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Lil Wayne

Investigated for Assault ...


5/20/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the second time in a month, Lil Wayne and his entourage are under investigation for assault ... and once again the alleged victim caught a beatdown for daring to take a photo of Weezy. 

Alfredo Marino tells TMZ on May 3 he spotted Lil Wayne and his posse skateboarding. Marino says he is a HUGE fan of Wayne's so he went up to Weezy to ask for a photo -- but was shut down.

Marino retreated to his car, where he tried sneaking a pic  ... Marino claims Wayne walked over with his crew and began threatening him, saying, "Don’t you know all it takes is a word and these motherf**kers are going to f**k you up?"

Marino claims he was clocked from behind with a skateboard -- which knocked him down and left him bleeding from the head. Marino says he suffered a concussion and vertigo.

Marino's lawyer, Craig Chisvin, tells TMZ, "My client will enforce all of his rights under the law and all individuals responsible for this outrageous incident will be blamed for the damages that my client has suffered and continues to suffer."

In April, a photog in Miami filed a police report claiming he was attacked by Lil Wayne's crew for the same offense. 

Cops are investigating. Calls to Lil Wayne's rep were not returned. 


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Didn't Weazy play the lesbian hit-chick in the HBO series the WIRE...?

856 days ago


Oh Harvey you tool...let's analyze this post and see what's wrong with it. Headline: Lil wayne investigated. Then you read further and its really his crew correct? Then according to you, the photog goes back in his car, and somehow while in his car he is clocked from behind the head? Well on behalf of their team, THANK YOU for just giving NO validity to these charges. How in the world is someone clocked in the back of the head if they are in the car? And how would he fall down if hes already in the car? This is just another case of irresponsible hack journalism. At what point are you gonna wake up and realize your a disgusting human being who spent his life posting pictures of dead celebs in caskets and defending photogs who ATTACK celebs aka will smith, then blame the celeb like they should all be making out with strangers and thats all acceptable? YOUR S***. Get a real job

856 days ago


I'm sure Jesse Jackson, and Al will be there to play the race card for him. Lil Wayne even looks like he could be Obama's son.

856 days ago


You may be up today and down how you treat others Lil Wayne!!!!! you reap what you day you will be wanting attention from fans and they will ask, LIL WHO?

856 days ago


The TWO people that commented that this happened in California where does it state that? SOME people think everything that happens with a celebrity is in California...NOT always!!!!!

856 days ago


ummm Hello Lil Wayne didn't beat these guys up, his people did....You don't some random dude coming up on you asking to take your pics do you? He's not performing, he's relaxing during his downtime.

856 days ago


It wasnt his falt ok

856 days ago


Would someone please drown this useless piece of human garbage.

856 days ago


Throw-em back in the hoosegow and remove all his tats

856 days ago

KERRY J!    

All I gotta say is, It's not eazy being a rapper, Or a DJ, Or just a star in general. You deal wit all kinds of fanz. You got the kool, respectable fanz, And then, You got fanz that are, "Borderline crazy", Ask Beyonce and some of the members from The Beatles, They'll tell ya.

856 days ago


In defense of Wayne, the jerk DID try to take his picture! If I were famous, anyone trying to take my picture would be slammed to the pavement too. People need to grow up and realize that celebrities should only have their pictures taken by professional photographers under controlled cir***stances. Civilians trying to look into the eyes of celebrities, much less take their picture with crappy little cell phone cameras deserve everything they get.

856 days ago


You're too old and too short for this type of behavior yet, it' always the little ones who start ish like this.

856 days ago

BB in CA    

He just won a 2012 Billboard Music Award. I'm sure he's sick of paparazzi but escort the guy away if you don't want your picture taken but don't hit him! Damn.

855 days ago


Don't stalk people!

855 days ago


What a piece of work... Gosh I can't even look at his ugly.. stupid face. Make me sick to my stomach!

855 days ago
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