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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Mary's Suicide was

NOT My Fault

5/20/2012 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert F. Kennedy Jr
. is ADAMANT the suicide of his wife -- Mary Richardson Kennedy -- was not his fault ... but apparently Mary's siblings aren't buying it.

During Mary's funeral -- held Saturday at St. Patrick's Church in Bedford -- RFK Jr. publicly proclaimed that a friend told him not to blame himself for Mary's death, saying, "I know I did everything I could to help her."

The memorial -- which was boycotted by Mary's 6 siblings -- came just one day after a colossal legal battle erupted between RFK Jr. and Mary's biological family -- each side wanted to claim Mary's body for burial.

RFK Jr. won the battle courtesy of a judge  ...  which allowed him to retrieve Mary's body from the medical examiner -- just hours before the wake.

Mary hanged herself Wednesday.  She was 52.


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Mary's family is going to be SOL in this situation because he was her husband at the time of her death, which she was well aware of IF she committed suicide.

886 days ago



886 days ago


I for one would like to know what he did to help her. Taking pictures of himself with another woman telling people how good she is in bed did not help his wife that much. Did he bring his slut to mary's funeral. Laughing now she is dead and he doesnt have to give her anything in a divorce now that everything goes to him. He helped her he did everything to make her life miserable so she commits suicide that is what a kennedy male is good for.

886 days ago


The Kennedy men always get control over the dead women's bodies.

886 days ago


Reading the posts I see that many of us connected the dots that him strutting around with his new girlfriend, getting his freak on before they were even officially divorce. Not only didn't he care about his wife--he could give a gnats ass about how his selfish acts were impacting his kids.

His wife we obviously was not strong enough for the drama. Unfortunately, she didn't reach into herself and find her inner strong Black woman and say, "Hit the Road Jack, and I don't care if you ever bring your white ass back, just make sure you pay the child support". And to that chick whose dating this jerk; "You deserve him."

886 days ago


When is it ever a Kennedy's fault?
My condolences to Mary's children and family.

886 days ago



886 days ago


I beg to differ, You f... ked with her head so you are responsible, how do you dump a woman with 4 of your kids for a low life movie star then threaten to take her home away and really stab a knife in her by taking away her babies, your a low life Kennedy that abuse woman all the time and you will get away with it the kennedy's always do.Your a heartless pig. Its not your fault my ass.

886 days ago


There is not a Kennedy within this gene pool (going back several generations) that has not been dispicable. Yes, that includes John and Bobby. The two did some great things, but had the morals of alley cats and zero conscience for what they did to this country behind the scenes.

886 days ago

Jay W.     

Depression sucks ! That's all.

886 days ago


I just think it is really sad that they were seperated and they were getting a divorce and he had to be an ass and not let her family take care of her. Quit being so dumb and selfish just to hurt other people. You and your wife were over so her family should be allowed to bury her not you so you can just try to parade yourself around as a loving caring husband who just couldnt save his wife.

886 days ago


Wow, Kennedy didn't want to live with her, but want to claim her body for burial. Marys family should have the body and be in charge, not the Kennedy family. He was causing her so much pain. I guess money counts for the Judges decision, too bad.

886 days ago


I said this on one of the other storys about this subject. There is reason why there is so little opposition to this opinion that this is all Bobbys fault and it is all the Kennedys fault. Because it is virtually impossible to defend Bobby at all without sounding like you are attacking the person who has just passed away. Which is why I think many posters who would defend Bobby are hesitiant. And why I will keep my opinion pretty vague.

This will probibly stay very one sided. But that's fine. I will say I agree that some of the Kennedys have done quite a few things to deserve your resentment and anger. But as of now, I don't agree that this is all Bobbys fault.

Other then that, I'll just say that we don't know what happend behind their closed doors and leave it at that.

886 days ago


All this guy was required to do was be a decent husband, a decent human being, and this poor woman would still be alive. What's so hard about that? We have to have instant gratification, all our fantasies fulfilled, no matter who is hurt by our selfishness. Somebody needs to knock some sense into him, and into a bunch of other men just like him. It's not just a Kennedy problem.

886 days ago


Suicide is the sad result of severe depression, a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I am very sympathetic to all those who suffer from depression, but you cannot blame anyone else for suicide. Unlike many posters here and elsewhere, I am not privy to the intimate details of these people, their marriage, and its demise. But marriages/relationships end every day and most of us are able to cope and move on, for ourselves and our children. This is no different, other than the fact that Mrs. Kennedy's profound depression apparently made her feel hopeless. Suicide is devastating to all those left behind, condemning them to a lifetime of wondering what they could have done to prevent it, even while knowing that they could not have done so. That the Kennedy family is well known is the only difference between this story and countless others - very sad for all those involved. As for Mr. Kennedy beginning to date two years after their legal separation, that, too, is nothing unusual. Certainly no justification for vilifying him in a public forum, if for no other reason than out of respect for their children.

886 days ago
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