's eating dinner
with sarah jessica parker at her home.
silly me.

857 days ago


Seriously people, enough with the conspiracy theory murder stuff. Women do hang themselves, I looked it up. Yes poisining (pills) is a more common way to go about it. But they do hang themselves aswell.

And we don't know what was going through her mind to do this. So this lets blame the kennedy family stuff is getting old. BOBBY had to call the police on her a few times about 5 years ago because he was afraid she would hurt herself.

And with these posts it is virtually impossible to defend Bobby without sounding like your attacking the person who passed away, so it makes the people who want to defend him hesitiant. Which is turning it into an lets all blame this on Bobby fest.

We don't know what happened behind their closed doors. I'll leave it at that.

RIP Mary

857 days ago


So very sad. And the sense of entitlement of these Kennedy's knows no bounds. He was in the process of divorcing her; leaving her bankrupt; taking the kids and leaving her alone to wander a big house that became her tomb. She may have had depression and a drinking issue. But, could that have been a result of him engaging in the Kennedy past time-abuse of women? And he has the guts to fight her family over her remains. I am Irish Catholic from Scranton-Joe Biden's hometown. I had a great Aunt- a well read and smart woman-who was a devout Catholic. She once told my father that she voted for Nixon in 1960.... He was taken aback, "Why" he asked, would you vote for Nixon over one of our own? Her response? They are not "our kind of Catholics, they use the church as a political prop and are shanty Irish-despite their booze money". And so, the pattern continues, RFK, Jr. is playing house with some actress while his wife is isolated. He had vows-for better or worse-but-like all Kennedy's-he never meant to follow them. And, this is the sad result....

857 days ago


I have to admit I was leery that a woman would hang herself; however, I read in a brief bio of her that she was a licensed white water raft guide, and she appears in photos to have been a tall, strong woman. Being a guide, she had to know how to use a rope.
Incidentally, today May 19th is the anniversary of Jackie Kennedy's death in 1994, the same year Mary married Bobby.

857 days ago


Simply amazing how the Kennedy family is struck with adversity.

857 days ago


What's very disturbing is that Mary's family went to the court in an effort to gain possession of her body so that they could handle her funeral and burial - and just yesterday (Friday), Bobby was in court in White Plains, NY where he successfully argued that because he was still legally Mary's husband (he filed for divorce in 2010, but their divorce was never finalized) he was entitled to the possession of her body, as well as all funeral and burial arrangements. So, he is burying her in Hyannisport with the other Kennedy clan. Mary's family is holding their OWN memorial service in NYC on Monday. Bobby walked out on her years ago, but still has the audacity to steal her from her family and stash her away as a Kennedy to save face. Very hurtful for Mary's family, and surely against her wishes.

857 days ago


I just have to say, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who believes so, but this is not the kind of news I'm interested in. These people are here to bury a family member or close friend. There was no reason any kind of footage had to be shown here, it's personal business, and a sad one at that. The media should stay out.

857 days ago


The Kennedy men are so toxic and whore mongers first and foremost!! Mood disorders are inherited and the kids will need on going therapy!! This is no Camelot!!!

857 days ago


He is nothing but a pig - always has been, always will be. If he wasn't a Kennedy, he'd be nobody. Like the other Kennedy men, he uses women only as prop wives or whores.

However, those blaming him for her death are dead wrong. Millions of people cheat on or leave their spouses every day - doesn't give you an excuse to off yourself.

She should have known in the first place what she was getting with him. I'm sure she did, but wanted that Kennedy name so bad she did it anyway.

Now she's left four children with the golden Kennedy name who are going to be just as screwed up as the rest of them, if not more so.

857 days ago

Jackazz flatts    

It always something with the Kennedy vermin

857 days ago


Well talk about calling the kettle black. Mary gets the black eye (heavy drinker) when anyone who can spot a heavy drinker can see RFK has that "terra cotta" coloring and looks hung over half the time. But see Mary isn't around to sling the hash back, is she? Aren't the Kennedy men's spin doctors getting tired of the "she was a alcoholic. She was a troubled young lady.. blah, blah same old turning of the mirror...

855 days ago


Why is RFK junior's hair color always different in every photo? He needs to stop dyeing it.

853 days ago


Mary shouldn't have killed herself. She should have sucked it up. She would've been dragged through the mud in court, lost her home, watched her husband shine around town with his hollywood girlfriend with her kids in tow, watched her friends turn on her to go to his camp, and then walk around like it's no big deal, "It just didn't work out for us". Gee, why did she think that would be unbearable?

852 days ago
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