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Timothy Busfield

Accused of Sexual Battery

5/20/2012 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A movie date for Timothy Busfield went terribly awry ... a woman is now accusing the famed actor of sexual battery ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Busfield took a date to the ArcLight theaters in Sherman Oaks Wednesday night. Our sources say the two began kissing during the movie, but the woman claims at some point ... Busfield groped her in the breast and genital areas. 

We're told the woman abruptly ended the date and went to police the following evening  ... filing a report alleging sexual battery. 

Law enforcement sources tell us police are investigating.  Busfield has not been arrested, but we're told cops would like to speak with him. 

Busfield's credits include "The West Wing," "thirtysomething," "Field of Dreams," and "Revenge of the Nerds."

Busfield could not be reached for comment.


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What a tramp. It was a DATE and you were in a public theatre. Give me a break. Now, for the next Gloria Allred news conference...

889 days ago


Well, I understand her point of view though: sometimes people can become a little desperate when they can't find a job. An opportunity presented itself and she took it.

889 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

What was the movie, Ice Age?

889 days ago


What's next? Oh officer he was looking at my breast!!! RAPE RAPE!!! I bet this will go away with money....Golddigger b!tch

889 days ago


WTH? Since when is getting hot and heavy sexual battery?

889 days ago


In this day and age, the cops won't do anything, especially to a celebrity. If she didn't want him reaching 2nd base, then she shouldn't have let him on 1st base.

889 days ago


Yeah, yet she goes to the cops the following night. That's how upset she was.

This crap is getting nuts.

889 days ago

brad b    

Seriously, this will not hold up in a court. She already gave him concent by MAKING OUT WITH HIM IN A MOVIE THEATRE!

Might be a good idea to drop the charges and get Walmart to transfer you to another town lady... What ever happened to slapping someone across the face and leaving. Why all of a sudden is everyone so gung ho about pressing charges for every damn experience they live through? We're turning into sissies that cant take a hit here and there and learn from it!

Grow up people, for the love of God, grow up!

Ive been abused too, but ya dont see me calling the cops. Because I got over it, I moved on and had a life. Rather than making excuses and jumping on the pitty train. Move on!

889 days ago


They were making out! If she didn't want him to touch her she shouldn't have been kissing him in a dark movie theatre.

889 days ago


What was Richard Dreyfus doing at the Arclight?

889 days ago


Ironic how a lot of the comments say she could have said, "NO". She did say, "NO". And the other comments say she's an ice queen for rejecting him. Ummm, maybe she just wanted to go see a movie and have a meal without being treated like a slut. And if she had sex with him, you would think she's a whore. You people are just a bunch of hypocrites.

889 days ago


Sounds like a "plant" by Gloria Allred . . .

889 days ago

Cheryl A.    

He has been around FOREVER and I never, ever heard a single bad thing about this guy. You don't start acting like that at his age!

889 days ago


sounds like a whore looking for a pay day,that all sounded like a normal saturday night to me...lets see what she was wearing and saying,give her $20 and cab fair back to the hood

889 days ago


Good Lord! Is she a 13 year old out on her first date?! If it was SO inappropriate, embarrass him by calling him out in front of the other patrons and LEAVE! You don't run to the police station and file charges because your DATE tried to cop a feel in a public place. Grow the hell up, gold-digger!

889 days ago
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